How to Keep the Exterior of your RV Looking Like New

We all love the sun! It’s one of the reasons we have an RV. We want to hit the open road, so we can enjoy the beautiful weather. There’s only one problem – your RV’s exterior doesn’t love the sun as much as we do. 

The sun ray’s can make your RV’s exterior look dull and chalky. It can even turn it yellow or a light brown color. It loses its luster, and can make you go from “Aaaahhhh” to “Ooooohhhh noooo…”

Depending on where you live, the level of damage can be minimal to severe. Even a minimal amount of damage can make many of us quiver. The only way to minimize the damage is to protect a RV, and these are the best ways of doing just that.

Select the perfect RB | CarportUS.comWash It Regularly

Even if you are not driving your RV, you should wash it regularly. It’s easy for debris to land on it, and that can dull the look of the exterior and penetrate the paint.

When washing, make sure you use a wash and wax product. It should be designed to protect the finish on fiberglass exteriors.

Wax It Regularly

While you may use a wash and wax product, it’s best to wax it with an ultraviolet protectant as well. This will keep the exterior from having a chalky buildup on it.

Clean the Roof

Your RV’s roof can collect that chalky buildup that the sides do, and while it doesn’t affect the integrity of the roof, the buildup can run down along the sides of the RV. This can cause staining that isn’t easily removed.

To protect your RV from staining, you can use a rubber roof cleaner. This should remove all of the chalky buildup.

Keep It Covered

You have two options when it comes to covering your RV.

  1. Buy a RV cover. This is a cover made out of special materials especially for RVs. Click here for more information about RV carports.
  2. Purchase a carport. A RV carport is an excellent option when trying to protect the exterior of your RV. The sun’s rays is most powerful when it directly hit your RV from above. A carport shields rays of the sun. It’s much easier to drive your RV underneath a carport than it is to wrap it with a cover, too.

Protect your most prized possession by washing it often, waxing it regularly, cleaning the roof, and covering it with a RV cover or carport. You’ll be so glad you did when you can continue to admire your beautiful motorhome while others stand back in disappointment over how old theirs looks because they failed to protect its exterior.

Contact us for information on how our RV carports are perfect for protecting your recreational vehicle investment.

Solar Carports: What They Are and Why People Love Them

Carports are an economical option for many people. It provides shelter for vehicles, and storage for personal possessions. What most people don’t realize is that carports can have other uses, such as producing solar energy.

About Solar Carports

Solar carports are simply carports that have a roof made out of solar panels. These solar panels operate just as if they were on the roof of a house.

People decide to use solar energy because it’s clean energy. Since electricity is made using coal in many cases, and that is a non-renewable energy source, solar energy reduces the amount of coal needed to produce electricity. Solar power reduces people’s electric bills since they don’t have to use as much electricity in their home.

Solar CarportWhy People Choose Solar Carports

People choose solar carports instead of having solar panels installed on their roof because maintenance isn’t necessary. For instance, the roof on a house must be in a good condition and undergo waterproofing. The roof needs to be able to withstand the life of the solar panels because if solar panels have to be removed and reinstalled, the expense could be high.

With a solar carport, you not only have a convenient place to have solar panels installed, but you also have the space underneath to use however you wish. Of course, many people decide to do the same with a garage. Although, if a garage is attached to the home, the roof is likely in the same condition as the home’s, which would result in the same predicament of considering the remaining longevity of the roof and waterproofing it.

Carport vs. Garage

Whether you decide on purchasing a carport vs. garage for solar panel installation depends on your specific needs and wants. Carports are great if you’re looking for coverage. People choose carports as a way to protect their vehicles and other items from falling debris and weather. Garages are enclosed, so it’s best when wanting to have a more secure place for storage or vehicles.

Since the sizes of carports vs. garages vary. Many people look to see if they can get a bigger carport for the same price as a smaller garage. Always remember that a carport is made of fewer materials, so it can be a lot less expensive than a garage of the same size. Of course, the larger the structure, the more solar panels can be installed on it, and this could mean more solar energy.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need to Power Your Home?

One of the most frequently asked questions is how many solar panels you would need to make enough electricity for your home. We like the formula that Go Green Solar has for determining how many solar panels you need. Since each solar panel generates about one kilowatt hour (kWh) per month…

“Divide your average monthly usage by 30 to get your average daily kWh usage.” The number of kWh you get per day is how many solar panels you need. So, if you use 1100 kWh per month, you would need 37 solar panels because that means you use 37 kWh per day. Now, 37 solar panels is what you would need to generate all of your electricity. If you had 19 solar panels, you could generate half of your electricity, and of course, as you use fewer of them, you generate less solar energy, but still save on electricity.

Consider a solar carport if you’re looking for a way to expand your use of non-renewable energy. It’s great for the environment and can reduce your electricity bill.

How High Does a Garage Need to Be for a Large Truck?

You have a large pickup truck that is basically your baby. You need somewhere to store it during inclement weather, so it doesn’t get damaged. We get it. We feel the same way about our trucks, so you’re not alone.

Garages for Large Pickup Trucks

Many of our customers reach out to us with questions concerning how to choose among the garages we have available. One of the most popular questions we receive is if our garages will accommodate their large pickup truck. We are proud to say that all of our garages can fit most large pickup trucks because they are 9 feet tall.

Three Garage Styles for Pickup Trucks

We offer three styles of garages to meet our customers’ needs.

  1. Boxed eave garages
  2. Standard garages
  3. Vertical garages

a-frame garageThe boxed eave style is our most popular garage. It features a standard garage measuring 24 x 26 x 9. This is ample room to park a large vehicle inside, and makes it easy to drive the vehicle in and out of it.

A door is an option that many customers choose, so they do not have to open the garage door each time they want to enter the garage. A window is also placed on the side for aesthetic reasons.

This particular boxed eave garage also has a carport attached to it. This means you can protect two vehicles with this structure. The carport measures 9 feet by 8 feet, which makes it perfect for small to mid-sized vehicles, or for storing a riding mower or other equipment.

vertical garagesSince the carport is not enclosed, some people have chosen our two car garage. The size is similar the boxed eave style shown above, but instead of the carport, there’s another enclosed garage. This makes parking two larger vehicles a breeze.

This vertical garage style does not include the carport or second garage door, but it has a lot of room to park a vehicle and store items, such as holiday decorations, landscaping tools, etc. It is also 24 x 26 x 9. It has two windows on one side and an optional door for access into the garage without opening the big door.

Measuring for Better Decision Making

If you’ve modified your truck, it may be wise to measure the height of your truck before making a purchase. You’ll want at least 5 inches of clearance when purchasing a garage for it. Once you have your measurements, you’ll have a better idea of which garages will work best. You’ll also be able to then decide on which garage style you prefer.

Contact Us for More Information on Our Garages for Large Pickup Trucks

We always want to help our customers find the garage, carport, or combo unit for their needs. If you’re having a difficult time deciding which one is best for you, contact us. We would be happy to walk you through the features of each and provide ideas on what may work best for you.

Event Planning Made Simple with Carports

Event planning isn’t easy. There’s a lot that goes into them. Even after you’ve done everything possible to make the event a success, a hiccup like unexpected rain could ruin it all.

Tackling Weather Problems

Outdoor events are popular during the spring season. It’s warm, and the summer heat hasn’t quite hit yet.

The only problem is, “April showers bring May flowers.” Unfortunately, it’s not only April showers. It seems to rain a lot in March, April, and May. This makes outdoor event planning even more difficult.

We believe we have the best solution to weather woes in the spring – a prefabricated carport.

How Carports Save Outdoor Events

A carport is the perfect solution to rainy events. They come in many different sizes to meet the needs of your events.

These are some of the events our customers have used our prefabricated carports for:

  • Covering for dinners. They placed tables and chairs underneath the carport for a nice dinner. A backdrop of spring rain actually added a nice, calming atmosphere.
  • A safe and dry place for dancing. Many people have set up  a place for a DJ, and laid flooring down for a beautiful dance floor safe from the rain.
  • Concerts, shows, and speaking continue with a stage setup under a carport leaving plenty of room for people to sit and enjoy.

Creativity is the only limitation when using carports for events. It’s shelter from the rain, so all you have to do is bring whatever you want to do for the event underneath it.

How can you use a carport for your events?

A Note About Mobility

Since our carports are large, stationary structures, they are not something you can simply fold up and transport anywhere you need to go for events. Tents are best for that type of event planning. However, if you have a location where you hold events regularly, carports are perfect.

Many people who have large properties where they can hold weddings, wedding showers, baby showers, and birthdays have decided to add carports to their location to help with days when events would otherwise be rained out.

Contact Us for Additional Information About Carports

We pride ourselves in being able to help people choose carports to better their lives and businesses. If you’re curious about how our products can help you, contact us. We love to discuss ways to use our products and the different carport styles we have available that will meet your needs.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals with our vast array of carports.

How to Pick Your New Carport Color

One of the questions we’re asked most often is, “What color carport should I get?” We understand how difficult it can be to choose colors for your carport.

You want your carport to look good on your property. If you’re visual, you probably need to see something before deciding if you like it. We’re the same way, which is why we love to show people different color combinations. This way, they know exactly what they are getting when their carport arrives for assembly.

For those who are adventurous and creative, you probably want to select your own colors. This customization makes your new carport unique to you. So you know what colors you can choose for your carport, here is some information on what we offer.

What You Need to Choose

You have to make three color decisions when you choose your carport. You will need to choose the colors for the:

  1. Roof
  2. Trim
  3. Walls

You have 14 colors to choose from:

  • White
  • Pebble
  • Sands
  • Rawhide
  • Clay
  • Earth
  • Pewter
  • Quaker
  • Royal
  • Galvalume
  • Evergreen
  • Barn Red
  • Black
  • Burgundy

All of these colors are available for the roof, trim, and wall.

Playing Around with Our Carport Color Picker

We love to play around with our interactive carport color picker!

Sometimes, as we’re helping customers choose, we try to come up with as many different combinations as possible. You can do the same from the comfort of your home or office.

Try the color picker now!

All you have to do is click on the part of the carport you want to change the color of, such as the roof, trim or wall. You can then click on the color you want to make that part of the carport.

Give it a try right now. Click on ROOF COLOR and then the white. Go back to the top, click on TRIM COLOR and click on royal blue. By the way, you can see the name of the color just by mousing over each one. Finally, click on WALL COLOR and then choose a color. You will surprise yourself with this one because the whole look of the carport changes.

Contact Us When You’re Ready to Purchase a Carport

Once you’ve found the colors you like best for your carport, give us a call at 844-557-6375  or contact us here. We will get the carport style and colors you want ordered and delivered as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with for your carport colors. Like we mentioned above, we love the different color combinations people come up with, so share yours with us soon.

Prefabricated Barns as Economical Storage Solutions

Farmers come to us all the time with one simple request: Help them organize and protect their farming equipment, tools and harvest.

We completely understand their situation. They may have been using a barn that has been through you know name it – hurricanes, hail, snow, sleet, wind, and decades of use. It’s likely old, battered, and not as reliable as they would like. And, it’s not just farmers that need the protection, convenience, and value a quality barn can provide.

Many homeowners need barns that not only provide protection from weather elements, but also have room to organize all of their equipment, tools, animals, and whatever else they may need to store. We’re proud to provide prefabricated barns that can do just that.

Our Prefabricated Barn Styles

We offer two barn styles to choose from:

  1. Boxed eave
  2. Vertical

Both of these barn styles are available in a full range of sizes, each with a different layout to meet the needs of almost anyone. Our most popular design in both styles includes a wide and tall central enclosed storage space and a carport-style area on either side, covering total dimensions of 42’ x 21’ x 12’.

A-frame barnsThe boxed eave barn provides an easy access into the barn from both ends. On either side of the barn, there is room for storage. Stalls can be installed if you’d like to house livestock. Walls and shelves can be installed for storage areas. While the entrance and exit of the barn is not enclosed, it can be with an added cost. This openness does not affect the level of protection for the items inside of the barn since the structure is so vast and able to cover vehicles, animals, equipment, etc.

Vertical barnsThis vertical barn setup is great for farmers looking for an enclosed space as well as a covering. This barn has a carport on each side of the enclosed barn space. The sections on each side are 12’ x 21’ x 8’. It’s perfect for farm equipment and vehicles. Inside of the enclosed barn, you will find ample room for storage. There’s an access door as well as a window. This is an attractive barn that is sure to beautify your property and give you more space for organization and storage of whatever you need.

And, of course, if your personal needs and desires go beyond one of these two popular designs, we’re always happy to discuss other prefabricated barn layouts, sizes, and styles. We can even handle custom prefabricated barn designs if you’d like to go that route.

Considerations for Prefabricated Barns

Customers often ask whether they need the enclosed barn with the vertical or the boxed eave roof style. We often respond with, “It depends.”

To decide which barn style is best for you, consider how you want to use it. If your goal is to protect equipment and vehicles, you may want to consider the vertical barn style. If you’re seeking storage for your harvest, farming tools, and even animal living quarters, you may want to purchase the boxed eave barn style.

We can help you with your decision making process if you have some additional questions. Contact us today at 844-557-6375 today. We have a lot of experience working with farmers and homeowners to find them exactly what they want and need.