Carport Designs That You Can Build Using Wood

Wood is a versatile material to work with and can be used for building just about anything and this includes carports. While you can create a wood carport using a simple design, why should you when you can create great looking structures for your cars to sit in? When it comes to carport designs that you can build using wood, there are quite a lot of choices for you to pick from.

The designs that you can choose from range from the simple to the complex, with some requiring only simple building tools and a DIY attitude that can get these built easily. Others, however, will require the help of professionals who can put together plans and structures for you. Whether you are building a simple wood carport or a complex one, you will still need a permit from your city to do this.

As for the design ideas for your wood carport, here are some you can gather inspiration from:

Standalone wooden carport

This carport is not attached to your home but rather stands alone apart from it, as the name implies. This type of carport can be made to lean on a fence for added support or can be built with a concrete floor and footers for added stability.

Attached wooden carport

This is, as opposed to the standalone, a carport that is attached to your home and uses one wall as support for the structure. Just like the standalone, however, this can be made to be more stable with the addition of concrete footers and a concrete floor.

Gabled roof carport

This is one of the most common designs for carports that you can use and is one of the more simple to make. A gabled roof carport has four posts or two posts if the structure is using the side of your home for support, and a triangular shaped roof. This is considered the sturdiest design of all and allows for the easy removal of snow from its roof as well as facilitates the quick dispersal of runoff water due to the angle of the roof. You can make the roof slope as high or as low as you want.

Flat roof carport

This is another simple design that you can try to make yourself or have a contractor build for you, depending on what you might want to add to it. You can try to make it somewhat artistic by adding wooden beams across the entire width of the carport to give it a more pergola-styled look. You can even choose to use clear polycarbonate sheets for the roof to allow sunlight to shine through for natural lighting.

Box carport

As the name implies, this is a carport that is shaped almost like a box. It has a flat roof, flat walls, and a flat floor. Such a carport can be built to accommodate more than one car. It can be made in a rectangular shape to fit two or three cars, depending on the amount of space available on the property and on what you want. It can also be built as a standalone or as an attached carport.

Prefab Carports and Garages: Versatile Structures for Your Home

When you mention prefabricated carports and garages, of course, people will be quick to think that these are made just for use with cars. What may not be apparent to some people is that these ready-made-structures are actually versatile and can be used for a huge number of things. These prefabricated structures are actually ideal for use on a lot of other applications, and not just to help put a protective roof over your car.

What other uses does a prefabricated garage or carport have? Here are some ideas that you might find surprising:

Tool Shed

If you are fond of DIY and love having a full shed of tools nearby, then having your own tool shed may be a good idea. Using a prefabricated garage as a tool shed will give you a durable and reliable shed for everything that you have. Your lawn equipment, woodworking tools, and other equipment will have a safe storage facility all their own without crowding up your garage, giving your car the kind of safe space it needs, and giving you a dedicated storage area for your other stuff.

Patio Roofing

If you do not want a permanent fixture over your patio, or don’t want anything constructed in the space where your patio stands, you might want to consider using a prefab carport instead. This gives you something that is not fixed to the area and can be easily installed or taken down, should the need arise. These come in many different designs that you can choose from to suit your patio’s look.

Flea Market Pavilions

If your community or organization is planning to hold a flea market, having these carports around can prove to be very handy. You can safely sell your products from under one of these versatile prefab carports, giving you and your customers some shade from the hot sun or from the rain. These are also spacious enough to accommodate more than one stall.

Poolside Entertainment Area

For those who are fond of barbecues, having a covered yet easy-to-access area near the pool gives people who are sensitive to the rays of the sun an area where they can safely stay while still enjoying the outdoors. This can also be used to house buffet tables during special events near your pool or as a general area for people to converge under for activities.

Extra Storage Facility

If your home does not have enough storage space but your property has a lot of open space that you can use, having a prefab garage converted into a storage facility might be a good idea. This will enable you to store your old stuff and keepsakes safely without having to clutter up your home. You won’t need to rent a storage facility to keep stuff that you don’t need in. All you need is a prefabricated garage on your property where you can safely store everything.

These are just a few of the things you can do with a prefab carport and garage. The versatility of these structures allows you to customize these according to the use you want to get from these.


Is a Wooden Garage Better Than a Metal Garage?

When building a garage for your vehicle, two of the options most people consider are either a wooden garage built from scratch or a prefabricated metal garage that is anchored to a concrete slab. These two choices are often considered due to the fact that both are customizable, durable, and can easily be styled to match the house that they are to be attached to. These are also the top choices because these are what people are used to when it comes to garages.

If you are considering either one of the two for your garage but are not sure which one is best, here are some pros and cons for you to check out to help you make an educated decision:

Wooden Garages


Great to look at – Wood is that one material that looks great no matter what you do to it. You can stain it, varnish it, paint it, or do whatever you want with it, and it still ends up looking amazing. The classic and homey look of a wooden garage is hard to beat, especially when you design it in such a way that it looks like a log cabin or some other similar structure.

Versatile – Wood also fits in with any type of home. No matter what kind of home you have, a wooden garage can easily fit into your home’s aesthetic due to its classic look.

Customizable – As mentioned earlier, wooden garages can be easily customized. All you need to do is to add what you want into the plan. Want a shed? Add it to the plan. Want an extension to your garage, simply have it sketched in before construction starts.


High maintenance – Since wood is porous, it requires constant maintenance to help keep the wood from rotting when exposed to inclement weather. This means regular and routine maintenance such as painting or varnishing. Depending on the climate in your location, you might need to do this type of preventive regular maintenance twice a year.

Costly – Wooden garages can be expensive at the onset since you will need to construct the structure from scratch. You will also need a few key people to get such a project done properly. These include an architect, an engineer, and a construction crew.

Carport USMetal Garages


Durable – What can be tougher than steel when it comes to these structures? Superman was not called the Man of Steel for anything, right? This basically means that metal garages, particularly those made out of steel, are very durable and tough. Other metal garages, like those made out of aluminum, are also very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Cheaper Metal garages, particular prefabricated ones, are also cheaper to have than those that you need to build from scratch out of wood. These will save you a lot of money since you won’t need to hire professionals to design, plan, and construct it for you since it already comes prefabricated and only needs to be assembled on site by the company that manufactures it (or my people you hire to install it, which is still cheaper than an entire construction crew).

Easier to Install – Unless you are planning on anchoring your metal garage down with a foundation and concrete slab, all you essentially need to do is to put it together and place it where you want to place it. No digging of foundations, no hammering or pouring of concrete necessary.


Not as customizable as wooden garages – While you can order prefabricated metal garages with sheds and in a variety of designs when you have made up your mind with your order, you cannot add or subtract features from it after. You can add a carport or other external additions to it (or install shelves within), but the structure remains the same once you have ordered and installed it.

Maintenance – As with wooden garages, you will need to do some periodic maintenance on metal garages, particularly if these are made out of steel. Painting areas that get scratched may be required to keep rust at bay. If your garage is made out of aluminum, your problems may include dents and scratches that may want to take care of as well.

Why Choose a Canopy Carport for Your Vehicle

When you decide to buy a carport, there are many styles for you to choose from. These include styles like the standard wraparound style, gazebo style, a-frame style, and many more. There are even styles that come with their own sheds and styles that come with full walls instead of just posts.

One style that many people tend to choose when it comes to carports is the canopy style. This carport style features a standard a-frame roof, steel poles, and a canvas top. While some people may not like the lightweight construction of such a carport, there are some who can easily enumerate the many benefits that come with owning such a vehicle protective cover.

Easy on the Budget

This is probably the most affordable of all carport types around and this is because of its lightweight composition and design. The price of this particular carport increases according to the additions to the design. For example, if the canvas covers more than just the roof and has sides that you can roll up or down whenever the need arises, these can cost more. The size of the carport also plays a part in the price, with bigger, longer, and wider canopy carports costing more than the standard one-car variant.

No Permits Needed

Unless you plan to anchor this carport down into your concrete driveway or have a concrete slab created for it, you will find that installing such a carport is a snap. No need for permits since it is essentially a tent on poles. You simply need a flat surface where you can set this canopy up and you are as good as done. Since you won’t need a foundation for this and no construction is needed, permits are not required.

Quick and Easy to Install

If you know how to put up a tent, then you will know how to set up this canopy carport. It’s as easy as assembling the pole framework and attaching the canvas top, and you are done. No welding, no need for complex tools, no complicated assembly process. This means you won’t need to hire people to assemble your canopy carport for you. A few hours of your time alone or with a couple of friends, and you have a protective cover for your vehicle all ready for use.

Versatile and Great for Any Use

Another advantage of having a canopy carport is that you can actually use this for a lot of other things. Aside from being a cover for your vehicle when you don’t want to park it in the garage yet, it can also be used as a protective cover for your boat, as a canopy for special events you might have, and even as a shade for outdoor parties or by the pool.


While the primary purpose of this canopy carport is to provide your vehicle with ample shade in your driveway, it can actually be disassembled and lugged around to wherever you may need it. Need some shade for a party in the park with friends? Bring your canopy carport with you. Selling some homemade goodies at the local farmer’s market but don’t have a shady spot to sell your items from? Use your canopy carport for such a venture. This carport is so portable, you can even bring it with you when you go camping for that shaded area where you and your family can relax.


Why a Garage with a Carport is a Good Idea

Some people believe that when you have a garage, a carport is not necessary. There are others however who see the merit of having a carport in their driveway together with a garage. Why is having a carport together with a garage a good idea? Here are some of the reasons some people pointed out:

Carport Us - Garage-A-FrameYou get the best of both worlds

Let’s face it. Having a garage is essential, particularly when you live someplace where the ever-changing weather can easily damage your car. Add to these falling branches from trees, possible threats of vandalism, and other problems that may befall your vehicle if it does not have any protective covering.

It is however somewhat of a hassle to drive your car in and out of a garage to keep it from the sun or from rain when you are going to take it out again in a few minutes or a few hours. A carport will serve as a temporary shelter for your vehicle when you are not yet calling it a day but need to keep your car protected from the elements.

Extended protective cover

If you do not have enough space for a two-car garage, a carport can help provide extended coverage for your vehicles in such a situation. Some homes only have space for a one-car garage but have some space in the driveway for another vehicle.

Since extending your garage may not be a practical thing (or regulations in your area won’t allow such a thing), a carport or canopy may be your best bet for providing additional cover for another vehicle. Simply connect the carport to your garage and voila, you have enough cover for two vehicles without really needing to construct anything.

Great for garage sales

While you may not be doing garage sales all the time, having a carport in your driveway when you do hold one is a convenience that you will definitely be thankful for. If your kid wants to sell lemonade or other stuff they made to make extra money over summer, a carport can also serve as a convenient shaded area for them to do this. Love baking and want to sell home-baked goodies from your home? A carport can also be a great area for you to sell these items from.

Portable cover

Aside from providing you with extra covered space for your vehicle, a carport attached to your garage is also a convenient and portable cover to have when you need one. Going camping and want a shaded area over your camping table for your meals? A lightweight carport can be used for this.

How about special events that you join such as school bake sales, farmers markets, or even outdoor events where having a tent-like structure would be useful? If your carport is not anchored down on your driveway, you can easily disassemble it, pack it up, and bring it with you to wherever you may need cover from the sun and from light rains.


Should You Consider Polycarbonate Roofing on Metal Garages?

When you are building a garage for your home, or are thinking of customizing prefabricated metal garages to fit your home’s design, one of the things you need to consider is what kind of roof such a garage should have. While it is pretty easy to go with the standard metal roof that comes with these metal garages, it might be a good idea for you to look outside of the norm and to use alternative roofing materials. One roofing material that you can consider using for your metal garages is polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is a type of plastic that is very durable and can come in a variety of colors as well as designs. Polycarbonate sheets are your best bet for garage roofs and are a great choice for when you want a durable yet lightweight roofing material. These come in two distinct types, the clear type and the foam-backed type. Clear types are not as durable as foam-backed ones but have the advantage of letting in sunlight for natural lighting within your garage. Foam-type ones, on the other hand, are not even translucent but are actually easy to install and durable, plus these offer some insulation for the garage.

Why Consider Polycarbonate for Your Metal Garages

When you are being told that a polycarbonate roof on metal garages is a good idea, you may think to yourself, why use plastic roofing on a metal structure? Well, for starters, these roofs do have some advantages to them. Here are some you might not be aware of:

Carport USLightweight and easy to install

Unless your prefabricated metal garage already has a roof, you might want to choose this type of material for it since it is light and easy to install. It won’t be difficult to lift and attach to the roof of your garage because of this quality. Also, the fact that it is light will make it easier on the structure underneath since it won’t weigh down on it.

Durable and long-lasting

Contrary to popular belief, a polycarbonate roof is not as easy to crack or break as some people think. It is actually a very durably type of plastic that is resistant to pressure, heat of the sun, impact, and even falling objects. Some companies even have a 10-year guarantee on the durability of these materials, which shows you just how durable these are.

Cost effective

Another advantage that you can get from using this particular material for the roof of your metal garage is that it is pretty easy on the budget. These are cheaper than other roofing options that you might have and are also long-lasting. This means that you won’t have to spend on replacements anytime soon, making these very cost effective.

It lets sunlight shine through

If you choose the translucent or transparent type for your garage roof, you get another benefit that you cannot get from other roofing types. You can get natural sunlight in your garage but without the harmful UV rays that come with it. The translucence of these materials allows for natural light to come in from the roof during the day, giving you enough light in your garage without needing to turn on electric lights.

Why Home Depot Metal Carports Aren’t the Best Choice

There are many great reasons to purchase a carport, but most of them center on protecting your vehicles or other valuable items. So when shopping for a carport, it is wise to consider more than just the cost of the unit when making your selection. It is important to remember that this structure is going to need to endure all of the elements that your region has to offer including rain, snow, ice, wind and sunlight. With this in mind, a Home Depot carport really isn’t a good investment. 

Professional Quality Versus Do-It-Yourself

There are some DIY projects that can save homeowners a great deal of money. But there are other projects that are going to appear to provide some initial savings only to end up costing a great deal more in the long run. A carport is one of those projects that is best entrusted to professionals and to professional grade materials. Heavy gauge steel supports and durable steel sheeting are critical to the overall protection provided by a carport. Lower quality materials are also going to pose a much greater risk to whatever you are parking in your carport. No one wants to walk out and find that their carport has collapsed on their car or boat after a heavy snow fall.


It is always important to get a good warranty on an expensive investment. But most of the Home Depot carports offer only a 30 day warranty. And this is mostly to cover any parts that were damaged during shipping, as they offer to replace the parts for free during that 30 day period. But a high quality professional grade carport offers a full one year warranty. This is because the manufacturers know that they are offering a quality product that will last far longer than the one year period. But it sounds like Home Depot is just hoping that your DIY carport lasts for more than a month.

Invest Once In Quality

As with most things, you get what you pay for. If you are interested in investing in a product to provide you with an extra storage area and covered parking, then quality is important. Spending the money for a commercial grade structure will provide you with a long term solution to your storage and parking needs without the worry of damage to the structure and your belongings from a storm or the elements. The Home Depot models are only sure they can offer you that benefit for 30 days. So go professional now or risk paying twice for a carport.

Taking Care of Your Metal Garages

If you choose a metal garage for your home, you are essentially buying something that is set to last you a long time. Metal garages are made to last longer than carports and garages that are made using other kinds of materials. Since metal is a very durable material, you can expect your garage or carport to last you a good number of years.

Despite the durability of these metal garages however, when proper care and maintenance is not exercised, the lifespan of these structures will be considerably shorter than what you might expect. How do you prolong the usability of these prefabricated metal garages? Here are some tips on how to take care of them:

Precipitation and snow are your shed’s worst enemies 

Snow on the roof of your metal garage should be removed as soon as you are able. This is to ensure that the weight that accumulates on your roof won’t warp it or damage it. Letting snow accumulate on the roof of your metal garage, particularly snow that is compounded and has solidified due to rains, can greatly impact the structural integrity of your metal garage’s roof.

Keep your garage clean at all times 

Cleaning your garage regularly can help keep it in tiptop shape for as long as its life span dictates. Clean the inside and the outside on a weekly basis, but if required, clean it twice a week. Wipe down the walls with the use of a dishwashing liquid diluted in water. Wash off thoroughly after. Make sure to wipe down any moisture afterwards. For added protection, apply spray-on car wax on the outside walls of your metal garage.

Keep any paint damaging chemicals away from your garage

If you are using your garage as a shed for your cleaning materials, garden equipment, and the like, try to keep any paint removing and damaging chemicals away from it and store these elsewhere.

Remove any leaves and other debris from your roof periodically 

If there are trees on your property and the leaves of these trees drop on your garage roof just like it does on the roof of your home, remove these whenever you can. These can soak moisture and eventually damage your metal garage roof if left there. These can also develop molds which can also damage your garage.

Do preventive maintenance every couple of months 

This includes checking hinges for wear and tear, checking garage doors for any signs of damage, and touching up the paint where needed. When you do preventive maintenance, you get to address any problems that may arise well before these become too serious and damaging for you to do anything.

These are just a few tips and tricks that may help prolong the usability and life of your metal garage. Not having any maintenance and care routines set for your garage or carport will shorten its lifespan and will actually cost you a lot in the long run since you will need to have it repaired or even replaced before you are supposed to.


Used vs. New Carports: Why New Is Best

Adding a carport to your property can provide you with a great deal of added storage or work space for far less than the cost of a garage addition to your home. But one of the first questions that many consumers ask is why not buy a used carport and save even more money? There are several reasons that a new carport is a better choice than a used one.

Structure Integrity

A carport is a structure that is comprised of a frame and a roof. Some models also offer side panels that can be added. But in most cases a carport is designed to be constructed once and then remain in place. Sure the bolts and screws can be removed to disassemble it. And then it can be put back together but there is a good chance that some of the pieces will not fit together as well because the ground or surface that it is built on could be slightly different than the original location. And the most important thing to remember is that this carport is going to be put to the test by wind, rain and snow so you want to know that it can handle those stresses. A new carport comes with a full warranty if you ever have issue but not a more “affordable” used carport.

Buyer Beware

Sadly, we do not live in a perfect world and you cannot assume that everyone is totally honest. So buying anything second hand holds an inherent risk. You have no idea how well the carport was maintained or if any of the parts will be damaged when it arrives. But a new carport will arrive in perfect condition. And if there is an issue then you get a brand new replacement part from the company who sold you the carport. Granted, you are paying a little bit more but you are getting a warranty and a brand new product which is good for peace of mind.

As in most cases, you get what you pay for when you try to buy a cheaper used carport. And because you are going to use the structure to protect a vehicle, items that you want to store or maybe even a boat, the durability and integrity of the carport is critical. Buying new is worth the extra money to know that your belongings will be well protected.

The Benefits of a Metal Horse Barn

As a horse lover, chances are very good that you picture a traditional wooden barn as the home for your horses. But there are a few factors that you should consider before committing to a wooden structure to protect your treasured companions. In fact, the actual wood used to build a traditional barn could pose several health risks to your horses.

Time Is Important

The time required to complete a wooden barn is much longer than the construction of a high quality metal horse barn. In most cases the barn arrives in large pieces and requires far less assembly than a wooden barn which would require footers and many phases of construction. This time savings means that your horses are protected onsite much sooner to reduce the potential for issues or injuries while waiting for the completion of a wooden barn.

Wood Could Be Dangerous

Carport US - Barn A-FrameThere are a few reasons that wood could pose an issue for your horse. The first is that some horses will bite or chew on wood which can create many health issues, especially if the wood has been moist and contains mold or other contaminates. Chemicals used to treat the wood, sealants or paint could also pose a health risk to your horses if they chew or consume any of the wood. Splintering wood can also cause injuries to horses. If a horse kicks a wooden pole or panel and it splinters, there is a great potential for a leg or hoof injury. However, none of these issues would be a concern if you invest in a metal barn for your horses.

Care for Your Horses, Not Their Barn

Any wooden structure is going to require regular care and maintenance. This can include sanding, painting or sealing. In addition, if there are any areas that do becomes damaged by the rain, snow or sun light, you will need to replace the damaged wood. Not only will a wooden barn structure continue to cost you money for supplies and weatherproofing but it will also demand your very valuable time. But investing in a metal barn will eliminate the need for regular maintenance and allow you to focus on caring for your horses and not their barn.

Invest Once

A horse barn in a big investment, not only financially, but also because it is a structure used to protect your horses. Making a smart choice and investing in a metal structure will allow you to spend more time enjoying your horses and will give you peace of mind knowing that they are safe.