Why Metal RV Carports Are Better Than Wood Carports

Carport US - Rv Cover Vertical-Deciding to build a carport for your RV is a good idea since an RV is one investment that you won’t want to deteriorate due to exposure to the elements. Such an expensive piece of equipment requires additional protection to help keep it in tiptop shape and looking as good as new. When you are building a carport for your RV, the choice often comes down to whether you should opt for metal RV carports or wood RV carports.

Both types have advantages and disadvantages, but when people weigh these in, they usually find after careful comparisons and scrutiny that metal carports are better than wooden ones. Here are some of the reasons why such a conclusion is often reached:

  • Metal carports are generally fire-resistant

     Metal does not burn, unless if it is volcanic lava, or the fire reaches 2750 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that your carports won’t burn.

  • Metal carports are more durable

    No matter what kind of metal you choose to use for your RV carports, you will find that these are sturdier and more durable than wood. This is because these are termite resistant, have a higher strength-to-weight ratio, won’t rot when exposed to moisture (as long as the metal is tarnish and rust-proof or properly coated with paint), and won’t warp or split.

  • These are easier to construct 

    Carports in general are easy to construct since these usually consist of poles and a roof, with some designs having two walls on either side of the structure. However, despite such a simple design, putting up a wooden carport can be more tedious than putting up a metal carport. You can even have such a carport built in a single day.

  • Old metal RV carports can be recycled 

    Well, metal in general can be recycled, making it a “green” material to use for your RV carport. The good thing about recycling steel and other metals that are used to manufacture these metal RV carports is that these don’t lose any of their inherent properties or deteriorate after recycling.

  • Metal RV carports are more cost effective than wooden ones 

    Some people may argue that wood is cheaper than metal, and in some cases, they may be right. What they do not realize is that lower costing does not really translate to cost effectiveness. For a material to be considered cost effective, you have to take into consideration the wastage that goes into the construction of the carport using the material. The life of the carport should also be factored in for you to get the actual cost of building your carport. When all is said and done, metal carports are more cost effective.

  • Metal carports are easier to maintain  

    Unlike wood, metal carports for your RV don’t need to be sanded and painted over every year to help keep it in good shape. All you need to do is to wash your carport with mild dishwashing soap and water, hose it down, and you are done. If you want to give it a nice shine or some waterproofing protection, you can consider waxing it with car wax after you wipe it dry. This will give it an added coat of protection, not that it needs it.

Customize Your Carports for Your Specific Needs

When you are considering buying a carport, you usually end up buying a cookie-cutter type carport that every other person buys for their car. This may be okay if all you need is a roof over your vehicle, but if you have other plans for your carport, you need to find one that can be customized according to your needs. To do this, you need to find a manufacturer or seller that can customize your carports for you.

How can you customize your carports when you are ordering online? What options are available to you when it comes to customization? How can you find the best manufacturer to work with when it comes to customizing your carport?

Carport Us - A-Frame Garage

Carport Customization Options and Choices Online

Since a lot of people now rely on the internet for a lot of their shopping needs, it is not surprising that customizable carports have become available online as well. To find the right manufacturer who can customize your carport according to your specifications, you have to first know what kind of carport you want. Do you want a metal one or a wood one? Do you want a prefabricated modular carport or are you looking for one that can be assembled for you on site?

Next, you need to check the manufacturers that you find online for their customization options. See if they do mention that they can customize a carport or garage according to what you want. If you find one that says this, you are in luck. These sites usually mention what they can customize and what limitations they have, so you won’t have to wonder if they can or cannot make your custom carport for you.

To make sure that your chosen manufacturer can give you the design that you want, it might be a good idea to get in touch with them and to ask about your specific design. You can also ask about other customization options that they have, like do they offer free design services or free installation. Some of the more common customizable options and choices you have with these sites include:

  • Type of material – if you choose metal carports, you will be given a choice of thicknesses to choose from. Usually, the metal they use for these structures are galvanized steel, but there are a few that do use stainless steel and aluminum for their carports.
  • Size of your carport – of course, the size of your custom carport will also be part of the choices you have to make when you order from these manufacturers. They usually offer a variety of standard sizes that you can choose from, but a few can offer you totally customizable carports where you can dictate the width, length, and height of your structure.
  • The color of your carport – this is also standard when it comes to sites that offer custom carports for their buyers. A lot offer regular colors such as black, red, blue, yellow, white, and other standard colors. There are a few that can deliver your carport to you in a totally custom color such as purple, neon pink, lime green, and the like. If you cannot find a company that can give you uniquely colored carports, you can have someone come over and paint your carport your special color for you.


Carport Designs That Will Look Good With Any Kind of Home

Choosing a carport design that you want to have customized can be confusing, particularly if you are not sure what design will look good with your home. While there are lots of designs to choose from, not all carport designs are versatile enough to go well with any type of home. There are a few however that are great to look at and are suitable for any type of home you might have.

Pergola Style

If you are a fan of simple yet eye-catching designs, then a pergola style carport is what you can consider for your home. This simple design features four to six posts or columns (depending on the size of your carport), joists, laths, and braces. The roof of your pergola style carport can be made out of a variety of materials, with a favorite being clear polycarbonate sheets that allow some natural light into the carport.

Pergola style carports can be built DIY, and can even be purchased in carport kits that come with installation instructions for you to use. These can also be made by a contractor if you want a hassle-free carport installed for your home. You will also find DIY instructions with pictures and illustrations online for wooden pergola carports if you want to build these for your residence.

A-frame Design

Another simple yet versatile carport design that you can choose for your home is the A-frame style. As the name indicates, this carport comes in the shape of a triangle which is also the shape of the letter A. This design can be totally made into a triangle, with the roof reaching down to the ground, or with short walls and a tall triangular roof.

This kind of carport design can look good with any home, depending on the materials used to create it. You can use modern materials such as steel and Plexiglas, or traditional materials such as wood and shingles. You can also choose to have a prefabricated a-frame carport installed on your property, and these are usually made of steel.

Barn-style carports

Some people believe that a barn-style carport is only great with homes that have a rustic and traditional look. In reality, barn-style carports can actually look great with any kind of home, as long as the right colors and materials are used to build such a carport. For modern homes, a barn-style carport using I-beams, polycarbonate sheets, and concrete footers would look great. For more traditional ones, wood and cement barn-style structures would be ideal.

There are some prefabricated and customizable metal barn-style carports that can look good with both modern and traditional homes. These are those carports that you can order in any color combination that can suit your home.

Other carport designs that you can opt for no matter what type of home you have include loafing shed designs, carport with shed designs, flat roof carport, and boxy designs. These are versatile designs that you can customize to fit the look of your home, giving it and your residence a cohesive appearance.



How to Keep a Barn Style Carport from Deteriorating

No matter what style your carport has, whether it is a barn style carport, a pergola style carport, or a standard carport that looks like a box, you should always find ways to keep this structure safe from deterioration. This is to ensure that you get your money’s worth and you don’t have to spend on a new carport anytime soon. To do this, you need to have a maintenance plan for your carport, and this should include a weekly and monthly routine.

Whether your barn style carport is made out of a combination of materials or is made mostly out of metal, having a maintenance plan in place will help you keep this from deteriorating sooner than it should. Your maintenance plan should be in place the moment you purchase and install your carport. This is to ensure that your carport will last for as long as you want it to.

How do you keep your barn style carport from deteriorating? Here are some of the things you should do:

Create a maintenance calendar

Put together a calendar that indicates when certain maintenance procedures need to be done. For example, if you want to ensure that the metal panels of your carport does not rust or fall to disrepair quickly, you need to schedule monthly checks of these panels for dents, holes, and other problems that may introduce rust to the structure. Routine cleaning of the roof, wiping down and waxing the exterior, and other maintenance procedures should be added to your weekly or monthly maintenance schedules.

Always have the tools you need for quick cleaning procedures on hand

Having all the cleaning tools you need for your carport from the moment it is installed will help you with sudden cleaning work that may arise. For example, if a sudden downpour causes leaves to fall and stick to your carport roof, you will need a telescopic rake for this. Soapy solutions, grease removers, and other similar cleaning materials and equipment will help you get your carport clean as soon as you notice anything that needs cleaning on it.

Place your carport in an area that won’t make it prone to damage

If you want your barn style carport to last for as long as it should, you should always place it in an area that does not expose it to needless damage. For instance, if you can place it on a concrete slab instead of just tamped down the ground, it would be better. This is to ensure that no pooling of water occurs at the base of your carport, which can cause an imbalance that can damage your carport’s structural integrity over time.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help keep your carport from deteriorating faster than it should. Deterioration is a given when it comes to any structure. What you can simply do is to ensure that it does not happen too fast. If you find nicks and scratches on your carport walls, paint these over to prevent oxidation. If you find debris on your carport roof, remove these immediately to prevent moisture from staying on it longer than it should.



How to Elevate Your Standard Garages Into Super Garages

If you want an economical roof over your cars to protect them from the elements, you can simply get yourself a standard garage. The question is, why would you settle for a garage that looks like a box when you can choose from a huge number of garage designs for your car and your home?

While having a functional garage is fine, it does nothing to beautify your home or to add value to it. What you need is a garage design that elevates it from being just one of the many standard garages that you see around you to one that is picture worthy. Great looking garages also help increase the overall value of your home, giving you the chance to increase your property’s price should you decide to sell.



How can you improve your standard garage in order to make it look like a garage that you can find in magazines? Here are some things you can do:

  • Redo your garage floor with floor coating or tile

    If your garage has a standard concrete floor, you can turn it into a super garage by installing new flooring. A smooth surface makes it easier for you to clean your garage and it gives your space a sleek and modern look. You can do this with floor coating or even tiles that are cheaper and easier to install.

  • Install modern cabinetry

    You can make your garage look like one of those garages that you can find in car magazines by installing modern cabinetry. Choose the kind of cabinetry that looks professional and in colors that complement your newly installed floors. Aside from making your garage look amazing, it also gives you storage space for your tools and other stuff. It helps keep clutter to a minimum, which helps make your garage look better too.

  • Install a great garage door

    This is the part of your garage that everybody sees from the outside. Installing a great looking door will help set the tone for your garage’s interior. After all, how weird would it be to have a spectacular looking garage on the inside but a crummy looking one from the outside? Choose from the many stylish and highly functional garage doors that are suited to your garage to give it that boost you want.

  • Bright lights make space look better

    Install lots of lights for your garage to help make it look better. Aesthetics is not the only reason for having brighter lights in your garage should be considered. To make your standard garage highly functional and great for when you need to make repairs or modifications to your vehicle with these brighter and better lights.

Brightly colored paint – who says a garage should be dull and boring? Painting the walls and ceiling of your garage a bright color will give it the additional oomph you need to take it over the top. Choose colors that pop and combinations that look great with your floor and your vehicle. Red with black is a great color combination and so is orange with grey. Blue and silver, black and grey, and even polished silver shades all around will look great for your garage’s interior.

How to Easily Insulate your Metal Barns

Whether you like to admit it or not, since a metal barn is made out of metal, it can and will absorb the heat of the sun more than a wooden barn wood. This means that any heat that is absorbed will be radiated into the structure. If you are keeping animals in your metal barns, this is something you should address before you move your animals into this shelter.

Aside from radiating heat into the structure, metal barns can also let warm air escape outside, raising energy costs during the cold months of the year when you need to keep the inside of the building heated. These scenarios show you just how important it is to have your metal barn insulated. It also brings with it a number of benefits that include the lowering of noise coming in from the outside, better-looking interiors, and adding a layer of durability to the structure.

Choose the general shape and size of your storage building, barn, or carport, based on your unique needs.

Choose the Right Insulation for Your Metal Barn

There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to insulating your metal barns. Some of the more common choices include sheet insulation, peg insulation, and the latest addition to the list of insulation choices you have, which is spray insulation. The latter, which is spray insulation, is considered one of the easiest options for insulating your barn with and can be done DIY or with the help of a professional.

When you decide to insulate your barn yourself, you should choose the method that is easiest to do on your own. Peg insulation and traditional insulation fall into this category. Spray insulation can also be done DIY, but only if you are trying to insulate a small barn. If you are trying to cover an entire structure that is almost as big as your house or can accommodate an RV, you will do better with a professional that does spray foam insulation for this.

Spray foam insulation is applied to the walls of your metal barns by a professional. They do this in protective gear since this is made out of chemicals that interact with each other to harden into the insulation foam that covers your walls. A professional knows how to quickly and evenly apply the foam to your barn’s walls before any of it hardens. If you try to do this yourself, you might just find yourself with uneven insulation on your barn walls.

Spray foam insulation is considered one of the best options for insulating your metal barns with because it gives your building the kind of insulation you need quickly and effectively. Once the foam is applied to your walls, it dries quickly into a solid sheet of insulation that also adds a level of durability to your barn. If applied evenly, it also helps to hide any imperfections that may be on the interior walls of your metal barns, giving your interiors a clean and even look.

Whatever insulation you choose to use, however, know that it is something you should not neglect to add to your metal barns. Insulation will make your barns more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing to look at, and energy efficient.

Where to Buy Quality RV Carports

If you have recently bought an RV, you should know that these are pretty much gigantic cars with homes in them. As such, this means you should protect them as you would any vehicle that you own. This is why getting quality RV carports for it is essential.

You have to check all your options so that you can get the best RV carport for your home on wheels. Checking out various options for where you can buy quality RV carports will also give you the chance to find the best prices for what you need. Settling for the first seller that you find may work for you but you don’t want to regret that decision in the future, do you? Exhausting all options before buying a carport, or anything for that matter, is the best way to go about finding the best one for your RV.

Option 1: Local Dealers

If you have time to go window shopping for RV carports, you can check out any of the local dealers near you for this. Such sellers usually have a selection for you to look at. If you cannot find what you want or need on their display lot, you can browse through their brochures for the designs that can be built but are not currently available on the property.

The downside of local dealers is that they often have very limited stocks when you want to buy quality RV carports. After all, not that many people have RVs and not that many look for carports for these. While you can have them order the carport for you, why do that when you can go straight to the source yourself?

Option 2: Online Dealers

Select the perfect RB | CarportUS.comWhen you check out sellers of RV carports online, you will find that you have quite a long list of options. From the sheer number of sellers online to the wide variety of carports that they have for you, you will definitely be spoiled for choices. You can check out carports for your RV in a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes, and designs. You can even have your RV carport customized according to what you want down to the last nut and bolt.

Now, just like local dealers, there is a downside to online sellers as well. You may find yourself receiving a carport kit that is not what you ordered or get your carport delivered way beyond your expected delivery date. Another downside is the huge number of choices you have may very well confuse you.

For you to be able to make the right choice when you go and look for local or online dealers where you can buy quality RV carports, listing down what you want can greatly help. Indicating how much you are willing to spend on such an addition to your home is also important so you don’t spend too much on it. Once you have this list, you can narrow down the carport dealers to a select few who might be able to provide you with what you want and need.

Modern Carport Designs That Look Good When Made Using Metal

If you are thinking of using metal for your carport, then you should consider looking for carport designs that look good when metal is used as a primary construction material. Metal carport designs can be made using all metal or can be made with a few additions that are not made out of metal. The use of metal for carports is a great idea since this will make the structure durable and gives you a chance to create futuristic and modern structures for your home.

When it comes to designs, there are a lot for you to choose from if you are using metal. You can choose the type of metal you want to use as well, with the most popular options being galvanized steel and aluminum. Here are some of the modern carport designs you can choose from when you are building a carport using metal:

Hangar style carport

If you love the curved roof of hangars, you can emulate that when you create your carport. Have a contractor come up with the plans for your carport and you can have them build this for you as well. Don’t want to work with building crews and engineers? There are also carport kits that actually have curved roofs that are similar to that of hangars, which you can choose to buy and install yourself.

Canopy style carport

This is similar to a hangar style carport but with less curve on the roof than the former. A canopy style carport can be built from scratch without the help of contractors as long as you are an avid DIYer. You just need to find the right materials for this project, like rafter bars that can be bent to just the right curve for the perfect canopy-style roof for your carport.

Industrial style carport

I-beams, concrete footers, concrete floors, and a flat roof is all you need for an industrial style carport. Imagine what an industrial loft apartment would look like bare and use that image to create your industrial style carport. You can use clear polycarbonate panels for the roof and for the walls to give it that modern industrial look. You can even choose to use metal pipes for the trusses for a really industrial feel.

Angled roof carport

Using the same materials as you would an industrial style carport, this type of metal carport design can be attached to your home. You can use corrugated steel sheets for the roofing, metal beams for the posts, and concrete footers for this idea. The roof of the carport should be angled in such a way that runoff and snow can be easily removed from it.

Flat roof carport

This is similar in concept with the angled roof carport but with the difference being the roof is flat and does not have a slope to it. The best roofing material for this would be a thick flat polycarbonate sheet that you can easily clean with a ladder and a telescopic brush or cleaner. You can also opt for corrugated metal sheets for the roof to allow for water to runoff easily in the channels that are found in this type of roofing material.

How to Convert A-Frame Barns Into a Guest House

If you have an a-frame barn sitting on your property unused, you are letting a good structure go to waste. Why not put some use into it by converting it into something you can rent out or have guests use when they are around? Converting a-frame barns into guest houses is not as difficult as it may seem, as long as you have the right plans and the right help to get this done.

How can you convert an unused a-frame barn into a comfortable guest house that you can either rent out or have guests use when they visit? If you search online for ideas, you will find that there are lots you can use for this project. There are ideas that need the help of a contractor to get done and there are some that you can actually do on your own.

What to Do Before You Start

Before you begin this project, you first need to find out if you need permits for the renovation and reconstruction of your A-frame barn into something else. If massive rebuilding and renovating is to be done, with or without the help of a contractor, then permits have to be secured before anything is started. Find out what documents are needed for these permits and secure those as well beforehand.

Once all the paperwork is in place, you can start working on your barn conversion plans. You need to take into consideration the size and shape of your barn. While it may be a typical a-frame barn, there are things you need to consider when putting together your plans for renovation and repurposing. These include the slope and pitch of your roof, the size of the inside, the number of doors, the number of windows (if any), and other features that the barn may have.

Things to Not Forget in Your Plans

Don’t forget to include the partitions you want to add to your barn, unless you are planning on a studio guest house where everything can be found in one room (except for the bathroom that is). Think about flooring, insulation, plumbing, and other features that make a home comfortable. Think about where to put furniture, how much space a specific part of the guest house will take, and all of these when you draw up your plans.

Walk through the barn and get a feel for what would be best when converting it into a cozy guest house. What would you want it to have if you were to live as a guest there? Would you leave the roof uncovered but insulated just like a loft-style residence or would you cover it up?

The additions and changes that you make to your a-frame barn when you are thinking of converting it into a livable space should coincide with what you think is good to have in a quaint home. Think about whether or not you would want to live there. If your current plans don’t make you want to live in it, rethink and redo. Also, think about the budget you have for such a project and move forward from there.