How Can I Protect My RV This Winter?

Fall is here, the best season for RV travel. However, before we know it, the trees will be bare and the weather too cold as another RV travel season draws to an end. Now is the best time to learn which storage options are available to you, from RV covers to metal carports. Learn how to prolong the life of your vehicle by discovering the risks that you face heading into another winter of harsh snow storms, or cold rainy winters if your RV is unprotected.

Unprotected RV Risks

An unprotected RV can lead to extensive and costly damages to your home-away-from-home. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow during the winter months, heavy snow can build-up on your RV roof, melt in warmer weather and cause potential leaks. RV’s stored in areas that experience milder winters are still at risk as well. As leaks can also be an issue for unprotected RV’s in areas that are hit with harmful weather such as sleet or rain.

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You work incredibly hard to keep your RV looking and working it’s best all season, however, an unprotected RV during the winter months will quickly lose its luster as dirt and debris constantly wash over of the roof, leaving those infamous black streaks down the sides that are typically impossible to remove. The paint and graphics on your RV are also at risk of fading.  Even more, cracking and peeling as your vehicle sits unprotected from the elements. 

Do and Do Not of RV Storage

Should I cover my RV with a tarp? The short answer, no. The infamous blue tarp that may be coming to mind may do more harm than good to your RV. A tarp that is not effective for RV storage. Therefore, moisture has the potential to leak into your RV, freeze and cause damage to your vehicle. In addition, the tie downs needed to secure this type of tarp often shift throughout the winter causing damage to the body of your RV.

Should I cover my RV at all? Yes. If you cannot afford to invest in a metal carport, a proper RV cover will help protect your RV. An RV cover helps to minimize UV damage, and protect the roof. A cracked roof can lead to vent issues, leaks, and AC issues. An RV cover helps with moisture control and eliminates condensation issues. However, special attention should be given to awnings and slide outs, as mildew can often be an issue when using an RV cover.  

Should I invest in a metal carport or storage? Your initial investment in your RV was a long-term commitment. Investing in the proper storage of your RV will only offer greater security, protection, and durability of your vehicle. By investing in a metal carport and storing your RV in protected storage, you will save money on repairs by avoiding the elements, in turn prolonging the life of your RV, adding years of enjoyment doing what you love.

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There are many options available when it comes to RV storage. Choosing the one that is right for your budget, lifestyle and needs are key.

Carport Designs That Can Make Your Home Look Better

Let’s face it. When you install a carport, what you generally get are four to 6 posts, a roof, and you are done. The use of a carport, after all, is to provide your vehicle with a roof and most carport designs that you find being sold do just that.

Mostly we want a carport that actually looks good and adds to the beauty of your home.  There are actually a few designs that you can find being sold in kits by manufacturers. There are also a few carport manufacturers that can customize your carport for you.  All you need to do is to come up with the design that you like. To help you come up with ideas, here are a few that might be worth looking into the following:

Industrial Style Carport 

If you have a rather modern looking house with glass and metal all around, you might want to consider. Your posts can be I-beams in black and your carport can have a high ceiling, kind of like what you would find in a loft apartment. You can then have clear or smoked polycarbonate roofing to tie in with the metal and glass design of your home. For a more industrial look, you can have a polished concrete floor for your carport or simply have gravel on it.

Pergola Style Carport

This is a carport that looks more like a garden feature than a carport. It is one that has posts that support an open lattice roof. Usually, pergolas have vines running through the lattice, which offer natural shade for the structure. For your pergola style carport, you can have clear polycarbonate roofing to allow sunlight in while still keeping your vehicle safe from rain and direct sunlight. You can also choose to have crossbeams instead of a lattice roof for your pergola carport.

Rustic Style Carport

Another idea you can go with when you want a carport design that helps enhance the look of your home is the rustic style carport. This is great if you have a rustic style home that uses dark wood and shingles for the roof.  You can use the same types of materials for this carport design, and you can make it look more rustic. Probably use stained wood pillars and crossbeams, stone base, and a lava stone driveway.

Red Brick Carport

Also, you can opt for a carport that looks like it was transported into the present from the 60’s. The posts can be made with red brick and the roof can be either shingles or shale. The flooring can be poured concrete or you can opt for gravel for a more laid-back and nostalgic look.  Another, you can opt for red clay shingles for the roof to give your carport a unified look.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to give your home a boost in the aesthetics department. Other ideas for great looking carport designs that you can use for your home include a carport with arched entryways, log-cabin inspired carports and modern carports with flat roofs and thin posts in monochromatic shades.

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace Damaged Carport?

We have all been there, questioning if it is better to replace or repair a damaged item. Regardless of if it’s your car that you’ve had for years, a leaky water tank or a carport that has sustained some damage. Your friends at are here to help you decided the right path. A damaged carport is the last thing that you want to have to deal with. A carport is there to protect your valuable toys, whether it’s an RV, Boat, ATV or your car. You don’t want to let a leaky roof or damaged siding risk damaging your investment from a heavy thunderstorm that allows the roof to leak or heavy wind that allows debris to fly in. Is the damage a quick fix? Maybe some good old-fashioned Duct Tape will help with the job to prevent the damaging rains from getting in.

Carport Us - Event Planning and Carports

But don’t just guess, let the carport experts at 3 easy steps and we can help you decide the best path to take in determining if your carport needs to be fixed or replace.

Step 1:

Take good photos of your damaged carport, measure areas that are ripped or torn. Was this recently done by a storm or bad weather? Homeowners insurance might cover the damage depending on your policy and coverages.

Step 2:

Call the experts at 844-557-6375 and then send us the photos and measurements of the damage carport. We can help you decide if it’s better to repair or replace.

Step 3:

Sit back and relax, after the verification process, we will send you replacement parts or if it is determined the carport needs to be replaced we will handle all the steps for you.

Buying a high-quality carport doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from having damage occur. With Hurricane Florence about to hit North and South Carolina, most of us are thinking about damaging winds, rain, and flooding. Even the best quality carport can get damaged in hurricane weather. Bad weather can often cause damage to your valuables. Whether it’s a tornado in the Midwest, a hail storm in Indiana, a lightning strike in Kentucky or an earthquake in the west nature is always unpredictable and can strike without warning. But have no fear that your investment is missing.  Not only you can cover the structure but also the contents inside. Contact a reputable insurance company like State Farm, Allstate or Farmers.

While most will stand the test of time there is a small chance that damage can occur if the lifetime of your product. Carportus stands behind our products, 12 and 14 gauge steel both come with a 20-year limited warranty. Once you purchase the product from us we want you to rest easy knowing that we will stand behind the product if it fails. Along with our 20-year warranty, comes to our price match guarantee, we offer the best prices, in the event, you find someone that is lower than us we will be happy to match that price. We also offer one of the largest selections you will find on the internet.

Carports Variety

Carportus offers a variety or carports to fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for RV Carports, Barns, Garages, Commercial size steel buildings, or combo carports we have got what you are looking for. RV Carports are very popular when you have a large RV that you use to explore the US during the summer but want to keep stored and away from the snow and cold weather in the winter. RV Carports are affordable and can be custom built to fit your specific needs and size you are looking for. Don’t ruin your investment in an RV by leaving it ours in the elements. Visit our page on RV Carports and explore the options yourself. If you have any questions give us a call or submit a contact us form.

Select the perfect RB |

Barns are great when you have animals that need a place to stay out of the weather and to come in at night. Depending on if you have a small farm or a large one we have several different options to choose from. Our Barns are also very affordable. Depending on the area of the US that you are in they start at around $5,495 depending on your options. Please visit our Barn page to see what options are available.

Custom Garage

One of our most popular items is a custom-built garage. This is a great way to protect your classic car or your everyday commuter. Just like all the other carports we had talked about this one can protect your vehicle from weather and the elements just like a carport would. With a custom-built garage, you can also create an area for your workshop. A place where you can go and relax to get away from it all. Radio might also be necessary as you will learn to love your custom-built garage and enjoy many hours out there working on your car or getting some projects done. Optional man doors, windows and other creature comforts are also available to make your custom-built garage feel like home.

You must assemble carport to last the test of time. Hopefully, you never need to worry about the warranty or storm damages. But rest easy knowing that the knowledgeable staff at carportus are here to help. Located in the beautiful state of North Carolina, our carport experts are here to help every step of the way. From shopping to shipping, to install we are with you every step of the way. We have thousands of happy customers all throughout the US that have amazing carports that they have grown to love.

Why You Should Have Both Carport and Garage

When people think about protecting their car, they choose between a carport and a garage. The reason why the choice is either one or the other is that of space considerations. If you don’t have to worry about space, would you consider having only one of these two different car shelters or would you consider having both?

If space is not an issue when you are deciding between a carport and a garage, it might be to your advantage to have both. Why? Here are some reasons why:


  • You have a choice of car protection

    You can choose to park your car inside your garage or place it in your carport, depending on your plans. If you are planning on going out again, you can park your car in your carport to make it easier for you to move your car when you go. If you are settling in for the night, you can park your car in the garage where you can close the doors and keep your vehicle protected.

  • You can use your carport for other things while your car is protected at the same time 

    No need to expose your vehicle to the elements while you are using your carport for other things. You can keep your car safely in your garage while you use your carport for your garage sales, as a protective cover for your farmer’s market stall, or while it is being used as a canopy for your garden party.

  • You can park more than one vehicle safely 

    If your garage can only accommodate one vehicle at a time, there is no need to expose your other vehicle to the elements if you have a carport to keep it protected. Having a carport will allow you to park a vehicle in your garage while the other can be parked in your carport, keeping it out of the harmful UV rays of the sun and from the rain.

  • You have an extra roof that you can use for your other vehicles 

    A carport can be used for protecting more than just a car. It can be used to house an RV, motorcycles, bicycles, and other rides that you may have. It can even be used to cover vehicles you are repairing or modifying.

Having both gives you the benefits of both, which means, what one cannot provide the other can. If you are to check the pros of each one, you will find that the other provides you with what the other cannot. This gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to have an all-encapsulating protection for your vehicle and another that allows for freedom of movement.

If you need a protective cover for your vehicle immediately, a carport is your best option. If you want protection for your car that is more substantial, you can have a garage built while you are using your carport to temporarily keep your vehicle out of the damaging effects of the weather. Once your garage is built, you can use your carport for other purposes.

Why a Vertical Roof RV Carport is Your Best RV Protection Choice

An RV is an investment that you don’t want deteriorating anytime soon, and since these are just like vehicles, only bigger, you need to have some form of protection for it, like a carport or a garage. Whether you choose to have a carport or a garage for your RV, you will need to make a few decisions on it. One such decision you need to make is the design and the roof that your carport or garage will have.

Carport US - rv carports

When it comes to roofing, whether for a home or for a carport, there are a few styles that most manufacturers and contractors use. The three most common roofing options that you will get when you are having a custom RV carport made include the following:

  • Regular Roof Style

     When you order a carport with a regular roof, it is a roof style that has horizontal panels running from the top to the sides of the structure. The panels that are covering part of the sides of the structure are rounded. The top does not require a ridge cap since these steel sheets are draped over the top edge of the roof and over to the other side. Regular roof style carports are economical and easy to assemble, but these don’t provide sturdy protection particularly in locales that experience strong winds and snowy weather.

  • Horizontal Roof Style

    This is similar to a regular roof style carport since the steel panels are running perpendicular to the length of the structure. Also called a boxed-eave design, carports or garages that come with this kind of a roof also has no ridge cap and has no hat channel, but these do have L-trims at the end on each side. The boxed eave style is sturdier than the regular roof style carport since it does have a few reinforcing features that a regular roof style structure does not have.

  • Vertical Roof Style

    Considered the most durable of all three choices, a vertical roof has panels that run perpendicular to the width of the structure, with each side having panels that displace water and other debris easily due to the direction of the ridges. A vertical roof RV carport will have a ridge cap where the two panels for each side meet to form the top of the carport’s roof. This is a great option for those who live in areas where heavy snowfall and precipitation is a normal occurrence since it allows you to easily remove any snow from it and water simply slips to down the roof without any hindrances.


Of all three options, a vertical roof RV carport is the best choice for your RV protection. It gives you a carport that has a more durable frame due to the construction of such a structure. It is also a carport that does not require too much work or maintenance, particularly if the frame is metal and powder coated. You can choose to have the sides of your carport remain open, as most carport designs do, or have it closed off with steel panels for a more garage-like feel.

Different Barn Styles You Can Choose From For Your Varying Needs

Carport US - Barn A-FrameWhen you talk about barns, the general idea that pops into a person’s mind is an image of an a-frame building with large double doors and no windows. While a lot of barns are designed this way, this is not the only design these barns come in. There are a lot of barn styles for you to choose from, and a few barn types that you can pick from as well.

What is the difference between a barn style and a barn type? For one, a style is basically the design of the structure while the type is the composition and material used to make such a structure. To help you decide which barn style and barn type is best for your varying needs, here are some descriptions for each to help you out:

Barn Styles


  • Gable Barns – this is the traditional barn that you would imagine if someone mentions this building to you. Also called an A-frame building, these barns have a triangular roof with a rather steep slope on each side, with the pitch of the roof varying between 4/12 and 12/12.
  • Gambrel Barns – gambrel barns are also called Dutch style barns, and come with a roof that has double slopes on each side, with one slope being steeper than the other.
  • Bank Barns – this barn is named as such because it stands on a bank or side of the hill, with one part lower than the other. This is often built on property that is hilly or uneven.
  • Monitor Barns – these are barns that come with a lower wall and an upper wall, as well as a lower roof and upper roof. Also called a raised roof barn, you will find these are preferred by some not only because of its look but because the higher central roof actually makes the barn cooler.


Barn Types


  • Post Frame Barns – these are barns that are constructed using a framing system that utilizes vertical columns and wood roof trusses. Also called a pole barn, these are the most economical to construct and one of the easiest to put up as well.
  • Post and Beam Barns – if you want a very durable and heavy-duty barn, this is what you should build. This kind of structure is built with a solid frame that uses posts, headers, girts, loft joists, and rafters that are made with heavy wooden beams. The wood beams used in this kind of a barn are bigger and heftier than those used in a post frame barn, and these are connected using mortise and tendon joinery.
  • Modular Barns – modular barns can come in either partly assembled or fully assembled designs. Fully assembled modular barns are delivered to the site on a flatbed truck and can be used immediately with no additional work needed for its completion. Partially assembled modular barns are also delivered via flatbed trucks or via trailers but may require a bit of finishing and construction work after delivery since these may lack a few components for completion. These are usually larger than fully assembled modular barns.
  • Steel Barns – this is one of the favorites of farm owners and those who purchase barns for whatever needs they may have. This is because steel barns are versatile and can be used for just about anything. These are also easy to construct but durable, are fire resistant, can’t be damaged by termites, and are easy to maintain.



How to Find the Best Carport Designs Online

Carport US - vertical carportsIf you are at your wits end in trying to think of a design for your carport that will complement your home, don’t panic. You can find a lot of inspiration from the internet. That’s right. You can find a lot of carport designs online, and this guide will help you locate the best ones for your needs.

How do you locate the best carport designs for your car and home from online sources? Well, the easiest thing for you to do is to use Google. You can simple search for carport designs and you will be given a long list of resources where you can find what you need.

Of course, when you search on Google, you will be given links to the “30 best carport designs” or “20 most stylish carport designs” that you will need to click to see if these are indeed what you are looking for. You may simply end up finding sites that don’t have what you are looking for.

To make things easier and to give you an idea as to how these designs look, what you need to do after you search for carport designs is to click on the word “images” near the top. This will give you images of carports that you can click on, and these have an option for you to click through to the sites that have more of these designs. You might even be redirected to a site that has construction plans for these carports or to a site that actually sells these.

Other Options for Finding the Best Carport Designs Online

Aside from Googling for these designs, you can also choose to go to Pinterest and search for ideas there. Pinterest is an image posting site that people use to compile images of things they are interested in. You will find lots of ideas here since a lot of people tend to repost images that others have already shared.

You may need to register to this social media site to gain access to what you want but it will give you more than just images of carport designs. You will find a lot of interesting stuff on this portal, even links that lead to detailed construction plans for these carports and instructions for DIYing these things. You can even share your own favorite carport images and get others to share more of the same with you.

Another social media platform that you can look through for inspiration when it comes to carport designs is Instagram. This online portal may not present as many images and ideas as Pinterest, but it does have a few accounts that post carport designs for you to look through. Simply use a hashtag term to find what you are looking for.

Other online resources that you can use to find the carport of your dreams include DIY sites, home improvement websites, and vehicle sites. You can also find a lot of ideas on carport selling sites that don’t just sell prefabricated carports. The options you have for finding the perfect carport designs for your home are numerous. You simply need to know where to look to find them.