Carport Options When Building Your New Carport

Options For You New Carport

So you’ve picked your new carport! Now comes the time when you choose your new carport options. Your new carport is completely customizable for the options of your own choosing. From the top to the bottom you can pick the options that are right for you. CarportUS will guide you along the process to pick the options which are right for you. From those extra windows to optional garage doors we’ve got it all. You can also choose to insulate your new carport. Each option you pick is customizable from the factory and guaranteed.  Need an extra man door on the side? Don’t worry we can make that happen. Looking for side entry garage door? Don’t stress we can accomplish that.

Building a New Carport

Our friendly staff here at CarportUS has years of knowledge from building thousands for carports all across the US. Our expert team can answer all your questions on the process. We understand picking colors and options can be overwhelming but our team is ready to assist. From styles of carports, to colors, to options, we can guide you along the way.

CarportUS also offers the best pricing so no need to shop around. They are all proudly manufactured in the United States at one of our many factories. Don’t wait any longer. Ready to protect your car, boat or RV during the winter? Tired of having to dust your car off of snow in the morning. Call our friendly staff today

Delivery within a few days 

Once your order has been placed let the fun begin. Your custom carport is then made inside one of our factories. Typically the fastest turn around is a few days to a few weeks depending on many factors. This is from purchase to install. And don’t worry, all delivery and install fees are included minus a few exceptions.

Questions to Ask Before You Start Work on a New Garage for Your Home

Adding a new garage to your home is a decision that should never be taken lightly. It is, after all, an addition that will be attached to your home, not to mention, something that may cost you a lot of money. This is why asking yourself these questions before you begin working on or even planning such addition is crucial.

These questions will help you determine what kind of garage is best for your plans. It will also help you figure out what design you should consider, what materials are best for your new garage, and what features these should have. These questions are essential to your plans because these will determine a lot of important factors that will affect the outcome of your garage project.

garage storage ideas

Is it for one car or two? 

Even if you currently have one car, you still need to ask this question. Will you be adding on another car in the future or are you planning on having that extra space for something else? This will also help you determine where to put the garage since the size of a one-car garage is definitely smaller than that of a two-car one.

Is it detached or attached? 

You need to ask this question since it will involve some cutting into the side of your home to attach the new garage. You will, after all, need to have a door leading from your new garage to your home if you are to choose an attached one. An attached garage is also considered a cheaper option if you are considering constructing one from the ground up since you will already have one wall up (the side of your home) and only three to add to the structure.

Which type of garage is better for your budget? 

When you are contemplating whether to go with a constructed garage or a prefab metal garage, what you need to think about is whether or not your plans fit your budget. If a constructed garage is too cost-prohibitive, you should opt for a garage kit. Always keep in mind that when you are building a garage from scratch that the cost involves more than just the materials. It will also involve the cost of construction, which means permits, the people who have to work on it, and even the cost of the design itself.

Do you already have a driveway?  

Some people do not ask this question when they build a garage but it is an important one to ask. How will you get your vehicle from the street to your garage? Do you need to pave part of your property to create a driveway for your vehicle or will you be using alternative materials for this, such as gravel or stones?

How much space do you have for this project?

Whether you are building a garage, putting together a prefab structure, or installing a carport for your vehicle, space matters. You will need enough space for any of these and even more space if you are planning on a structure that can fit more than one vehicle. Survey your property to give yourself an idea as to what kind of garage or structure is best for it. If you need a two-vehicle garage but don’t have space for it, you might want to consider building a one-car garage instead and have a carport placed in your driveway for the second vehicle.

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself when you are planning on having a new garage for your home. If you want a garage that is cost-effective and you can build it quickly, a prefab one by Carports US is your best. We build and design durable metal structures such as custom garages, pre-fab garage kits, poratble carports, and prefab structures ideal for commercial use. Contact us at (844) 557-6375 so we can help you with your garage and prefab structure needs.

How To Plan Your Garage Extension

Planning an extension for your existing garage is not as easy as it may sound, but it is not as difficult either. You can build your garage extension in as short a time as a single day or it can stretch for as long as a couple of weeks. This is dependent on what kind of garage extension you are putting up and other factors that can affect such a plan.

Garage Conversion

The creation of your garage’s extension all depends on planning. When you are planning this addition to your home, there are a number of things you need to consider. Here are some of them:

Purpose of the extension

What is this garage extension for? Is it to accommodate a new vehicle or is it to add more space to your garage for storage needs? If it is for storage needs, wouldn’t a prefab shed or a store room be a more appropriate structure to build? Some people think that a garage is the perfect structure for just about anything, and in some ways, they are right. This is because garages are so versatile and can be used for more than just housing your car.

Size of the extension 

You will also need to figure out how big the extension will be. Is it going to be as big as the current garage that you have? This move will essentially double the garage space that you will be able to use. Or will it be just big enough to accommodate the stuff you want to put in the space? If you are planning the extension to create extra space for an external freezer or to move your laundry room out into the garage, then you won’t need to create too big an extension.

Permits for building 

If you are building a garage extension twhich is a part of your home in every sense of the word, you might want to ask about building permits from your local building authority. If you put up a garage extension without asking about these, you might find yourself being fined for it or being asked to tear it down due to non-compliance. Knowing the legalities of what you are planning on doing will help you create the extra space you need without fear of fines or violations.

Garage Conversion

These are a few of the things you need to think about when you are putting together plans for a garage extension. Extensions to your garage, particularly if your garage is an attached one, you can consider it an addition to your home. This can add value to your current residence, which in turn may also mean additional property taxes for you.

This is why it is important to go into this with both eyes open and with all the information you need. Building a garage extension without knowing what it truly entails can put you in a lot of hot water. Information is your best friend in this situation, so the careful planning of such an extension should be well researched and you should be prepared for whatever comes with it.

Garage Expert Advice

If you want to get expert advice on garage extensions, what you should and should not do, and how to go about doing this without any problems, you should consult with Carports US. We are a company that manufactures, designs, and delivers metal structures like custom prefab garages, portable carports, commercial metal structures, and even metal barns. We can give you valuable advice regarding your garage extension, carports, and other prefab structural needs.

All you need to do is to contact us at (844) 557-6375 and we will be able to help you make the informed decisions needed to avoid any problems that may come with your garage extension plans.