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8 Ways Weather Elements Can Damage Your Vehicle

weather elements

weather elements

Are you preparing your car with a trip to the outdoors with your friends? Is this your first time taking your car out of the city and closer to nature?

If so, then it will help to know the different ways the weather can give your vehicle a hard time. Some elements take more time to harm your car more than others, but they can have just as much as an impact.

The weather has plenty to throw at your car that can leave scratches, dent, and even holes. Some elements, if exposed to your vehicle enough, can cause internal damage.

By taking advantage of our vehicle protect services, you can keep your car safe from the elements. This can leave you less to worry about on your trip.

Here are 8 ways weather elements can damage your vehicle.

1. Salt

When someone mentions salt, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the kind that makes hamburgers and hotdogs taste good. However, it also comes in handy during snowstorms.

While road salt makes the streets less slippery during these storms to ensure safety, overexposure can cause damage to the body. Such damage includes scratches in the paint or corrosion of the metal.

Salt is also easy to come by during trips to the beach, in the sand and the ocean. If your car is close enough to the ocean during high winds or storms, the exterior can experience similar harm.

When it comes to getting through snowstorms, look for any dents, scratches, or brown spots, which is sometimes a beginning phase of erosion, and seek necessary repairs.

Those looking to spend their break by the ocean should look for a beach house with a garage big enough for your vehicle.

2. The Sun

When you wake up to rays of the sun coming through the bedroom window, this may relieve you of any problems that harsher elements of weather can provide. However, you’re not exactly in the clear.

Leaving your car out under the sun for extended periods of time can cause your paint to crack and peel. This can be a major pain if you’ve just given your van or truck a new paint job.

The ultraviolet lights from the sun can be damaging to cars of different colors. It’s also not a good idea to assume that you’re safe if you have a newer model.

If there aren’t any garages or places specifically designed to shield cars from the sun in your area, then we recommend using a combination of sources. Trees can also come in handy for keeping your vehicle cool.

3. Wet Weather Elements

Water is another element that can give your car a hard time. Unlike other elements, though, this one can come in different conditions and forms.

Rust is a major issue that can keep different parts from functioning, as well as staying together later on. This usually comes from keeping your car close to the ocean or in damp and humid climates.

Water can also affect your chances of getting into a car accident.

If you’re driving through harsh rainstorms, it can be hard to see and no matter how much your windshield wipers are getting out of the way, and you might run into something that the rain is making hard to see.

Using a car cover during rainstorms or in humid areas can keep your car dry. if you’re feeling confident about driving in the rain, then find a place that provides a roof for your car.

4. Snow

When it comes to causing harm to the inside and outside of cars, snow takes the cake. This is a bigger problem for people who live in or are vacationing to an area that experiences snow on a regular basis.

As far as damaging the inside goes, snow particles can find their way into the inside of your car. This can lead to problems with your engine, breaks, mufflers, and exhaust pipes.

Corrosion is a major issue when it comes to keeping up the strength of the outside of your vehicle. If enough snow is coming down, you’ll also have a hard time staying safe on the road.

You can avoid these issues by keeping your car in an area safe from snow, as well as give your vehicle a car wash immediately after the snow stops coming down.

Installing winter tires also helps if you’re in an area that’s expected to get plenty of snow.

5. Hail

Some elements of the weather that are bad for your car only show up during certain parts of the year. Hail, however, isn’t one of them.

Hail storms can come in different shapes and sizes, some of which can leave dents in your hood or roof when the storm is over. Hailstones that are big enough can even cause cracks in your windshield.

Even if you’re spotting small hailstones, your car isn’t completely safe. Tinier stones can leave scratches in the paint, as well as find their way into your car to mess with the tires and engine.

Carpets and sheds come in handy when you need to keep your car safe from hail. If you’re staying at a farm and a storm comes by, you can use a barn or similar building for protection.

6. Low Temperature

If you normally live in a warm environment and have a break coming up in a colder environment, you may have an easier time adjusting than your car. This is because of the issues that come with low temperatures.

One part of your car that suffers from this element is your tires. They can lose air by contracting in low temperatures, which causes them to underinflate.

Temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit can also cause your windshield wipers to crack, as well as make it easier for dirt to stick to the windows. The liquid inside the car that you need for cleaning the window can freeze, and your battery will have a harder time staying alive.

Make sure that there is a shed or similar building nearby to keep your car clean and warm. This can keep it functioning so that you are safe on the road.

7. Wind

No signs of rain, snow, or hail can be a sign of relief if you’re planning a long drive. However, the wind can also show how the weather can be dangerous for your vehicle.

The weather effect, in this case, has more to do with the outside, as high winds can throw things at your car that can cause dents. This can include natural elements, as well as man-made ones.

The gravel and dirt that can get into your car from the wind can lead to internal damage to your engine or breaks. If a tornado or hurricane is coming your way, then the winds can be strong enough to break the doors from the hinges or send your car flying.

If the wind is expected to be harsh, then a garage or shed will keep your car safe when you’re hanging out with friends. More severe storms can be dealt with if your option for protection is on the larger side.

8. Lightning

You might not expect lightning on this list because of the rubber tires and metal frames that direct currents to the ground. However, your car can still leave lightning storms in bad shape.

A lightning strike with enough strength can cause problems with your car’s electrical system. This can include your battery short-circuiting and stopping the car, all-together.

Pitting can lead to dents to the outside of your car. Even if the lightning doesn’t hit the car, if it hits close enough, the force and light can cause you to lose control and possibly get into an accident.

Certain garages and sheds are designed to handle lightning so that the inside and outside of your car stays safe. Checking on your car right after a storm will also show you if anything needs repairs.

Our Take

Weather elements, while providing comfort in some cases, can be harmful to your car. Whether it’s wet, dry, cold, or hot, your vehicle can get damaged and cost you plenty of money in the process.

Some forms of nature can lead to dents, paint damage, and less strength in the hinges, while others can cause your breaks, engines, or battery to stop working. With the right tools and locations, however, your car can stay safe.

Check out more of our car protection data today so that you can be assured of your vehicle’s safety while you have fun with friends in the outdoors.

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