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The Benefits of a Metal Horse Barn

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As a horse lover, chances are very good that you picture a traditional wooden barn as the home for your horses. But there are a few factors that you should consider before committing to a wooden structure to protect your treasured companions. In fact, the actual wood used to build a traditional barn could pose several health risks to your horses.

Time Is Important

The time required to complete a wooden barn is much longer than the construction of a high quality metal horse barn. In most cases the barn arrives in large pieces and requires far less assembly than a wooden barn which would require footers and many phases of construction. This time savings means that your horses are protected onsite much sooner to reduce the potential for issues or injuries while waiting for the completion of a wooden barn.

Wood Could Be Dangerous

Carport US - Barn A-FrameThere are a few reasons that wood could pose an issue for your horse. The first is that some horses will bite or chew on wood which can create many health issues, especially if the wood has been moist and contains mold or other contaminates. Chemicals used to treat the wood, sealants or paint could also pose a health risk to your horses if they chew or consume any of the wood. Splintering wood can also cause injuries to horses. If a horse kicks a wooden pole or panel and it splinters, there is a great potential for a leg or hoof injury. However, none of these issues would be a concern if you invest in a metal barn for your horses.

Care for Your Horses, Not Their Barn

Any wooden structure is going to require regular care and maintenance. This can include sanding, painting or sealing. In addition, if there are any areas that do becomes damaged by the rain, snow or sun light, you will need to replace the damaged wood. Not only will a wooden barn structure continue to cost you money for supplies and weatherproofing but it will also demand your very valuable time. But investing in a metal barn will eliminate the need for regular maintenance and allow you to focus on caring for your horses and not their barn.

Invest Once

A horse barn in a big investment, not only financially, but also because it is a structure used to protect your horses. Making a smart choice and investing in a metal structure will allow you to spend more time enjoying your horses and will give you peace of mind knowing that they are safe.

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