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The Best Solution for Storage and Vehicle Coverage: The Combo Carport

Metal Carport

Having a garage is a feature that many homeowners take for granted until they move to a home that does not include a garage. Most assume that they will add a garage and create the storage and covered parking that they have grown accustomed to. But then they discover the cost of adding an attached garage and the idea is quickly scrapped. Most of these homeowners are then turning to the combo carport to meet their need for storage and covered parking at a reasonable cost.

Two Car Covered Parking

The 420 square foot covered parking area of the combo carport is large enough to accommodate two vehicles. The roof is also high enough to allow space for parking SUV’s or pickup trucks. This will keep two vehicles protected from the damage of prolonged exposure to sunlight as well as snow and ice in the winter. The steel frame structure is warrantied for 20 years against rust and the roof panels are warrantied for 10 years. This means you are getting a long-term solution for your covered parking needs.

Storage Shed

Having protected storage in a carport wasn’t always an option. But the combo carport offers great storage just like an attached garage but for only a fraction of the cost. This unit boasts 200 square feet of secure storage space. That is enough for a lawn mower and other yard tools, a motorcycle or any other items that you want to keep protected and secured. And the 8-foot-wide door makes it easy to access your storage space. You can also access the space through the walk-in door which is located in the carport so that you are protected from rain or snow. And the two windows provide a great amount of light when you are working in the storage area.

Many Benefits

Having a detached combo carport offers you the ability to locate your parking and storage anywhere on your property that is convenient for you, rather than right next to your home. This can be a big benefit for reducing noise when working in the carport or storage area as well as a safety feature. You never need to worry about toxic exhaust fumes from a vehicle entering your home as you would with an attached garage. And now the combo carport offers the additional secure storage that old style carports were lacking. This new dual-purpose unit meet all of your needs and the cost is far more reasonable than an addition to your home.

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