Barns – Structure Guide

Barns: They’re Not Just for Farmers Anymore When we hear the word “barn” we immediately think of Old McDonald’s traditional farm with chickens in the yard, cows in the pasture, and a big, red barn with hay in the loft. And, while all of that still exists in one form or another all across the United […]

Carports – Structure Guide

Carports: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know and a Few Things You Never Knew to Ask While they’re especially popular across the Southeast United States, carports are popping up all over the country. Why? Because they’re inexpensive, functional buildings that are quick and simple to install and use. If all you need to do is […]

Which Kind of Carport is Right for Me?

If you want to protect your car from getting too much sunshine or being affected by inclement weather—and storing it in your garage isn’t an option—getting a carport can be a great choice. Prefabricated carports can come prepackaged and allow the individual to assemble them, or you can hire a professional to construct the carport […]