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Building Permits

Our structures come standard with generic drawings upon request. We highly recommend that all customers check with their local building permit office to determine what requirements are required by your local permitting office. Our generic drawings are engineered to meet wind and snow for our coverage areas however some permitting offices require “Site Specific” drawings. Please inquire for more information on site-specific drawings.

Things To Consider

Don’t forget to check in with your local county to confirm on your requirements for building codes

Check with your HOA to consider any restrictions or requirements

Nearly all city and townships have building codes to ensure new structures are built to meet local conditions.

Popular Questions To Ask Your Local Permit Office

  • What are the requirements for obtaining a building permit for a metal building?

  • Are there any zoning regulations or restrictions that may affect the construction of a metal building on the property?

  • Are there any specific building codes or standards that need to be followed when constructing a metal building?

  • Are there any specific engineering requirements for the foundation or structural components of a metal building?

  • What is the process for obtaining inspections and approvals during the construction of a metal building?

  • Are there any special considerations or permits required for installing electrical, plumbing, or HVAC systems in a metal building?

  • Are there any additional permits or fees required for the installation of a metal building, such as permits for grading or excavation?

  • Are there any requirements for obtaining a certificate of occupancy once the metal building is completed?

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