How Businesses Can Use Carports

Covered parking is an important factor in protecting the investment made in vehicles, and businesses are discovering that carports are a very affordable option to large warehouse parking. But savvy business owners are also discovering that these very functional structures offer many more benefits than just a place to park vehicles.

Vehicle Protection

CarportUS - Carport A FrameCovered parking not only protects vehicles from the damage caused by prolonged sun exposure but it also protects vehicles from rain and snow. Business owners in cold climates are seeing a great increase in productivity when their employees are not forced to scrape snow and ice from vehicles before beginning their day’s work. In addition, the carports provide the perfect location for basic vehicle maintenance such as checking the oil, tire air pressure and coolant level.

Outdoor Seating

Businesses that require outdoor seating are also finding carport structures very beneficial. Theme parks, local and neighborhood parks and businesses that have outdoor entertainment features are using carports to offer patrons a shaded area for dining or relaxing. Carports are also very useful when creating outdoor classrooms at schools, parks or other facilities.

Entertainment Pavilions

Outdoor concert venues are gaining in popularity as patrons enjoy the natural setting. But the outdoor environment can pose issues for performers. As a result, many venues are installing large carports to provide the entertainers with the shade needed to protect equipment and have some respite from the heat.

Outdoor Showrooms

Many businesses which offer outdoor furniture, playground equipment or even construction equipment areBusiness Can Use Carport purchasing large carports to function as outdoor showrooms. Not only does it provide protection from the sun for their sales staff and customers, but it also allows them to install lighting for use at night. The open ends of the structure also make it very simple to move items into or out of the showroom area.

Community Pools

Community and private swimming pools use carports to provide large shades areas for swimmers as they are taking a break from the pool. These structures offer a variety of sizes and can be installed very easily. And possibly the best feature is that carports are much more cost effective than other types of shade structures.

Carports are not just for residential covered parking any more. Businesses are learning that they offer many uses far beyond the traditional function. And the availability of combo carports that offer secure storage makes them even more useful in many business applications.