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Carport Designs That Can Make Your Home Look Better

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Let’s face it. When you install a carport, what you generally get are four to 6 posts, a roof, and you are done. The use of a carport, after all, is to provide your vehicle with a roof and most carport designs that you find being sold do just that.

Mostly we want a carport that actually looks good and adds to the beauty of your home.  There are actually a few designs that you can find being sold in kits by manufacturers. There are also a few carport manufacturers that can customize your carport for you.  All you need to do is to come up with the design that you like. To help you come up with ideas, here are a few that might be worth looking into the following:

Industrial Style Carport 

If you have a rather modern looking house with glass and metal all around, you might want to consider. Your posts can be I-beams in black and your carport can have a high ceiling, kind of like what you would find in a loft apartment. You can then have clear or smoked polycarbonate roofing to tie in with the metal and glass design of your home. For a more industrial look, you can have a polished concrete floor for your carport or simply have gravel on it.

Pergola Style Carport

This is a carport that looks more like a garden feature than a carport. It is one that has posts that support an open lattice roof. Usually, pergolas have vines running through the lattice, which offer natural shade for the structure. For your pergola style carport, you can have clear polycarbonate roofing to allow sunlight in while still keeping your vehicle safe from rain and direct sunlight. You can also choose to have crossbeams instead of a lattice roof for your pergola carport.

Rustic Style Carport

Another idea you can go with when you want a carport design that helps enhance the look of your home is the rustic style carport. This is great if you have a rustic style home that uses dark wood and shingles for the roof.  You can use the same types of materials for this carport design, and you can make it look more rustic. Probably use stained wood pillars and crossbeams, stone base, and a lava stone driveway.

Red Brick Carport

Also, you can opt for a carport that looks like it was transported into the present from the 60’s. The posts can be made with red brick and the roof can be either shingles or shale. The flooring can be poured concrete or you can opt for gravel for a more laid-back and nostalgic look.  Another, you can opt for red clay shingles for the roof to give your carport a unified look.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to give your home a boost in the aesthetics department. Other ideas for great looking carport designs that you can use for your home include a carport with arched entryways, log-cabin inspired carports and modern carports with flat roofs and thin posts in monochromatic shades.

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