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Carport Designs That Will Look Good With Any Kind of Home

Choosing a carport design that you want to have customized can be confusing, particularly if you are not sure what design will look good with your home. While there are lots of designs to choose from, not all carport designs are versatile enough to go well with any type of home. There are a few however that are great to look at and are suitable for any type of home you might have.

Pergola Style

If you are a fan of simple yet eye-catching designs, then a pergola style carport is what you can consider for your home. This simple design features four to six posts or columns (depending on the size of your carport), joists, laths, and braces. The roof of your pergola style carport can be made out of a variety of materials, with a favorite being clear polycarbonate sheets that allow some natural light into the carport.

Pergola style carports can be built DIY, and can even be purchased in carport kits that come with installation instructions for you to use. These can also be made by a contractor if you want a hassle-free carport installed for your home. You will also find DIY instructions with pictures and illustrations online for wooden pergola carports if you want to build these for your residence.

A-frame Design

Another simple yet versatile carport design that you can choose for your home is the A-frame style. As the name indicates, this carport comes in the shape of a triangle which is also the shape of the letter A. This design can be totally made into a triangle, with the roof reaching down to the ground, or with short walls and a tall triangular roof.

This kind of carport design can look good with any home, depending on the materials used to create it. You can use modern materials such as steel and Plexiglas, or traditional materials such as wood and shingles. You can also choose to have a prefabricated a-frame carport installed on your property, and these are usually made of steel.

Barn-style carports

Some people believe that a barn-style carport is only great with homes that have a rustic and traditional look. In reality, barn-style carports can actually look great with any kind of home, as long as the right colors and materials are used to build such a carport. For modern homes, a barn-style carport using I-beams, polycarbonate sheets, and concrete footers would look great. For more traditional ones, wood and cement barn-style structures would be ideal.

There are some prefabricated and customizable metal barn-style carports that can look good with both modern and traditional homes. These are those carports that you can order in any color combination that can suit your home.

Other carport designs that you can opt for no matter what type of home you have include loafing shed designs, carport with shed designs, flat roof carport, and boxy designs. These are versatile designs that you can customize to fit the look of your home, giving it and your residence a cohesive appearance.

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