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Carport Designs That You Can Build Using Wood

Wood is a versatile material to work with and can be used for building just about anything and this includes carports. While you can create a wood carport using a simple design, why should you when you can create great looking structures for your cars to sit in? When it comes to carport designs that you can build using wood, there are quite a lot of choices for you to pick from.

The designs that you can choose from range from the simple to the complex, with some requiring only simple building tools and a DIY attitude that can get these built easily. Others, however, will require the help of professionals who can put together plans and structures for you. Whether you are building a simple wood carport or a complex one, you will still need a permit from your city to do this.

As for the design ideas for your wood carport, here are some you can gather inspiration from:

Standalone wooden carport

This carport is not attached to your home but rather stands alone apart from it, as the name implies. This type of carport can be made to lean on a fence for added support or can be built with a concrete floor and footers for added stability.

Attached wooden carport

This is, as opposed to the standalone, a carport that is attached to your home and uses one wall as support for the structure. Just like the standalone, however, this can be made to be more stable with the addition of concrete footers and a concrete floor.

Gabled roof carport

This is one of the most common designs for carports that you can use and is one of the more simple to make. A gabled roof carport has four posts or two posts if the structure is using the side of your home for support, and a triangular shaped roof. This is considered the sturdiest design of all and allows for the easy removal of snow from its roof as well as facilitates the quick dispersal of runoff water due to the angle of the roof. You can make the roof slope as high or as low as you want.

Flat roof carport

This is another simple design that you can try to make yourself or have a contractor build for you, depending on what you might want to add to it. You can try to make it somewhat artistic by adding wooden beams across the entire width of the carport to give it a more pergola-styled look. You can even choose to use clear polycarbonate sheets for the roof to allow sunlight to shine through for natural lighting.

Box carport

As the name implies, this is a carport that is shaped almost like a box. It has a flat roof, flat walls, and a flat floor. Such a carport can be built to accommodate more than one car. It can be made in a rectangular shape to fit two or three cars, depending on the amount of space available on the property and on what you want. It can also be built as a standalone or as an attached carport.

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