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Carports for Boat Storage and Protection

boat carports

A boat is a great way to enjoy nature and relax out on the water. But paying for a place to store your boat can take some of the fun out of the experience. But don’t let a small garage or no garage at all stop you from enjoying all of the perks of owning a boat. A very cost effective solution for boat storage is a carport.

More Than Just a Parking Space

Boats are a major investment and even though they are designed to be in the water, it is not recommended that you leave your boat exposed to the elements when it is not in use. The sun and the water that make boating fun can also ruin your fun. Sun breaks down the wax and waterproofing on the hull of your boat as well as damaging the interior finishes. Water, while ok to tool around in, is not good for the interior of your boat so you need to protect your boat from the rain, snow and hail.

A Workshop for Maintenance

Every boat is going to need some tender loving care from time to time. And no one wants to be standing in the hot sun when it is time to wash, wax or make repairs to their boat. But a carport offers you a nice shaded area to work on your boat as well as a great place to perform the winterization tasks such as adding fuel stabilizer and flushing the cooling system.

Money Saving Benefits

Paying to store your boat at a remote location can become expensive and it is also a bit of a risk. You never know who will have access to your boat and how well it is being secured and protected. Having a carport at your home lets you rest assured that your boat is safely tucked away for the winter or any time that you are not using it. And in addition, you can store items such as life jackets, fishing equipment, water skis and all of your other boating equipment right in the carport with your boat. Some models even offer a fully enclosed storage area at the end of the carport so you can lock away any valuable gear.

Having a boat is certain to be more fun when you can store it and work on it in the shade of your own carport. And the cost is far less than the cost of adding additional garage space to your home.

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