Manufactured Garages – How They Are Better Than Attached

Most homeowners are quick to agree that having a garage is a huge benefit. But what they are not thinking about is the fact that manufactured garages can be added to almost any home. The only real requirements for adding a garage are having the appropriate space available and working within any building restrictions of your community or municipality. In addition, there are several reasons that a manufactured garage is better than an attached garage.

Location, Location, Location

The size and shape of your lot can have a big influence on where you would like to locate the garage. An attached garage is always going to be right next to your home. Odd shaped lots can make that a very difficult task but a manufactured garage can be located on any flat portion of your land. You can even elect to have the garage built behind your home so that it does not detract from the curb appeal of your home.

Safety First

Another factor to consider is the safety of an attached garage. If you are going to be working on your car in the garage, there is always the possibility of carbon monoxide fumes seeping into your home. In addition, there are many substances that are stored in a garage such as gasoline, fertilizer and cleaning supplies which can produce hazardous fumes. These fumes can easily seep into your home and make you ill before you even know what is happening. Finally, the potential for a fire in a garage is much higher than a fire in your home due to the chemicals and substances that are stored there. A fire in an attached garage will certainly damage or destroy your home, but a manufactured garage that is not right next to your home is not likely to cause fire damage to your home.

Separation is Good

If you are planning to have a workshop in your garage, then noise could become an issue. Loud tools and equipment could easily be heard from inside an attached home. Having a manufactured garage allows you to locate the garage far enough from the house to eliminate any concerns about noise from tools.

Make A Wise Choice

Adding a garage is always going to increase both the value of your home and its function. Deciding to add a manufactured garage instead of an attached addition could actually offer solutions to many other issues. Not only will it be a great place to park, but it can also be a good solution for a workshop and storage area.

How to Decide Between a Garage or Carport

When you begin to consider adding covered parking to your property, you will quickly learn that you really have two choices. A carport does provide a covered parking area but it is not fully enclosed. A garage offers a fully enclosed structure complete with a door and possibly even windows. There are several factors which will have an impact on which selection will best meet your needs.


One of the big reasons that homeowners want to have covered parking is to protect their vehicle from the elements. But different climates have some very different weather issues to take into consideration. 

If you are in the southwest where the sun blazes down on vehicles for over half of the year and can result in temperatures exceeding 150 degrees in a closed car, then shade is the desired goal. A carport will provide the shade that you want to protect your car’s finish as well as some relief from an ultra-hot car when you open the door. The same carport will also provide you protection from the few days of rain that the southwest experiences each year. But living in the north where snow is possible for 6 months or more each year, a garage is more suited to your needs. Your vehicle will be protected from the blowing snow as well as being insulated from the subzero temperatures.


In addition to protecting your vehicle, there could be other needs that you are hoping to meet such as additional storage.

A carport, if large enough, can provide some protection from the elements for items such as lawn equipment or bicycles but it really doesn’t offer the ability to secure tools, a workshop or storage for items like Christmas decorations or sports equipment.

A garage, on the other hand, does allow for added storage in cabinets as well as a designated work area. An additional benefit is the fact that all of the items stored in a garage can be secured with door locks and even a security system if desired.


As a much less intricate structure, the carport is almost always going to be the most cost-effective means ofCarport US - Vertical Roof sheltering a vehicle. So when the budget is a concern, a carport is an economical way to protect the investment you have made in your vehicle and make your life a little bit easier when it is raining or swelteringly hot.

If money is not a consideration, then a garage could possibly work to solve more than just one issue for you. Having a place to park that protects your vehicle and a place for added storage allows the garage to meet two needs for the cost of just one structure.

Weigh Your Options and Needs

Covered parking is always the best option to protect the investment in your vehicle. But the climate that you live in and your desire for added storage space and workspace can make a garage a better solution to meet multiple needs. Investing some time and thought into your needs and your budget will allow you to select the option that will be best for you.

Commercial Buildings – Structure Guide

Metal Commercial Buildings: The Business End of Prefabricated Steel Structures

If you’re running a business, funding growth and expansion is a continual balancing act. You can’t ignore the need to support growth, but, at the same time, you can’t overspend on potential and disrupt necessary cash flow for immediate needs.

That’s the main reason so many business owners are turning to prefabricated metal commercial buildings when they need to set up an additional workspace, storage space, or other facilities for their businesses. Prefabricated steel structures are less expensive and much faster to erect than traditional buildings of similar size and function, and yet they can accomplish nearly any purpose you can imagine for businesses that demand the best from their facilities.

Why do you need a commercial building?

The most common reasons why people purchase metal commercial structures include the following:

  • Need more production space
  • Need more storage space
  • Need a more secure facility

For business owners who have started their businesses out of their own homes or garages, or have begun in a small facility, but have outgrown the space, a prefabricated commercial building can be a cost-effective and highly functional means of expanding the available space for manufacturing, testing, or even office space.

If the company requires a lot of storage space for raw materials, finished product, or parts, supplies, tools, and vehicles, a prefabricated metal commercial building can be just the thing to offer flexible warehousing.

Finally, for businesses that have acquired a number of valuable assets over the years and are beginning to realize the need for better security and protection for all those valuable items, a steel structure can be a simple and inexpensive way to secure what would otherwise be left out in plain sight.

To see all the different variations available in prefabricated commercial buildings, view our catalog!

How to choose the right commercial building

Choosing the right commercial grade steel building comes down to understanding what you want and need out of a prefabricated structure. As noted above, if you’re just looking to protect your car or other items from the worst of the rain and snow, a carport will do that for you. It’s going to be less expensive than a large commercial grade building and much quicker to build. You just need to determine what size you need, then consider color, style, and materials based on your preferences.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a permanent shelter that’s going to offer complete protection from the elements, security for your possessions, and/or give you space to conduct business, what you’re describing is a prefabricated commercial grade building.

Should you order a DIY commercial building kit or hire a professional?

While it is possible to save a little money ordering a do-it-yourself steel building kit off of Amazon and having it shipped to your house, we’ve found that a lot of business owners underestimate the time and labor required to properly construct a quality prefab building. Additionally, the cost of shipping is probably going to be substantial, since the kit you receive is going to be very heavy.

In our professional opinion, your best option is to let a team of professionals handle delivery and installation of your new commercial building for you. And, that’s not just because Carport US offers some of the best installation services in the nation, absolutely FREE with your purchase of any storage building. It’s also because we’ve been to many properties over the years where the owners have gotten a DIY kit partially erected before throwing in the towel and calling for help. Or, they’ve completed a DIY kit, but then needed to call us in to install the replacement that they had to buy when their “project building” collapsed.

To get a high-quality commercial grade building on your property that’s going to stand the test of time and function well for the price, you should really have a professional install it for you.

What to look for in a commercial grade builder

The most important factor you’ll want to consider when searching for a prefabricated storage structure builder is an experience.

And, that’s not just a matter of how many years a given contractor has been putting up steel structures. Years of general experience is important, but experience with the particular kits and materials you’ve selected is even more important to ensuring the success of a project.

If you hire an installer who’s put up a hundred barns but hand him a design or set of materials he’s never worked with before, he only has a slight advantage over your mailman or hairdresser when it comes to constructing that commercial grade building. There’s bound to be a lot of trial and error and he’s not going to be as fast or efficient as usual.

On the other hand, a contractor who’s put up a hundred commercial buildings identical to the one you’ve ordered is going to be able to hit the ground running and not look back. You’ll have the best quality construction in the quickest turnaround time, and that means the highest customer satisfaction rating possible.

What makes commercial grade building kits the best in the business? may be a relatively new website, but the professionals behind it have decades of experience selling, installing, and maintaining steel storage buildings across the country. That’s why you can be confident that any barn you purchase from is going to be the very highest quality, delivered safely and securely, and installed by experts with loads of experience.

Our prefabricated metal barns are rated to withstand winds up to 140 mph, and snow load up to 35 pounds per square foot. Additional leg bracing, upgraded anchors, and other optional enhancements can extend that level of stability even further.

Commercial grade buildings are built with two things in mind: durability and strength.

We build our structures to exceed our customers’ expectations. With our engineered truss system, we can reach widths of up to 60′, and 16′ tall. Full customizable, these buildings are great for protecting large construction equipment, semis, building materials, farm equipment, and more.

Our economical pricing and quick lead times are driving more and more customers to purchase our buildings as opposed to traditional red iron buildings. And, with 14 colors to choose from, we’re sure you’ll get exactly what you want.

Due to the weight and size of these buildings, the customer will need to provide a lift at the time of installation for the installation crew to erect the building. Also, all commercial grade buildings must be placed on either a cement pad, piers, or footers. Buildings longer than 41′ may incur an additional freight charge.

If you find a commercial building in our catalog that you like, we’d be honored to deliver and install it ourselves at no extra charge. We’ve put up hundreds of metal commercial buildings all over the east coast, and we’re highly experienced with every kit we sell. Contact us to discuss your options is you have any questions at all.