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Why Choose a Canopy Carport for Your Vehicle

When you decide to buy a carport, there are many styles for you to choose from. These include styles like the standard wraparound style, gazebo style, a-frame style, and many more. There are even styles that come with their own sheds and styles that come with full walls instead of just posts.

One style that many people tend to choose when it comes to carports is the canopy style. This carport style features a standard a-frame roof, steel poles, and a canvas top. While some people may not like the lightweight construction of such a carport, there are some who can easily enumerate the many benefits that come with owning such a vehicle protective cover.

Easy on the Budget

This is probably the most affordable of all carport types around and this is because of its lightweight composition and design. The price of this particular carport increases according to the additions to the design. For example, if the canvas covers more than just the roof and has sides that you can roll up or down whenever the need arises, these can cost more. The size of the carport also plays a part in the price, with bigger, longer, and wider canopy carports costing more than the standard one-car variant.

No Permits Needed

Unless you plan to anchor this carport down into your concrete driveway or have a concrete slab created for it, you will find that installing such a carport is a snap. No need for permits since it is essentially a tent on poles. You simply need a flat surface where you can set this canopy up and you are as good as done. Since you won’t need a foundation for this and no construction is needed, permits are not required.

Quick and Easy to Install

If you know how to put up a tent, then you will know how to set up this canopy carport. It’s as easy as assembling the pole framework and attaching the canvas top, and you are done. No welding, no need for complex tools, no complicated assembly process. This means you won’t need to hire people to assemble your canopy carport for you. A few hours of your time alone or with a couple of friends, and you have a protective cover for your vehicle all ready for use.

Versatile and Great for Any Use

Another advantage of having a canopy carport is that you can actually use this for a lot of other things. Aside from being a cover for your vehicle when you don’t want to park it in the garage yet, it can also be used as a protective cover for your boat, as a canopy for special events you might have, and even as a shade for outdoor parties or by the pool.


While the primary purpose of this canopy carport is to provide your vehicle with ample shade in your driveway, it can actually be disassembled and lugged around to wherever you may need it. Need some shade for a party in the park with friends? Bring your canopy carport with you. Selling some homemade goodies at the local farmer’s market but don’t have a shady spot to sell your items from? Use your canopy carport for such a venture. This carport is so portable, you can even bring it with you when you go camping for that shaded area where you and your family can relax.

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