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Why Craigslist Isn’t the Best Place to Buy a Carport

Shopping on Craigslist might be a good alternative for small, inexpensive items to save some money. But making major purchases from sellers on this site can pose some very serious risks to your personal safety as well as the quality of the product that you will be receiving.

Personal Safety

Unlike when you are purchasing a small item from a post on Craigslist, a carport is an item that you are most likely going to have delivered to your home. The first red flag is that you are proving your home address to a complete stranger. In addition, you are implying to this stranger that you are going to have money waiting to pay for the carport. According to the research team at HomeRepair, that dollar amount could be $6,000 or more depending on the size of the unit you are purchasing. This creates the perfect situation for a dishonest person to appear at your home, push their way inside and demand the money that you have on hand.

Quality of the Item

In almost every case, a person who is selling via Craigslist is not going to have a physical location for you to examine a sample carport prior to making your purchase. You are just trusting that the product you purchase is the size, quality and design that is being described to you. But once the item is delivered and you have paid the seller, you could be one your own if there are any issues. Common issues can include missing pieces or hardware, damaged pieces or very low-quality materials. Buyers find that once the sale is completed, they never get a response from the seller when they email or call with questions or issues.

You Are Making an Investment

Reputation and warranty are important when you are making a large purchase or the purchase of an item that you expect to use for many years. Purchasing from a seller on Craigslist is not going to offer you either of those forms of security. But a simple online search of reputable carport dealers will allow you to make your purchase from a licensed business who is going to conduct the transaction in a professional manner. You can verify their legitimacy and know that if you have any issues in the future, you will have a means of recourse. It’s a simple yet effective way to protect yourself and your investment.

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