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Customizations & Options

It’s important to understand that every one of our steel storage buildings available are customizable to fit your width, length, and height requirement. Once you decide on a basic style, size, and color, you can also go on to choose from a number of optional enhancements that can alter the look and feel, as well as the functionality of your customized metal structure. By making a few tweaks to the structure, you can also optimize the structural integrity.

The following list is not fully comprehensive, but it includes some options to select that are available on most of our metal structures. Contact us for your custom quote and to place your order for a fast delivery & installation!


PRO-TIP: Generally speaking, the more steel you add to your building, the stronger it is! Try adding extra
panels to the sides and ends to give your building an extra UMPH! and to also give it a nice, crisp look.


Gable Ends

When a customer opts to close a gable, this means that only the gable itself is closed (or paneled) in,

rather than the entire end wall. We recommend closing the gables with vertical panels for added

strength and aesthetics, but if you’re looking to save a few dollars, requesting horizontal gables is still

incredibly beneficial.

Extra Panels

Adding extra panels on the side of a building help improve the structural integrity. The more you add,

the stronger the building. We strongly recommend that you add at least one panel per side on any

structure that is 9’ tall or taller. As mentioned above, vertical panels can increase aesthetics and

strength. Generally, panels are 3’ tall.


Window sizes can vary in size depending on the manufacturer. Windows are great for increasing natural

light and for added ventilation. Most manufacturers have a standard window size of 24”x36”. Some

manufacturers offer insulated windows and transom windows. Call us to see what window options are

available in your area.

Walk-in Doors

All manufacturers have a standard 36”x80” fiberglass walk-in door, however, certain suppliers also have

options to include double doors, 9-lite doors, residential doors, and more! Call us to see what window

options are available in your area!

Roll Doors

Roll doors are made of thick, corrugated steel and rolls up onto a barrel. Most companies offer the

following sizes: 8×8, 9×8, 10×8, 10×10, and 12×12. Additional sizes are frequently available upon

request. Just make sure you call and ask! As a rule of thumb, most roll door sizes require the building to

be 1’ to 2’ taller than the tallest door on your building.


Building insulation is priced based on the square-footage of each side and end, as well as the roof.

Insulation can be used to minimize heat differentials, which helps to eradicate condensation (sweating).

Other types of insulation, such as spray foam, are used to help moderate internal temperatures. Spray

foam options are only available in certain areas, so be sure to ask your sales rep if you are interested

that insulation option.


Sometimes, it’s necessary or advantageous to build a steel structure over an existing structure or object. For instance, if you wish to enclose your existing well pump inside a larger structure to provide protection and ease of access, we can “build-over” your well pump. However, since this requires additional planning, tools, and safety measures, it will require an additional charge.

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