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Customizations & Options

It’s important to understand that every one of our steel storage buildings available are customizable to fit your width, length and height requirement. Once you decide on a basic style, size, and color, you can also go on to choose from a number of optional enhancements that can alter the look and feel, as well as the functionality of your customized metal structure. 

The following list is not fully comprehensive, but includes the options available on most of our metal structures for sale. Contact us for your custom quote and to place your order for a fast delivery & installation!

Gable End

Gable ends consist of a steel panel, usually installed horizontally, with the same curve as the bow of the building. They can be installed on either end of the building, and they can extend from the top of the legs up. Gale ends can be installed vertically at additional cost. By including a gable end, you provide a more finished look and feel to the front and/or back of an otherwise open structure, and the paneling provides a measure of structural stability as well.

Extra Panel

While the basic carport comes with no side panels, and the garage includes a fully enclosed design with panels on all sides, the actual number of panels you order is optional. Adding additional side panels to a carport can cut down on the amount of wind, rain, and snow that gets under the carport. Combined with gable ends, additional side panels can also provide a more finished look that some customers prefer.


Optional windows of either 24″ x 36″ or 30″ x 36″ are available on any structure with fully enclosed panels on at least one wall. It’s important to note that a 10″ x 10″ window comes standard in the upper half of a walk-in door, and doesn’t need to be requested in addition.

Walk-in Door

Currently, the only option available for walk-in doors is the standard 36″ x 80″ white option that opens out and to the right (with the door knob on the left.)

Garage Door

Garage doors are all roll-up style, meaning they are made of corrugated sheet metal, and designed to roll up around a spring-activated cylinder. Garage doors are available in sizes from 6′ x 7′ (which is just large enough to admit a riding lawn mower) and 10′ x 10′ (which is large enough for even the largest of standard vehicles. If you need openings large enough for RVs or other oversize vehicles, you may not be able to enclose the structure with an adequate garage door, but can consider a frame-out of the appropriate size.


Leg braces stiffen the building and keep it from rocking in high wind conditions. The larger the building, the more bracing is recommended to maintain stability in high wind. Based on the building size and style, either 2′ or 3′ leg bracing is generally included, but upgraded leg bracing and other structural enhancements are available for nearly all buildings at additional cost.


Frame-outs refer to openings in the side panels of buildings equivalent in size to walk-in doors, garage doors, or windows, but left open to the outside. They can be squared, or (for an additional fee) accented with 45º angles at the upper corners.


Priced by the square foot, our insulation and condensation barrier has a R-value of 6 and is used primarily to keep garages (and other enclosed buildings) from “sweating”. Insulation can be installed on the roof only or on all panels.


Sometimes, it’s necessary or advantageous to build a steel structure over an existing structure or object. For instance, if you wish to enclose your existing well pump inside a larger structure to provide protection and ease of access, we can “build-over” your well pump. However, since this requires additional planning, tools, and safety measures, it will require an additional charge.

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