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Different Barn Styles You Can Choose From For Your Varying Needs

Carport US - Vertical Roof

Carport US - Barn A-FrameWhen you talk about barns, the general idea that pops into a person’s mind is an image of an a-frame building with large double doors and no windows. While a lot of barns are designed this way, this is not the only design these barns come in. There are a lot of barn styles for you to choose from, and a few barn types that you can pick from as well.

What is the difference between a barn style and a barn type? For one, a style is basically the design of the structure while the type is the composition and material used to make such a structure. To help you decide which barn style and barn type is best for your varying needs, here are some descriptions for each to help you out:

Barn Styles

  • Gable Barns – this is the traditional barn that you would imagine if someone mentions this building to you. Also called an A-frame building, these barns have a triangular roof with a rather steep slope on each side, with the pitch of the roof varying between 4/12 and 12/12.
  • Gambrel Barns – gambrel barns are also called Dutch style barns, and come with a roof that has double slopes on each side, with one slope being steeper than the other.
  • Bank Barns – this barn is named as such because it stands on a bank or side of the hill, with one part lower than the other. This is often built on property that is hilly or uneven.
  • Monitor Barns – these are barns that come with a lower wall and an upper wall, as well as a lower roof and upper roof. Also called a raised roof barn, you will find these are preferred by some not only because of its look but because the higher central roof actually makes the barn cooler.

Barn Types

  • Post Frame Barns – these are barns that are constructed using a framing system that utilizes vertical columns and wood roof trusses. Also called a pole barn, these are the most economical to construct and one of the easiest to put up as well.
  • Post and Beam Barns – if you want a very durable and heavy-duty barn, this is what you should build. This kind of structure is built with a solid frame that uses posts, headers, girts, loft joists, and rafters that are made with heavy wooden beams. The wood beams used in this kind of a barn are bigger and heftier than those used in a post frame barn, and these are connected using mortise and tendon joinery.
  • Modular Barns – modular barns can come in either partly assembled or fully assembled designs. Fully assembled modular barns are delivered to the site on a flatbed truck and can be used immediately with no additional work needed for its completion. Partially assembled modular barns are also delivered via flatbed trucks or via trailers but may require a bit of finishing and construction work after delivery since these may lack a few components for completion. These are usually larger than fully assembled modular barns.
  • Steel Barns – this is one of the favorites of farm owners and those who purchase barns for whatever needs they may have. This is because steel barns are versatile and can be used for just about anything. These are also easy to construct but durable, are fire resistant, can’t be damaged by termites, and are easy to maintain.
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