Do You Need a Building Permit for Carports?

Adding a carport to your home can increase your property value. But you also need to remember that because you are improving the property, there are a few questions that need to be answered to be certain you are working within the confines of your local and state laws. In addition, there can be community rules and regulations that you need to follow. So before you begin the addition of your carport garage, be sure you have completed your due diligence.

Local and State Governments

Building rules and guidelines vary greatly from state to state and even from county to county. It is always best to make a quick call or visit the website of your municipality. In some cases, the town or city will have code requirements or restrictions, which need to be followed for the construction process and the permit process.

If you are in a more rural area, then you would need to explore the county’s website where you reside. In most cases, the local level will have additional state requirements listed as well.

Information That You Will Need

In many areas, the determining factor for the need to permit a project is the size of the structure and the type of the structure. If you determine that your carport will need a permit then you will also need some additional information to complete the application for the permit.



Some of the information that you will need can include:

  1.       The size of the carport
  2.       The contractor who is building the carport
  3.       The estimated value of the carport
  4.       The location of the carport

In addition to these facts, your municipality can require a drawing of the carport as well as a copy of your property plot plan showing the location of the car carport. This drawing is required to be certain that the carport is built within all of the local codes, which could include distance from the property lines or distance from other structures.

During Your Planning

In an effort to avoid any wasted time on your part, it is a good idea to investigate your local building code before you finalize your plans for a carport addition. In some cases, there are architectural requirements that must be met for the addition to be approved. Knowing about any qualifying constraints will help you to streamline the design process and avoid any disappointment regarding the style or cost of your carport.

Benefits of a Professional

If you are unfamiliar with the process of an addition to your property, then working with an experienced professional is a wise choice. Most contractors are familiar with the local code and can guide you through the process of checking with your municipality and any homeowners association for your neighborhood.

Remember, regardless of who is completing the construction, a contractor or you, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to verify all code and local laws about the construction process and permitting of projects on the property.