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Frequently Asked Questions:

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What are the steel storage buildings dimensions? How should I read them?

We list the storage building or metal carport dimensions as Width x Length x Height. For example, one of our models is listed as 12x21x5, meaning it is 12 feet wide, 21 feet long, and 5 feet tall. This means that you can fit one standard car in the carport space provided. Please note that the roof of every structure is always 1′ longer than the base due to 6″ overhang on each end of the roof.

How should I measure my space to make sure I have enough room for my carport or storage building? What about the height of my barn or RV cover?

You will need to prepare a space that is large enough for your structure, and to accommodate installation of the carport or metal storage building. Start by measuring the width of the space to see if you will be able to have a level area large enough. Then measure the length of the space and again make sure that area is level.

The height is defined as the lowest point closest to the sides of the structure. This is the point known as the “eave height” the “leg height” or the “sidewall height.” Make sure when you measure for space that any vehicle or equipment that you plan to store in the carport, garage, or RV carport is shorter than the structure’s eave height. If you plan to enclose the carport or RV carport at a later date, be sure the structure is also large enough to accommodate a garage door that can also fit the vehicle.

When are extra 4’ braces recommended or required?

At CarportUS.com, we want to make sure your prefabricated building is as secure as possible. To that end, we require 4’ braces when the leg height is 8’ or taller on carports, metal garages, RV carports, and any other building that is not fully enclosed. We include them on all certified structures that are not fully enclosed. Any triple wide building purchased through CarportUS.com also includes the 4’ braces at no extra charge.

Could you make additions to the building after it has already been installed?

Yes, we can make additions to a prefab building after it has been installed. If you know when you purchase your carport or garage that you will want these add on features later, please talk to the customer service representative to learn of the additional cost. A service charge will be charged to your balance for the return trip, and we will only install CarportUS.com products.

Many times it is less expensive in the long run to choose a carportgarage, or combo unit that is equipped with everything you need initially. Our customer service representatives will help you keep your hard earned money by offering helpful tips for upgrading your custom carport or metal building.

Do I need to get a building permit? When should I get a permit?

Some areas require building permits to install prefab buildings, including carports and RV carports. To find out about your local ordinance, please visit the website of your local city or township. There you should be able to see what is required in your community. The majority of areas do not require building permits, but it is still to your advantage to purchase a certified storage building for long term performance of your carport or garage.

It is always best to check with your local government to see if a permit or a certificate of zoning plan approval is necessary before moving forward with the project. If you do need approval, please contact us to reschedule your delivery date until after you have received your permit.

What is the widest storage building available?

We are proud of our ability to customize and provide our customers with the exact prefabricated structure they need. To that end, we have a wide range of options likely to cover all your needs. At the moment we can offer carports, barns, garages, and RV carports from 12’ to 60’ wide, and custom commercial buildings even larger. Talk with our customer service representatives to learn what size would be best for your needs.

SPECIAL NOTE: For any orders where the storage building will be wider than 32’, customers must provide a lift at the installation site.

What is the tallest storage building I can purchase?

The maximum height of our RV carports and custom metal buildings is 16’. Buildings that we sell that are more than 14’ tall must be at least 18’ wide, and in select areas can go as high as 20’ on the sides. Please call our customer service representatives to identify the tallest custom storage buildings available in your area.

I know I want to add my own window or custom door to a custom storage building; can you help me with that?

While CarportUS.com will not install customer-supplied windows or doors, we can frame out openings for customers to complete the installation. Our technicians can frame-out windows, walk-in doors, and garage doors. Speak with your customer service representative about this option if you are interested in using your own material in the installation.

What are the carport prices?

Click here for all the carport prices. Please remember that the carport will be manufactured, delivered, and installed for the listed price for your location. Pricing varies by the state and county where you live, including applicable sales tax. If your state or county is grayed out, that means we do not service your location (yet!)

What are the prefabricated building prices?

Click here to view the prices of prefab steel storage buildings.

First, select the storage building structure you’re interested in. Then, choose a style and roof design to narrow down the selection.
Please note that if you want to price out a custom size metal building that is either taller or shorter or has any custom accessories, you’ll need to put together a custom storage building order.

What warranties do you provide on the storage buildings?

We provide a 30-day craftsmanship warranty on all the installed carports and storage buildings, no matter the size or style. All steel storage buildings under 31′ long also come with a 20-year limited warranty against rust.

What is the difference between 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel?

Our most economical option is the 14 gauge steel framing. This is the industry standard, measuring 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” in diameter.

The lower the gauge, the thicker and stronger the material. Our 12-gauge framing is 2 ½” x 2 ½” in diameter and has a higher tensile strength that provides higher snow load and wind load ratings. That’s why we recommend the 12-gauge steel for areas with heavy snow and high winds, as well as carports 10’ and taller.

The 14-gauge steel is the industry standard of frame thickness and the nationally accepted gauge for carports, RV carports and other metal structures. Both gauge options are structurally sound and will allow you to use the metal structure safely. All of our gauge options can be certified, but we can only offer our extended warranty when you select the 12-gauge steel option.

What is a certified building?

A certified prefab storage building has been designed by an engineer and has ratings for wind and snow load. Some local and state ordinances require that you certify any building that you construct. Some states don’t require buildings to be certified because they may not have to worry about heavy snowfalls and high winds. Certain states require that any new structure constructed be certified. Some require all structures to be inspected, while others only require that occupied structures be inspected prior to people living or working inside.

No matter what the details are in your area, the objective of the building codes is to insure safety and to protect the public.

We are able to prepare and install custom carports, RV carports, barns, combo units, commercial grade buildings, and garages that meet the criteria for certification. When preparing the base for your carport or storage building installation, please be sure that the ground is level and the concrete slab or asphalt slab is poured wide enough to support the building and anchors.

Please note there is no additional warranty on certified buildings. A certified building simply means the building is built to specifications and certified by a professional engineer to meet local building requirements. If you do need to certify your building, you will likely need a copy of the blueprints for the engineers to review. Please speak with our customer service representatives to learn how to get a copy of the blueprints.

Do I need a building to be certified?

Please see the answer above for additional details.

Whether or not your carport or storage building needs to be certified depends on the building codes and construction regulations that apply to your property. CarportUS can supply and install certified carports, barns, garages, and RV carports as needed, or we can supply and install storage buildings where certification is not necessary.

If I buy a carport just for weather coverage, why would I need side panels?

Purchasing side panels will give you better protection from the sun, wind, and rain. The side panels will also give the structure more support and strength from back to front. Additionally, if you are purchasing a carport or an RV carport taller than 10’ you should have at least one side panel for structural support. Take a look at a few of the side panel options and talk with our customer service representatives to learn more about the benefits of the side panels.

What if I need a building for business, do I need to take any additional steps?

Usually buildings for commercial use will require a series of permits. Please check with your local building permit granting official and learn more about what you may need before we begin our installation. The installation of your new steel storage building will take the same amount of time on our end, but you just need to make sure that you have all the permits and necessary documents ready when we begin the installation.