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Why a Garage with a Carport is a Good Idea

Carport US - Barn Vertical

Some people believe that when you have a garage, a carport is not necessary. There are others however who see the merit of having a carport in their driveway together with a garage. Why is having a carport together with a garage a good idea? Here are some of the reasons some people pointed out:

Carport Us - Garage-A-FrameYou get the best of both worlds

Let’s face it. Having a garage is essential, particularly when you live someplace where the ever-changing weather can easily damage your car. Add to these falling branches from trees, possible threats of vandalism, and other problems that may befall your vehicle if it does not have any protective covering.

It is however somewhat of a hassle to drive your car in and out of a garage to keep it from the sun or from rain when you are going to take it out again in a few minutes or a few hours. A carport will serve as a temporary shelter for your vehicle when you are not yet calling it a day but need to keep your car protected from the elements.

Extended protective cover

If you do not have enough space for a two-car garage, a carport can help provide extended coverage for your vehicles in such a situation. Some homes only have space for a one-car garage but have some space in the driveway for another vehicle.

Since extending your garage may not be a practical thing (or regulations in your area won’t allow such a thing), a carport or canopy may be your best bet for providing additional cover for another vehicle. Simply connect the carport to your garage and voila, you have enough cover for two vehicles without really needing to construct anything.

Great for garage sales

While you may not be doing garage sales all the time, having a carport in your driveway when you do hold one is a convenience that you will definitely be thankful for. If your kid wants to sell lemonade or other stuff they made to make extra money over summer, a carport can also serve as a convenient shaded area for them to do this. Love baking and want to sell home-baked goodies from your home? A carport can also be a great area for you to sell these items from.

Portable cover

Aside from providing you with extra covered space for your vehicle, a carport attached to your garage is also a convenient and portable cover to have when you need one. Going camping and want a shaded area over your camping table for your meals? A lightweight carport can be used for this.

How about special events that you join such as school bake sales, farmers markets, or even outdoor events where having a tent-like structure would be useful? If your carport is not anchored down on your driveway, you can easily disassemble it, pack it up, and bring it with you to wherever you may need cover from the sun and from light rains.

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