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How Can I Protect My RV This Winter?

RV Carports

Fall is here, the best season for RV travel. However, before we know it, the trees will be bare and the weather too cold as another RV travel season draws to an end. Now is the best time to learn which storage options are available to you, from RV covers to metal carports. Learn how to prolong the life of your vehicle by discovering the risks that you face heading into another winter of harsh snow storms, or cold rainy winters if your RV is unprotected.

Unprotected RV Risks

An unprotected RV can lead to extensive and costly damages to your home-away-from-home. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow during the winter months, heavy snow can build-up on your RV roof, melt in warmer weather and cause potential leaks. RV’s stored in areas that experience milder winters are still at risk as well. As leaks can also be an issue for unprotected RV’s in areas that are hit with harmful weather such as sleet or rain.

protect my rv

You work incredibly hard to keep your RV looking and working it’s best all season, however, an unprotected RV during the winter months will quickly lose its luster as dirt and debris constantly wash over of the roof, leaving those infamous black streaks down the sides that are typically impossible to remove. The paint and graphics on your RV are also at risk of fading.  Even more, cracking and peeling as your vehicle sits unprotected from the elements. 

Do and Do Not of RV Storage

Should I cover my RV with a tarp? The short answer, no. The infamous blue tarp that may be coming to mind may do more harm than good to your RV. A tarp that is not effective for RV storage. Therefore, moisture has the potential to leak into your RV, freeze and cause damage to your vehicle. In addition, the tie downs needed to secure this type of tarp often shift throughout the winter causing damage to the body of your RV.

Should I cover my RV at all? Yes. If you cannot afford to invest in a metal carport, a proper RV cover will help protect your RV. An RV cover helps to minimize UV damage, and protect the roof. A cracked roof can lead to vent issues, leaks, and AC issues. An RV cover helps with moisture control and eliminates condensation issues. However, special attention should be given to awnings and slide outs, as mildew can often be an issue when using an RV cover.  

Should I invest in a metal carport or storage? Your initial investment in your RV was a long-term commitment. Investing in the proper storage of your RV will only offer greater security, protection, and durability of your vehicle. By investing in a metal carport and storing your RV in protected storage, you will save money on repairs by avoiding the elements, in turn prolonging the life of your RV, adding years of enjoyment doing what you love.

protect my rv

There are many options available when it comes to RV storage. Choosing the one that is right for your budget, lifestyle and needs are key.

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