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How to Decide Between a Garage or Carport


When you begin to consider adding covered parking to your property, you will quickly learn that you really have two choices. A carport does provide a covered parking area but it is not fully enclosed. A garage offers a fully enclosed structure complete with a door and possibly even windows. There are several factors which will have an impact on which selection will best meet your needs.


One of the big reasons that homeowners want to have covered parking is to protect their vehicle from the elements. But different climates have some very different weather issues to take into consideration. 

If you are in the southwest where the sun blazes down on vehicles for over half of the year and can result in temperatures exceeding 150 degrees in a closed car, then shade is the desired goal. A carport will provide the shade that you want to protect your car’s finish as well as some relief from an ultra-hot car when you open the door. The same carport will also provide you protection from the few days of rain that the southwest experiences each year. But living in the north where snow is possible for 6 months or more each year, a garage is more suited to your needs. Your vehicle will be protected from the blowing snow as well as being insulated from the subzero temperatures.


In addition to protecting your vehicle, there could be other needs that you are hoping to meet such as additional storage.

A carport, if large enough, can provide some protection from the elements for items such as lawn equipment or bicycles but it really doesn’t offer the ability to secure tools, a workshop or storage for items like Christmas decorations or sports equipment.

A garage, on the other hand, does allow for added storage in cabinets as well as a designated work area. An additional benefit is the fact that all of the items stored in a garage can be secured with door locks and even a security system if desired.


As a much less intricate structure, the carport is almost always going to be the most cost-effective means ofCarport US - Vertical Roof sheltering a vehicle. So when the budget is a concern, a carport is an economical way to protect the investment you have made in your vehicle and make your life a little bit easier when it is raining or swelteringly hot.

If money is not a consideration, then a garage could possibly work to solve more than just one issue for you. Having a place to park that protects your vehicle and a place for added storage allows the garage to meet two needs for the cost of just one structure.

Weigh Your Options and Needs

Covered parking is always the best option to protect the investment in your vehicle. But the climate that you live in and your desire for added storage space and workspace can make a garage a better solution to meet multiple needs. Investing some time and thought into your needs and your budget will allow you to select the option that will be best for you.

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