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How to Get the Most Out of Your Garage Space

Garage Space

Some people find themselves with a garage that has more space than they actually need. They tend to wonder how they can use that extra space effectively. What can you do to utilize the garage space in such a way that it does not affect the state of the vehicle that shares the same structure?

There are actually many ways you can utilize the extra space that you have in your garage. These range from the useful to the decorative to the fun. Here are some ideas you might want to consider when you have extra garage space that you don’t want to go to waste:


Home gym

If you are into working out and keeping in shape, but do not have enough space inside your home for that treadmill, bench press, and weights, why not turn that extra space beside your car into a gym? To ensure that none of your exercise equipment sidles up to your vehicle, you should consider putting a divider between the space for the car and the area where your gym will be placed. If your garage is a two-car one, you can consider dividing your garage into two equal spaces, each one with its own entry and exclusive space.

Extra bedroom

Most people would not consider this due to the fumes that may come from the vehicle in the adjoining. However, this bedroom can be nothing else but a crash pad for friends you don’t want going home drunk or when you suddenly have visitors that need a place to stay. You can do the same thing you did with the gym, if you have a two-car garage with separate entrances, and create a wall between your vehicle and the room. Add a futon, a bedside table, a desk, and a chair and you have for yourself an extra bedroom for emergency purposes.

Multi-purpose room

You can also use this space for your crafting and woodworking hobbies. You can also use this space as a sewing room where you can put a sewing machine and other similar equipment. It can also be used as a storage room for your gardening tools. Just divide the room into four and use each corner for a specific purpose. This way, you can be sure to have enough space for each need.

Home office

Another great use for this extra space is to have it remodeled into a cozy home office. You will need to have insulation added to this room, if your garage doesn’t have it yet. Most metal garages don’t have insulation, which is why you have to add these in when you fix it up for other uses.

To make the perfect home office out of this surplus space, as with the previous ideas, dividing the garage into two distinct areas should be done first. You should also consider adding in windows and ventilation to this part of your structure. Add in a desk, a comfortable work chair, a sofa, a filing cabinet, bulletin board or cork board, and you are done. You can add in other personal touches to make it look more appealing and enjoyable to work in.

Kids play room/game room/man cave

Want to take the noise out of your home and elsewhere that won’t bother you? You can turn that space beside your car in your two-car garage into a game room, play room, or man cave. As with the other ideas, separating your vehicle from the other room with the use of a wall is crucial to the continued protection of your car. You can then add in the other elements needed to convert the space into an enjoyable room for kids, teens, or for the men.

For a kids play room, matting is improtant to prevent any mishaps like scraped knees and elbows on the concrete floor. With a game room, a console, a television, some speakers, and a couple of bean bags will do the trick. For a man cave, adding a card table, dart board, bar, cooler or old refrigerator, comfortable chairs, and an old couch will make it a great place for men to hang out in on poker night.

These are just a few of the ideas you can use to get some good use out of that extra garage space beside your vehicle. If your garage is not big enough for these ideas, but you want to have the extra space for these, why not order a new and bigger custom garage from Carports US. You can even choose to have another smaller garage or barn-style structure made just to suit your needs for that extra usable space beside your vehicle.

To get the custom garage or metal structure you want for such a project, you can ask about our customization options by calling us at (844) 557-6375. You can also reach us via our contact us page.

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