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How to Use a Carport in the Summer

Carport summer

Just because the name of the area is a carport, that doesn’t mean that only your car can benefit from the space. A carport can be a very versatile place, especially in the summer months. Check out some of these great repurposes that might make your summer much more enjoyable.

The New Pool House

Having a pool makes summer much more enjoyable. However, spending too much time in the sun can end with a nasty burn. But add a privacy screen or two and you can convert your carport into a very functional pool house for the summer. Screens can block off a section to be used as a changing room to dripping wet guests and soaked pool towels out of your home. The addition of a few lounge chairs and a small table and you have everything that all the best resorts offer in their poolside cabanas. And all of your rafts and other pool toys can be stored in the remaining space.

Test Your Green Thumb

Many homes lack a good space for gardening, but your carport can become the perfect container garden each summer to allow you to grow to produce as well as a wide assortment of flowers. If you still want to park your car in the carport over the summer, then simply lining the perimeter with planters and pots can be a great way to add a garden. Repurposing items such as old 5-gallon buckets, an old bathtub or even an old wheelbarrow can be affordable solutions for purchasing expensive planters or pots.

Outdoor Oasis

Not every home offers an outdoor living space. But if you are willing to park your car somewhere other than the carport for the summer, you can have the perfect spot to lounge outdoors, BBQ and dine al fresco. Then in the winter, the car can return to the carport to remain snow and ice-free each morning. All you need to transform your parking area to a great patio space are a few pieces of outdoor furniture and a few privacy screens. The sun shades that roll up when not in use can make the perfect privacy walls when you want to use your outdoor living space and be rolled up when not in use to protect them from damage.

Benefits of Any Outdoor Space

In many areas, outdoor living space comes at a premium. But if you have a covered parking area and a creative mind then you could be repurposing the space this summer. None of these ideas will damage your carport or cost a lot of money but they could make this summer much more enjoyable.

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