Is It Better To Repair Or Replace Damaged Carport?

We have all been there, questioning if it is better to replace or repair a damaged item. Regardless of if it’s your car that you’ve had for years, a leaky water tank or a carport that has sustained some damage. Your friends at are here to help you decided the right path. A damaged carport is the last thing that you want to have to deal with. A carport is there to protect your valuable toys, whether it’s an RV, Boat, ATV or your car. You don’t want to let a leaky roof or damaged siding risk damaging your investment from a heavy thunderstorm that allows the roof to leak or heavy wind that allows debris to fly in. Is the damage a quick fix? Maybe some good old-fashioned Duct Tape will help with the job to prevent the damaging rains from getting in.

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But don’t just guess, let the carport experts at 3 easy steps and we can help you decide the best path to take in determining if your carport needs to be fixed or replace.

Step 1:

Take good photos of your damaged carport, measure areas that are ripped or torn. Was this recently done by a storm or bad weather? Homeowners insurance might cover the damage depending on your policy and coverages.

Step 2:

Call the experts at 844-557-6375 and then send us the photos and measurements of the damage carport. We can help you decide if it’s better to repair or replace.

Step 3:

Sit back and relax, after the verification process, we will send you replacement parts or if it is determined the carport needs to be replaced we will handle all the steps for you.

Buying a high-quality carport doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from having damage occur. With Hurricane Florence about to hit North and South Carolina, most of us are thinking about damaging winds, rain, and flooding. Even the best quality carport can get damaged in hurricane weather. Bad weather can often cause damage to your valuables. Whether it’s a tornado in the Midwest, a hail storm in Indiana, a lightning strike in Kentucky or an earthquake in the west nature is always unpredictable and can strike without warning. But have no fear that your investment is missing.  Not only you can cover the structure but also the contents inside. Contact a reputable insurance company like State Farm, Allstate or Farmers.

While most will stand the test of time there is a small chance that damage can occur if the lifetime of your product. Carportus stands behind our products, 12 and 14 gauge steel both come with a 20-year limited warranty. Once you purchase the product from us we want you to rest easy knowing that we will stand behind the product if it fails. Along with our 20-year warranty, comes to our price match guarantee, we offer the best prices, in the event, you find someone that is lower than us we will be happy to match that price. We also offer one of the largest selections you will find on the internet.

Carports Variety

Carportus offers a variety or carports to fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for RV Carports, Barns, Garages, Commercial size steel buildings, or combo carports we have got what you are looking for. RV Carports are very popular when you have a large RV that you use to explore the US during the summer but want to keep stored and away from the snow and cold weather in the winter. RV Carports are affordable and can be custom built to fit your specific needs and size you are looking for. Don’t ruin your investment in an RV by leaving it ours in the elements. Visit our page on RV Carports and explore the options yourself. If you have any questions give us a call or submit a contact us form.

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Barns are great when you have animals that need a place to stay out of the weather and to come in at night. Depending on if you have a small farm or a large one we have several different options to choose from. Our Barns are also very affordable. Depending on the area of the US that you are in they start at around $5,495 depending on your options. Please visit our Barn page to see what options are available.

Custom Garage

One of our most popular items is a custom-built garage. This is a great way to protect your classic car or your everyday commuter. Just like all the other carports we had talked about this one can protect your vehicle from weather and the elements just like a carport would. With a custom-built garage, you can also create an area for your workshop. A place where you can go and relax to get away from it all. Radio might also be necessary as you will learn to love your custom-built garage and enjoy many hours out there working on your car or getting some projects done. Optional man doors, windows and other creature comforts are also available to make your custom-built garage feel like home.

You must assemble carport to last the test of time. Hopefully, you never need to worry about the warranty or storm damages. But rest easy knowing that the knowledgeable staff at carportus are here to help. Located in the beautiful state of North Carolina, our carport experts are here to help every step of the way. From shopping to shipping, to install we are with you every step of the way. We have thousands of happy customers all throughout the US that have amazing carports that they have grown to love.