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Manufactured Garages – How They Are Better Than Attached

Manufactured Garages

Most homeowners are quick to agree that having a garage is a huge benefit. But what they are not thinking about is the fact that manufactured garages can be added to almost any home. The only real requirements for adding a garage are having the appropriate space available and working within any building restrictions of your community or municipality. In addition, there are several reasons that a manufactured garage is better than an attached garage.

Location, Location, Location

The size and shape of your lot can have a big influence on where you would like to locate the garage. An attached garage is always going to be right next to your home. Odd shaped lots can make that a very difficult task but a manufactured garage can be located on any flat portion of your land. You can even elect to have the garage built behind your home so that it does not detract from the curb appeal of your home.

Safety First

Another factor to consider is the safety of an attached garage. If you are going to be working on your car in the garage, there is always the possibility of carbon monoxide fumes seeping into your home. In addition, there are many substances that are stored in a garage such as gasoline, fertilizer and cleaning supplies which can produce hazardous fumes. These fumes can easily seep into your home and make you ill before you even know what is happening. Finally, the potential for a fire in a garage is much higher than a fire in your home due to the chemicals and substances that are stored there. A fire in an attached garage will certainly damage or destroy your home, but a manufactured garage that is not right next to your home is not likely to cause fire damage to your home.

Separation is Good

If you are planning to have a workshop in your garage, then noise could become an issue. Loud tools and equipment could easily be heard from inside an attached home. Having a manufactured garage allows you to locate the garage far enough from the house to eliminate any concerns about noise from tools.

Make A Wise Choice

Adding a garage is always going to increase both the value of your home and its function. Deciding to add a manufactured garage instead of an attached addition could actually offer solutions to many other issues. Not only will it be a great place to park, but it can also be a good solution for a workshop and storage area.

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