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Modern Carport Designs That Look Good When Made Using Metal

If you are thinking of using metal for your carport, then you should consider looking for carport designs that look good when metal is used as a primary construction material. Metal carport designs can be made using all metal or can be made with a few additions that are not made out of metal. The use of metal for carports is a great idea since this will make the structure durable and gives you a chance to create futuristic and modern structures for your home.

When it comes to designs, there are a lot for you to choose from if you are using metal. You can choose the type of metal you want to use as well, with the most popular options being galvanized steel and aluminum. Here are some of the modern carport designs you can choose from when you are building a carport using metal:

Hangar style carport

If you love the curved roof of hangars, you can emulate that when you create your carport. Have a contractor come up with the plans for your carport and you can have them build this for you as well. Don’t want to work with building crews and engineers? There are also carport kits that actually have curved roofs that are similar to that of hangars, which you can choose to buy and install yourself.

Canopy style carport

This is similar to a hangar style carport but with less curve on the roof than the former. A canopy style carport can be built from scratch without the help of contractors as long as you are an avid DIYer. You just need to find the right materials for this project, like rafter bars that can be bent to just the right curve for the perfect canopy-style roof for your carport.

Industrial style carport

I-beams, concrete footers, concrete floors, and a flat roof is all you need for an industrial style carport. Imagine what an industrial loft apartment would look like bare and use that image to create your industrial style carport. You can use clear polycarbonate panels for the roof and for the walls to give it that modern industrial look. You can even choose to use metal pipes for the trusses for a really industrial feel.

Angled roof carport

Using the same materials as you would an industrial style carport, this type of metal carport design can be attached to your home. You can use corrugated steel sheets for the roofing, metal beams for the posts, and concrete footers for this idea. The roof of the carport should be angled in such a way that runoff and snow can be easily removed from it.

Flat roof carport

This is similar in concept with the angled roof carport but with the difference being the roof is flat and does not have a slope to it. The best roofing material for this would be a thick flat polycarbonate sheet that you can easily clean with a ladder and a telescopic brush or cleaner. You can also opt for corrugated metal sheets for the roof to allow for water to runoff easily in the channels that are found in this type of roofing material.

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