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Prefabricated Barns as Economical Storage Solutions

Carport US - Barn Standard

Farmers come to us all the time with one simple request: Help them organize and protect their farming equipment, tools and harvest.

We completely understand their situation. They may have been using a barn that has been through you know name it – hurricanes, hail, snow, sleet, wind, and decades of use. It’s likely old, battered, and not as reliable as they would like. And, it’s not just farmers that need the protection, convenience, and value a quality barn can provide.

Many homeowners need barns that not only provide protection from weather elements, but also have room to organize all of their equipment, tools, animals, and whatever else they may need to store. We’re proud to provide prefabricated barns that can do just that.

Our Prefabricated Barn Styles

We offer two barn styles to choose from:

  1. Boxed eave
  2. Vertical

Both of these barn styles are available in a full range of sizes, each with a different layout to meet the needs of almost anyone. Our most popular design in both styles includes a wide and tall central enclosed storage space and a carport-style area on either side, covering total dimensions of 42’ x 21’ x 12’.

A-frame barnsThe boxed eave barn provides an easy access into the barn from both ends. On either side of the barn, there is room for storage. Stalls can be installed if you’d like to house livestock. Walls and shelves can be installed for storage areas. While the entrance and exit of the barn is not enclosed, it can be with an added cost. This openness does not affect the level of protection for the items inside of the barn since the structure is so vast and able to cover vehicles, animals, equipment, etc.

Vertical barnsThis vertical barn setup is great for farmers looking for an enclosed space as well as a covering. This barn has a carport on each side of the enclosed barn space. The sections on each side are 12’ x 21’ x 8’. It’s perfect for farm equipment and vehicles. Inside of the enclosed barn, you will find ample room for storage. There’s an access door as well as a window. This is an attractive barn that is sure to beautify your property and give you more space for organization and storage of whatever you need.

And, of course, if your personal needs and desires go beyond one of these two popular designs, we’re always happy to discuss other prefabricated barn layouts, sizes, and styles. We can even handle custom prefabricated barn designs if you’d like to go that route.

Considerations for Prefabricated Barns

Customers often ask whether they need the enclosed barn with the vertical or the boxed eave roof style. We often respond with, “It depends.”

To decide which barn style is best for you, consider how you want to use it. If your goal is to protect equipment and vehicles, you may want to consider the vertical barn style. If you’re seeking storage for your harvest, farming tools, and even animal living quarters, you may want to purchase the boxed eave barn style.

We can help you with your decision making process if you have some additional questions. Contact us today at 844-557-6375 today. We have a lot of experience working with farmers and homeowners to find them exactly what they want and need.

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