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Solar Carports: What They Are and Why People Love Them

Solar Carport

Carports are an economical option for many people. It provides shelter for vehicles, and storage for personal possessions. What most people don’t realize is that carports can have other uses, such as producing solar energy.

About Solar Carports

Solar carports are simply carports that have a roof made out of solar panels. These solar panels operate just as if they were on the roof of a house.

People decide to use solar energy because it’s clean energy. Since electricity is made using coal in many cases, and that is a non-renewable energy source, solar energy reduces the amount of coal needed to produce electricity. Solar power reduces people’s electric bills since they don’t have to use as much electricity in their home.

Solar CarportWhy People Choose Solar Carports

People choose solar carports instead of having solar panels installed on their roof because maintenance isn’t necessary. For instance, the roof on a house must be in a good condition and undergo waterproofing. The roof needs to be able to withstand the life of the solar panels because if solar panels have to be removed and reinstalled, the expense could be high.

With a solar carport, you not only have a convenient place to have solar panels installed, but you also have the space underneath to use however you wish. Of course, many people decide to do the same with a garage. Although, if a garage is attached to the home, the roof is likely in the same condition as the home’s, which would result in the same predicament of considering the remaining longevity of the roof and waterproofing it.

Carport vs. Garage

Whether you decide on purchasing a carport vs. garage for solar panel installation depends on your specific needs and wants. Carports are great if you’re looking for coverage. People choose carports as a way to protect their vehicles and other items from falling debris and weather. Garages are enclosed, so it’s best when wanting to have a more secure place for storage or vehicles.

Since the sizes of carports vs. garages vary. Many people look to see if they can get a bigger carport for the same price as a smaller garage. Always remember that a carport is made of fewer materials, so it can be a lot less expensive than a garage of the same size. Of course, the larger the structure, the more solar panels can be installed on it, and this could mean more solar energy.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need to Power Your Home?

One of the most frequently asked questions is how many solar panels you would need to make enough electricity for your home. We like the formula that Go Green Solar has for determining how many solar panels you need. Since each solar panel generates about one kilowatt hour (kWh) per month…

“Divide your average monthly usage by 30 to get your average daily kWh usage.” The number of kWh you get per day is how many solar panels you need. So, if you use 1100 kWh per month, you would need 37 solar panels because that means you use 37 kWh per day. Now, 37 solar panels is what you would need to generate all of your electricity. If you had 19 solar panels, you could generate half of your electricity, and of course, as you use fewer of them, you generate less solar energy, but still save on electricity.

Consider a solar carport if you’re looking for a way to expand your use of non-renewable energy. It’s great for the environment and can reduce your electricity bill.

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