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What makes CarportUS.com commercial grade building kits the best in the business?
CarportUS.com may be a relatively new website, but the professionals behind it have decades of experience selling, installing, and maintaining steel storage buildings across the country. That’s why you can be confident that any barn you purchase from CarportUS.com is going to be the very highest quality, delivered safely and securely, and installed by experts with loads of experience.

See wind up to 140 mph with snow loads up to 35 pounds per square foot upgrades and other optional enhancements that can extend that level of stability even further.

Commercial grade buildings are built with two things in mind: durability and strength.

We build our structures to exceed our customers’ expectations. With our engineered truss system, we can reach widths of up to 60′, and 16′ tall. Full customizable, these buildings are great for protecting large construction equipment, semis, building materials, farm equipment, and more.

Our economical pricing and quick lead times are driving more and more customers to purchase our buildings as opposed to traditional red iron buildings. And, with 14 colors to choose from, we’re sure you’ll get exactly what you want.

Due to the weight and size of these buildings, the customer will need to provide a lift at the time of installation for the installation crew to erect the building. Also, all commercial grade buildings must be placed on either a cement pad, piers, or footers. Buildings longer than 41′ may incur an additional freight charge.

If you find a commercial building in our catalog that you like, we’d be honored to deliver and install it ourselves at no extra charge. We’ve put up hundreds of metal commercial buildings all over the east coast, and we’re highly experienced with every kit we sell. Contact us to discuss your options is you have any questions at all.