The Vertical Garage is designed to be stronger and more durable than both the Standard Garage and the Boxed Eave Garage. It maintains the more traditional roof line of the Boxed Eave style, which many homeowners prefer because it better complements the look of their home, but you’ll notice that the roof panels are installed vertically (the ridges point from the peak to the ground, rather than from the front of the garage to the back.) This seemingly small difference adds tremendous durability and convenience because it sheds water, snow, and ice far more easily, and the vertical roof panels require additional trusses and bows, creating a more solid structure. It’s more expensive than our other metal garage designs, but it’s still quick to assemble, and it offers the most solid construction while still looking great.

The Vertical Garage is available in sizes ranging from 12′ wide by 21′ long — perfect for one average-sized vehicle with room to comfortably get around it — to 30′ wide by 41′ long, which can comfortably fit two large vehicles with plenty of room to spare. All our garages are 9′ tall or taller, so large trucks, SUVs, and vans should have plenty of clearance. It’s constructed with 14 gauge galvanized steel framing with center bracing, and 29 gauge metal roofing and siding. All base units have legs spread 5′ on center or less, and 3′ leg braces for added strength and stability. Concrete or rebar anchors are included with garages up to 24′ wide, and ground anchors or mobile home anchors are included for garages 26′ to 30′ wide.

When built and installed properly, the Vertical Garage is rated to handle up to 35 pounds per square foot (psf) snow load. That’s generally more than enough to handle any storm we see in the United States as it allows for nearly two feet of the heaviest, wettest snow you can imagine. But, if Mother Nature decides to nail us with something awful, you may want to go out and rake some snow off your Vertical Garage’s roof. Of course, this will be a breeze since its vertically-installed roof panels make it much easier for snow and ice to slide right off, while also enhancing structural stability and looking even nicer.

The Vertical Garage is also rated to withstand winds up to 140 miles per hour, which will hopefully outlast any storm you ever have to face. It’s important to note that stability in heavy winds depends on the garage being installed properly, preferably on a concrete footing and with a full bracing package, which is an optional purchase. That purchase can pay for itself in a few seconds if a heavy gust of wind comes through and your Vertical Garage stays put. Other optional upgrades for added strength and stability include 12 gauge framing, mobile home anchors, and welded trusses. And, if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your garage (Man Cave, anyone?) insulation is also available to keep it comfortably warm or cool inside.