Creative Uses for a Carport That Will Surprise You

It’s natural for people to see a carport and immediately think the only use for it is to store a vehicle underneath it when a garage isn’t available. That’s the sole reason carports were manufactured, hence the name CAR-ports. But, there are actually many creative uses for a carport, some of which may surprise you.

Other Uses for a Carport

Even though carports are an effective way to protect a vehicle from the elements, it’s not the only way to use them. With these creative uses for a carport, you’ll be able to get the most out of your money when you purchase one.

Greenhouse for Gardeners

Gardeners will love this one. The frame of the carport is perfect for turning it into a greenhouse. All you have to do is cover the front and back of the carport with a tarp to enclose it. Some people have gone as far as making a screen door, and then attaching it to the tarp.

Patio Canopy

Typical patio canopies often need to be replaced annually or for better models, two years. This can be quite an expense, not to mention the effort in choosing a replacement one, and then setting it up again. It’s much easier and cost effective to use a carport.

With so many styles available, you can find one that looks lovely on your patio. The bonuses are you’ll save money over time, it can cover large spaces, and you won’t have to worry about putting canopies together every couple of years.

Energy Source

Are you looking for a way to generate electricity for your home, so you can cut down on the cost of your electric bills? Use a carport. All you have to do is install solar panels on the top of a metal carport.

Utility Shed

Sometimes you need a full size storage shed to store all of your landscaping equipment and other items. But, sometimes a carport can be just what you need because it covers all of your belongings to protect them from rain, snow, and even a lot of wind. If you want complete coverage, consider placing a tarp on each side of the carport.

Park Shade

Managers of parks and recreation departments will love this one. Carports can be perfect for shade and during rainy event days. Picnic tables can be set up underneath one for people to have a lunch out of the hot, blistering sun. Events can occur underneath it when they would otherwise be rained out.

Contact Us for More Uses for a Carport

We specialize in all types of carports. While we can help you decide which one is best for your vehicle, we can also help you come up with creative uses for a carport. We’ve had people come in looking for carports for weddings, funerals, tent sales, and so much more.

When you’re looking for an economical way to shield you or your belongings from the elements, carports usually can do the job. Contact us now for more information.