Choosing the Right Fabric RV Cover

While a sturdy metal RV carport is going to do a lot to protect your pride and joy, it’s not the end-all-be-all of RV protection. You’ll also want to consider buying a quality fabric RV cover.

Imagine walking up to your RV excited after a cold winter ready to take it on the open road. You open the door, take a step inside, and nearly have a heart attack.


It’s ruined. There’s an overwhelming smell of mildew. The floors have puddles and the edges are lifting. The furniture has mold on it. Bugs are crawling all over the cabinets, counters, and you may have heard a rat scurrying across the floor behind you.

This is a nightmare.

The damage could cost you thousands of dollars, and the time it takes for it to get cleaned up could be weeks.

Don’t ever let this happen to you. A quality fabric RV cover can save you from this horrific situation. It can keep the bugs and rodents out, and it can keep rain, snow, and wind from damaging the outside of it and seeping inside.

About Fabric RV Covers

Fabric RV covers are made from polypropylene and polyester. The tops of the covers are usually triple lined for added protection. Good quality ones are treated, so it is water and UV resistant. The material is breathable though because any moisture that does get on the inside of the cover must dry as quickly as possible, or it will mildew.

Custom made RV covers have vents on them and fit the RV much tighter. These covers will attach to the bottom of the vehicle, and many of them have a zippered part for access to the door. While many people believe that the heavier a cover is, the better it is, that is incorrect. Actually, lighter covers are made from better material and come with the added benefit of being easier to handle and store.

Choosing a Fabric RV Cover

As you’re shopping for fabric RV covers, you will need some information.

Type of RV: A cover must be designed to mold to the shape of the vehicle. This is why it’s imperative you know the type you have and purchase a cover designed for it.

Size: If you purchase a RV cover that is too small, you won’t be able to protect all of it leaving it at risk for damage. Buying one that is too big means it will be loose and may not protect it fully. Knowing the size will ensure you get one that fits perfectly.

Climate: You need to choose material that will protect your RV from the environment it is while you’re not using it. If you’re keeping your RV outside, you need a cover that is resistant to water, wind, and the sun. RVs that are kept inside in storage units need covers that are specifically made to detract dust.

Buying the Right RV Cover

Now you understand what you need to know when choosing the perfect fabric RV cover. As a recap, you need to know the type and size of your RV, and what you need to protect it from to select the right material.

Once you have a fabric RV cover picked out, contact us to choose an RV carport for added protection from the weather. We’re happy to help.