Questions to Ask Before You Start Work on a New Garage for Your Home

Adding a new garage to your home is a decision that should never be taken lightly. It is, after all, an addition that will be attached to your home, not to mention, something that may cost you a lot of money. This is why asking yourself these questions before you begin working on or even planning such addition is crucial.

These questions will help you determine what kind of garage is best for your plans. It will also help you figure out what design you should consider, what materials are best for your new garage, and what features these should have. These questions are essential to your plans because these will determine a lot of important factors that will affect the outcome of your garage project.

garage storage ideas

Is it for one car or two? 

Even if you currently have one car, you still need to ask this question. Will you be adding on another car in the future or are you planning on having that extra space for something else? This will also help you determine where to put the garage since the size of a one-car garage is definitely smaller than that of a two-car one.

Is it detached or attached? 

You need to ask this question since it will involve some cutting into the side of your home to attach the new garage. You will, after all, need to have a door leading from your new garage to your home if you are to choose an attached one. An attached garage is also considered a cheaper option if you are considering constructing one from the ground up since you will already have one wall up (the side of your home) and only three to add to the structure.

Which type of garage is better for your budget? 

When you are contemplating whether to go with a constructed garage or a prefab metal garage, what you need to think about is whether or not your plans fit your budget. If a constructed garage is too cost-prohibitive, you should opt for a garage kit. Always keep in mind that when you are building a garage from scratch that the cost involves more than just the materials. It will also involve the cost of construction, which means permits, the people who have to work on it, and even the cost of the design itself.

Do you already have a driveway?  

Some people do not ask this question when they build a garage but it is an important one to ask. How will you get your vehicle from the street to your garage? Do you need to pave part of your property to create a driveway for your vehicle or will you be using alternative materials for this, such as gravel or stones?

How much space do you have for this project?

Whether you are building a garage, putting together a prefab structure, or installing a carport for your vehicle, space matters. You will need enough space for any of these and even more space if you are planning on a structure that can fit more than one vehicle. Survey your property to give yourself an idea as to what kind of garage or structure is best for it. If you need a two-vehicle garage but don’t have space for it, you might want to consider building a one-car garage instead and have a carport placed in your driveway for the second vehicle.

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself when you are planning on having a new garage for your home. If you want a garage that is cost-effective and you can build it quickly, a prefab one by Carports US is your best. We build and design durable metal structures such as custom garages, pre-fab garage kits, poratble carports, and prefab structures ideal for commercial use. Contact us at (844) 557-6375 so we can help you with your garage and prefab structure needs.

How To Plan Your Garage Extension

Planning an extension for your existing garage is not as easy as it may sound, but it is not as difficult either. You can build your garage extension in as short a time as a single day or it can stretch for as long as a couple of weeks. This is dependent on what kind of garage extension you are putting up and other factors that can affect such a plan.

Garage Conversion

The creation of your garage’s extension all depends on planning. When you are planning this addition to your home, there are a number of things you need to consider. Here are some of them:

Purpose of the extension

What is this garage extension for? Is it to accommodate a new vehicle or is it to add more space to your garage for storage needs? If it is for storage needs, wouldn’t a prefab shed or a store room be a more appropriate structure to build? Some people think that a garage is the perfect structure for just about anything, and in some ways, they are right. This is because garages are so versatile and can be used for more than just housing your car.

Size of the extension 

You will also need to figure out how big the extension will be. Is it going to be as big as the current garage that you have? This move will essentially double the garage space that you will be able to use. Or will it be just big enough to accommodate the stuff you want to put in the space? If you are planning the extension to create extra space for an external freezer or to move your laundry room out into the garage, then you won’t need to create too big an extension.

Permits for building 

If you are building a garage extension twhich is a part of your home in every sense of the word, you might want to ask about building permits from your local building authority. If you put up a garage extension without asking about these, you might find yourself being fined for it or being asked to tear it down due to non-compliance. Knowing the legalities of what you are planning on doing will help you create the extra space you need without fear of fines or violations.

Garage Conversion

These are a few of the things you need to think about when you are putting together plans for a garage extension. Extensions to your garage, particularly if your garage is an attached one, you can consider it an addition to your home. This can add value to your current residence, which in turn may also mean additional property taxes for you.

This is why it is important to go into this with both eyes open and with all the information you need. Building a garage extension without knowing what it truly entails can put you in a lot of hot water. Information is your best friend in this situation, so the careful planning of such an extension should be well researched and you should be prepared for whatever comes with it.

Garage Expert Advice

If you want to get expert advice on garage extensions, what you should and should not do, and how to go about doing this without any problems, you should consult with Carports US. We are a company that manufactures, designs, and delivers metal structures like custom prefab garages, portable carports, commercial metal structures, and even metal barns. We can give you valuable advice regarding your garage extension, carports, and other prefab structural needs.

All you need to do is to contact us at (844) 557-6375 and we will be able to help you make the informed decisions needed to avoid any problems that may come with your garage extension plans.

Garage Conversion Done the Right Way

Whether you have extra garage space due to the sale of one of your vehicles or your kid drove off to college with their car, the fact of the matter is, you have extra space. What do you do with that extra space in the garage? Do you just pile old stuff in it or should you do something different with it? You need to do a garage conversion!

Garage Conversion

When you have that extra space, it is space that you can use for a lot of things. On the top of the list of considerations include a guest room, a home gym, a man cave, a workshop, and a hobby room. These are just a few ideas that you can consider for your extra garage space conversion.

Before you break out your handyman and carpentry tools, however, there are a few things you need to think about. Converting your extra garage space into something else requires more than just your imagination. It also requires a bit of research, planning, and forethought.

Garage Conversion

Here are some of the things you need to think about before garage conversion into any of the many ideas you come across online:


Most garages come with concrete floors, some of which needs polishing. If you are planning on converting part of your garage into a space that requires smooth and clean flooring, you will need to pick from a list of choices. These include tiles, vinyl, and polished concrete. If you have the budget for it, why not cover the entire garage floor with this new flooring. This will not only give your new space the proper covering you want it to have but it will also help give your garage an updated look.


If you are thinking of dividing the current space into two, with one being the place where you park your car and the other being the area that is being converted, then a dividing wall is in order. This will give you the kind of definition you need for each useful area and will give your vehicle the protection it needs for whatever you are planning on doing with the converted space.


If your garage still needs insulation, and you are planning on using the converted space for an extra bedroom, home office, or recreational room, insulation is a must. You might want to approach this like you did the flooring situation. Instead of just insulating the area you are converting, why not insulate the entire garage? You will end up with a better garage and a properly insulated extra room in the process.

Windows and doors

You will also need to decide on whether or not you will add windows and doors to the conversion work you are taking on. If your garage is like most standard garages, you will probably have two walls and the front of the garage that has a garage door. You will want to think about changing your garage door first into one that can be used on a single car garage and then covering the gaping hole on the other side to complete the four walls needed for a room. Doors and windows can be cut out from the structure to give it the much-needed entryway and natural lighting that it needs.

Aside from these, you will also need to consult with your local building authority to ask about permits, fees, and taxes that may come with such a conversion. Remember, you are actually improving your home with this move and, in the process, will be increasing your property’s value. This is regardless of whether you have an attached garage or a prefab metal garage that you simply added to the structure fairly recently.

Get Expert Advice Wherever and Whenever You Can

It is better to avoid trouble than to court it, and going into your garage conversion plans without all the information you need is courting trouble. If you want expert advice from people in the know, you can ask the experts at Carports US for help. Aside from being a company that produces high-quality metal structures like customized garages, movable carports, and commercial metal structures, we also offer expert advice on any of your garage and carport questions.

Simply contact us at (844) 557-6375 and our team of certified garage professionals will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Garage Space

Some people find themselves with a garage that has more space than they actually need. They tend to wonder how they can use that extra space effectively. What can you do to utilize the garage space in such a way that it does not affect the state of the vehicle that shares the same structure?

There are actually many ways you can utilize the extra space that you have in your garage. These range from the useful to the decorative to the fun. Here are some ideas you might want to consider when you have extra garage space that you don’t want to go to waste:


Home gym

If you are into working out and keeping in shape, but do not have enough space inside your home for that treadmill, bench press, and weights, why not turn that extra space beside your car into a gym? To ensure that none of your exercise equipment sidles up to your vehicle, you should consider putting a divider between the space for the car and the area where your gym will be placed. If your garage is a two-car one, you can consider dividing your garage into two equal spaces, each one with its own entry and exclusive space.

Extra bedroom

Most people would not consider this due to the fumes that may come from the vehicle in the adjoining. However, this bedroom can be nothing else but a crash pad for friends you don’t want going home drunk or when you suddenly have visitors that need a place to stay. You can do the same thing you did with the gym, if you have a two-car garage with separate entrances, and create a wall between your vehicle and the room. Add a futon, a bedside table, a desk, and a chair and you have for yourself an extra bedroom for emergency purposes.

Multi-purpose room

You can also use this space for your crafting and woodworking hobbies. You can also use this space as a sewing room where you can put a sewing machine and other similar equipment. It can also be used as a storage room for your gardening tools. Just divide the room into four and use each corner for a specific purpose. This way, you can be sure to have enough space for each need.

Home office

Another great use for this extra space is to have it remodeled into a cozy home office. You will need to have insulation added to this room, if your garage doesn’t have it yet. Most metal garages don’t have insulation, which is why you have to add these in when you fix it up for other uses.

To make the perfect home office out of this surplus space, as with the previous ideas, dividing the garage into two distinct areas should be done first. You should also consider adding in windows and ventilation to this part of your structure. Add in a desk, a comfortable work chair, a sofa, a filing cabinet, bulletin board or cork board, and you are done. You can add in other personal touches to make it look more appealing and enjoyable to work in.

Kids play room/game room/man cave

Want to take the noise out of your home and elsewhere that won’t bother you? You can turn that space beside your car in your two-car garage into a game room, play room, or man cave. As with the other ideas, separating your vehicle from the other room with the use of a wall is crucial to the continued protection of your car. You can then add in the other elements needed to convert the space into an enjoyable room for kids, teens, or for the men.

For a kids play room, matting is improtant to prevent any mishaps like scraped knees and elbows on the concrete floor. With a game room, a console, a television, some speakers, and a couple of bean bags will do the trick. For a man cave, adding a card table, dart board, bar, cooler or old refrigerator, comfortable chairs, and an old couch will make it a great place for men to hang out in on poker night.

These are just a few of the ideas you can use to get some good use out of that extra garage space beside your vehicle. If your garage is not big enough for these ideas, but you want to have the extra space for these, why not order a new and bigger custom garage from Carports US. You can even choose to have another smaller garage or barn-style structure made just to suit your needs for that extra usable space beside your vehicle.

To get the custom garage or metal structure you want for such a project, you can ask about our customization options by calling us at (844) 557-6375. You can also reach us via our contact us page.

How to Clean Out Your Garage Efficiently

Cleaning out a custom garage is something that many people dread, particularly if this part of your home has not experienced cleaning in years. Whether you are cleaning out your garage as part of your annual spring cleaning routine, or are doing so because it is high time that you did, there are ways for you to do this efficiently. Having an efficient way to clean out your garage will help you do this quickly and will also help make the task less daunting the next time you do it.

How do you clean out a garage efficiently? Here are some steps you might want to consider the following:

Set aside an entire weekend for this 

It does not matter if you have a lot of stuff to clean out of your garage or if you have only a small amount of junk in it. This task requires your undivided attention and ample time to get done properly. This is why setting aside an entire weekend to get this done is imperative.

Find one weekend that members of your family are available as well. This will give you the kind of help you need when you need it without getting excuses that people are busy.

Create a plan of attack 

To make the task less of a hassle and to make it go smoothly, you should be strategic about this. Plan out how you will clean out your garage before you start doing this. Survey your garage and determine a route that would be effective for you in getting this part of your home cleared out of junk and debris.

Create a list of things to clean out when you survey your custom garage. Make a list of items that can be donated, items that can be sold at a garage sale, and items that you can throw away. Also, make a list of items that you will want to reorganize in your garage so you know how much storage space you will need before cleaning day arrives.

Custom Garage

Organize shelving a few weeks before 

When you survey your garage and plan how you will tackle cleaning it, you will get a sense for how much shelving and storage you will need. At this stage, you can begin to envision where these shelves and storage units should go. You will also need to calculate how many storage boxes or bins you will need at this point.

If you already have a storage system in your garage, you can plan how to clean these out as well to make room for some of the stuff you will be adding to what is already in there. You will also need to choose bins that can fit into these shelving systems or find a way to incorporate new boxes and bins to your current storage system.

Make sure you have enough boxes for junk

Stuff that you are definitely going to throw away should also be placed in boxes for easy pickup. Not having enough boxes to put junk that you are disposing of in may leave you with a mess after you clean up your custom garage. Always ensure that you have enough containers for everything to facilitate effective cleanup.

Schedule a junk haul with your favorite junk hauler 

Make sure that you schedule a pickup with your friendly neighborhood junk hauling company. This way, you can be sure that any junk you will be throwing away won’t be sitting on your driveway for days or even weeks. This will also ensure that you won’t be tempted to stow these away even though these items are already considered junk.

Be systematic when you clean out your custom garage 

To ensure that you don’t miss any area of your garage, you need to clean it out in stages and sections. Move your vehicle before you do any of this to ensure that you have enough space to work in as well. Tackle the task in sections, and once a section is done, check it off your list before starting on the next one.

Custom Garage

Scrub, sweep, vacuum, and dry out after organizing everything 

Once everything is complete, you will need to scrub out your garage. Sweep the floors, remove cobwebs and other debris from the walls and ceilings, scrub greasy spots with soapy water, and rinse everything out. Dry out the area thoroughly before returning your vehicle to your garage.

If your garage needs a fresh coat of paint, then consider doing this on the second day of your cleanup. Allow the paint to dry before parking your vehicle in your garage. If you are planning on tiling your floors or doing other decorative tasks to your garage, this is also the right time to do this.

Whether you have a garage that is built in with your home or you have a custom garage made by Carports US, cleaning this out regularly is a must. You need to keep your garage clean to ensure that it lasts a long time and to prevent damage to the structure as well as for your peace of mind.

For your custom garage needs, Carports US is the company to trust. You can also trust us for your carport, prefab barns, custom RV carports, and other prefab structural needs. You can contact us at (844) 557-6375 for your inquiries or orders.

Pros and Cons of Constructed vs Prefab Garages

When you are in need of a garage for your car and your current home does not have one, you have two options. You can either go with prefab garages that arrive at your doorstep in a prefabricated form or you can choose to have one constructed. The choice is usually dependent on a number of factors, and each choice has its pros and cons.

To help you make an educated decision on which type of custom garage is best for you, here are some of the pros and cons of both types.

Prefab garages For Sale

Pros and Cons of Prefab Garages


Prefab garages are less expensive

If you have a small budget for your garage project, a prefab garage might be your best bet. The main reason why a prefab is cheaper than having one on your property its because you don’t have to pay a construction crew, architect, and engineer to put up your garage. All it takes is you and a couple of handy friends to put together the garage that you order online.

It is easy to put together 

Since prefab garages with parts that interlink easily with each other, you don’t need special tools or an expert to put these up. All you need are the assembly instructions, some of the most common tools that you can find, and you can easily get it up.

It Does Not Take Days Or Weeks To Put Together

If you are in a rush to have a garage up to protect your vehicle, prefab is the best bet. Not only is it easy to put together but it can also be put together in less than a day.


It Is Not Rooted In Your Property

Unlike constructed metal garages, your prefab garage does not come with a foundation that roots it to your property and home. This can be remedied however with a concrete slab and footing that can hold it in place like a foundation does.

Durability Can Be A Hit And Miss 

This is actually dependent on what kind of prefab garage you choose. If you go with a metal garage, you can be sure that you have a durable one on your hands.

Customization Options Can Be Somewhat Few

The customization options you have is few only to the options that your manufacturer has for you.

Prefab garages Provider

Pros and Cons of Built Garages


A Constructed Garage Can Be Very Durable

Building a garage from the ground up will be very durable. It has a foundation, flooring, and other elements.  Similar to what you would find in a house that is being built by a construction crew.

You Can Customize It In Any Way You Want

Since you will be building your garage from the ground up, you can dictate everything that goes into it. From the design to the materials used, to the size, to the color – you can totally customize your garage.  Furthermore to fit your idea of what your garage should look like.


Building A Garage Can Be Very Expensive 

Since you will need a construction crew, an architect, an engineer, permits, and a slew of materials to do this, it can cost you quite a lot. Building a standard garage from scratch can burn a hole in your pocket, so if you have a limited budget, this may not be the best choice for you.

It Can Take A Longer Time To Get Up

Building a garage on your property can take longer to build. Finding the right architect, the right engineer, and hiring a construction team you can trust will also take time. Obtaining permits and other paperwork for your home’s new addition can also take time. Not to mention the amount of time it will take for construction.

Who to Trust When You Choose to Have a Prefab Garage for Your Home

If you decide to have a prefabricated garage for your home, there is only one company for you to trust. Carport US is a company that offers you a wide variety of garages and carports to choose from. Aside from prefabricated options, we also have garages and carports that you can customize. Choose from a wide array of designs, colors, sizes, and roofs from our selection. To find out how we can help you and what choices you have for your prefab garage, simply contact us at (844) 557-6375.

Should You Have Your Standard Garage Customized?

Some people who live in homes that don’t have their own standard garage, but have enough space for one, can have a custom garage built for it. If you are one such individual, and you have a vehicle you want to protect from the elements, you will probably want to do this. The question that you may ask yourself before you have a garage made for your home is, should you customize it or buy one that is pre-made?

Customizing a garage these days is no longer a difficult matter. You can find manufacturers who can deliver a customized, pre-fabricated garage to your doorstep in a matter of days or weeks. And the good part about this is, you can do this without the need to step out of your home to do the customizing and ordering. Yes, you can design and order your custom garage online. You can even see an image of your customized garage after you design it.

Standard Garage

Things to Consider When Designing Your Custom Garage

When you design a custom garage for your home, there are a number of things to keep in mind. You do this as you choose the color, shape, size, and overall look of your structure. Here are some of the things you need to consider:

Design of Your Home 

You need to remember that your garage will become a part of your home, whether it is attached or detached. If you have a garage that looks way too different from your home, it will look like an eyesore. Something that popped up on your property out of nowhere. In choosing to customize your garage, you have control over how it will look. The design of your new garage should complement your home’s design, or at the very least, be neutral enough to not look off.

Size of Your Property 

One should consider the amount of space that you have for a custom garage. If you have more than ample space, then you can go crazy with the size and design of your garage. If you have rather limited space, you need to consider this when putting together a design online. Make sure you measure the space that you have for your garage before you go and order your custom garage online.

Size and Number of Vehicles 

You will also need to think about how many vehicles will be occupying the space inside your garage as well as how big these are. While most garages do come with a high enough ceiling to accommodate most standard vehicles, if you have a modified ride, you will need a garage with a higher ceiling and roof.

Your Budget

This is one consideration you also need to make when designing a custom garage. Not all garages come with the same features and in the same sizes, so the bigger these are, the more features these have, and the more custom additions you add, the higher the cost. If you have a limited budget, you should probably consider a more conservative and understated look. If you have a rather large budget for this project, then by all means, go with whatever look, size, color, and design that you like.

Where to Order Your Custom Standard Garage

When you go online, you will find a lot of companies that offer customized garages and carports for you to choose from. Some of these companies offer to design what you want for you, but with the help of their in-house designers who will then email you the design. This can take days or weeks to get done. There are some sites however, like Carports US, who have an online app that allows you to create your own custom garage. This online garage design app will let you see your garage before you even click the order button.

Carport US also has a catalog of standard garage designs for you to choose from, if you are not inclined to customizing your garage. All you need to do is to choose the roof type, which include standard, boxed-eave, and vertical options. You can also opt for a barn-style structure, a carport, or combination designs for your garage needs.

If you cannot find the garage you want from our selection, or you need advice regarding the type of structure that best suits your needs, you can contact us at (844) 557-6375. We will be more than happy to help you with what you and your vehicle needs.

Carport Design Options To Suit Your Needs

Are you searching for a custom carport solution to store your RV, create a workshop, park your vehicles, or perhaps even construct a barn to house your livestock? There are a wide variety of metal structure options available to meet your storage and vehicle needs available at Also, we feature a free carport design feature to custom design your own carport.

Each metal structure and carport serves a specific purpose and can be fully customized to meet your individual needs. In this article, we discuss our carport, RV carportCombo, Garage and Barn Designs.

Carport Designs

Standard Carport

The standard carport is a simple, yet effective design that will keep your vehicles protected from the elements. It is a cost-effective solution for your carport needs and comes with a 1-year warranty, a 10-year panel warranty, and a 20-year rust warranty. As well as free delivery and free installation. Carport Design visualizer available today on

Boxed Eave Carport

The boxed eave carport is very similar to a standard carport. However, the style in the boxed eave carport is more along the lines of a traditional home style and therefore blends in with well with home designs and makes this a desirable model. Many features can be added to this carport, including additional panels which adds protection for an even more finished look. Visit our optional feature page for more information.

Vertical Roof Carport

The vertical roof carport is similar in appearance to the boxed eave carport. However, this carport has the strength and durability to withstand the elements such as heavy rain and snow. The construction of the vertical roof panels allows for little accumulation to build up. If you live in an area where the weather is a factor, you might consider spending a little extra money on a carport structure such as a vertical roof carport.

RV Carport Designs

Boxed Eave RV Carport

Purchasing a boxed eave RV carport is an economical solution to your RV carport needs and provides you with an RV Carport that looks similar to the roof design of your home. Even more, adding sides to your boxed eave carport allows for additional protection from the elements.


Verticle Roof RV Carport

Designed to be stronger than the boxed eave RV carport, as with the carport verticle roof design, water, snow, and ice will not build up on this roof. The verticle roof RV Carport is a solid design and a great way to protect your RV throughout the year. As with all of our carports, consider customizing your RV carport for additional protection and features by visiting our optional feature page.

Combo Designs

Double Carport Storage Shed Combo – Verticle

This unit is big enough to park two vehicles and tall enough for SUVs or pick-ups trucks. The storage area in the back is large enough for lawn equipment or even a motorcycle! The verticle design of the roof is strong, durable and designed to look nice with your home. The verticle design of the roof panels will keep the snow, ice, and water from accumulating.

Garage Designs

Standard Garage

Standard garages are available and are a very economical option for a fully enclosed storage space. We build our standard garages using our standard carport design and then fully enclose it with matching side panels and then add your choice of doors.

Boxed Eave Garage

Boxed Eave garages are available and are built on the boxed eave carport design. There are many options available for the boxed eave garage design to make this design truly work for your needs.

Verticle Garage

Our vertical garages are designed to be strong and durable, just like with other verticle roof designs. If you live in a region, that experiences a lot of bad weather like heavy rain or snow. Hence, a verticle roof design may be the decision for you. Our garages are fully customizable with windows and doors. Visit our optional feature page for more information.


Boxed Eave Barns

An amazing and economical feature for your farm, the boxed eave barn is a complimentary style and is fully customizable. You can add features that will include tack rooms, stalls and more. Our Horse barns are delivered and installed for free and come with a 20-year rust free warranty.

Vertical Roof Barn

The same amazing features as with the boxed eave barn except the vertical roof provides a stronger and more durable roof that withstands the weather conditions of snowy and rainy winter seasons. Furthermore, you can customize these barns to suit your needs. The verticle roof barn is incredibly popular as it mimics the roof line of many homes and blends in well.  You can use Barns in a multitude of ways. Add on a garage area, covered picnic area, play area. Your options are endless.

Additional Features

As you are designing your carport begin to think about how you will utilize the space and how it will best serve you and your family, what can you add that will make it suit your needs?

Make sure your visit our Optional Features Page so you can get some ideas on what you can add to your design to make your carport, barn, or garage work for you.

Finally, At we will forward to helping you with all of your carport needs.






Why You Should Have Both Carport and Garage

When people think about protecting their car, they choose between a carport and a garage. The reason why the choice is either one or the other is that of space considerations. If you don’t have to worry about space, would you consider having only one of these two different car shelters or would you consider having both?

If space is not an issue when you are deciding between a carport and a garage, it might be to your advantage to have both. Why? Here are some reasons why:


  • You have a choice of car protection

    You can choose to park your car inside your garage or place it in your carport, depending on your plans. If you are planning on going out again, you can park your car in your carport to make it easier for you to move your car when you go. If you are settling in for the night, you can park your car in the garage where you can close the doors and keep your vehicle protected.

  • You can use your carport for other things while your car is protected at the same time 

    No need to expose your vehicle to the elements while you are using your carport for other things. You can keep your car safely in your garage while you use your carport for your garage sales, as a protective cover for your farmer’s market stall, or while it is being used as a canopy for your garden party.

  • You can park more than one vehicle safely 

    If your garage can only accommodate one vehicle at a time, there is no need to expose your other vehicle to the elements if you have a carport to keep it protected. Having a carport will allow you to park a vehicle in your garage while the other can be parked in your carport, keeping it out of the harmful UV rays of the sun and from the rain.

  • You have an extra roof that you can use for your other vehicles 

    A carport can be used for protecting more than just a car. It can be used to house an RV, motorcycles, bicycles, and other rides that you may have. It can even be used to cover vehicles you are repairing or modifying.

Having both gives you the benefits of both, which means, what one cannot provide the other can. If you are to check the pros of each one, you will find that the other provides you with what the other cannot. This gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to have an all-encapsulating protection for your vehicle and another that allows for freedom of movement.

If you need a protective cover for your vehicle immediately, a carport is your best option. If you want protection for your car that is more substantial, you can have a garage built while you are using your carport to temporarily keep your vehicle out of the damaging effects of the weather. Once your garage is built, you can use your carport for other purposes.

How to Elevate Your Standard Garages Into Super Garages

If you want an economical roof over your cars to protect them from the elements, you can simply get yourself a standard garage. The question is, why would you settle for a garage that looks like a box when you can choose from a huge number of garage designs for your car and your home?

While having a functional garage is fine, it does nothing to beautify your home or to add value to it. What you need is a garage design that elevates it from being just one of the many standard garages that you see around you to one that is picture worthy. Great looking garages also help increase the overall value of your home, giving you the chance to increase your property’s price should you decide to sell.



How can you improve your standard garage in order to make it look like a garage that you can find in magazines? Here are some things you can do:

  • Redo your garage floor with floor coating or tile

    If your garage has a standard concrete floor, you can turn it into a super garage by installing new flooring. A smooth surface makes it easier for you to clean your garage and it gives your space a sleek and modern look. You can do this with floor coating or even tiles that are cheaper and easier to install.

  • Install modern cabinetry

    You can make your garage look like one of those garages that you can find in car magazines by installing modern cabinetry. Choose the kind of cabinetry that looks professional and in colors that complement your newly installed floors. Aside from making your garage look amazing, it also gives you storage space for your tools and other stuff. It helps keep clutter to a minimum, which helps make your garage look better too.

  • Install a great garage door

    This is the part of your garage that everybody sees from the outside. Installing a great looking door will help set the tone for your garage’s interior. After all, how weird would it be to have a spectacular looking garage on the inside but a crummy looking one from the outside? Choose from the many stylish and highly functional garage doors that are suited to your garage to give it that boost you want.

  • Bright lights make space look better

    Install lots of lights for your garage to help make it look better. Aesthetics is not the only reason for having brighter lights in your garage should be considered. To make your standard garage highly functional and great for when you need to make repairs or modifications to your vehicle with these brighter and better lights.

Brightly colored paint – who says a garage should be dull and boring? Painting the walls and ceiling of your garage a bright color will give it the additional oomph you need to take it over the top. Choose colors that pop and combinations that look great with your floor and your vehicle. Red with black is a great color combination and so is orange with grey. Blue and silver, black and grey, and even polished silver shades all around will look great for your garage’s interior.

Is a Wooden Garage Better Than a Metal Garage?

When building a garage for your vehicle, two of the options most people consider are either a wooden garage built from scratch or a prefabricated metal garage that is anchored to a concrete slab. These two choices are often considered due to the fact that both are customizable, durable, and can easily be styled to match the house that they are to be attached to. These are also the top choices because these are what people are used to when it comes to garages.

If you are considering either one of the two for your garage but are not sure which one is best, here are some pros and cons for you to check out to help you make an educated decision:

Wooden Garages


Great to look at – Wood is that one material that looks great no matter what you do to it. You can stain it, varnish it, paint it, or do whatever you want with it, and it still ends up looking amazing. The classic and homey look of a wooden garage is hard to beat, especially when you design it in such a way that it looks like a log cabin or some other similar structure.

Versatile – Wood also fits in with any type of home. No matter what kind of home you have, a wooden garage can easily fit into your home’s aesthetic due to its classic look.

Customizable – As mentioned earlier, wooden garages can be easily customized. All you need to do is to add what you want into the plan. Want a shed? Add it to the plan. Want an extension to your garage, simply have it sketched in before construction starts.


High maintenance – Since wood is porous, it requires constant maintenance to help keep the wood from rotting when exposed to inclement weather. This means regular and routine maintenance such as painting or varnishing. Depending on the climate in your location, you might need to do this type of preventive regular maintenance twice a year.

Costly – Wooden garages can be expensive at the onset since you will need to construct the structure from scratch. You will also need a few key people to get such a project done properly. These include an architect, an engineer, and a construction crew.

Carport USMetal Garages


Durable – What can be tougher than steel when it comes to these structures? Superman was not called the Man of Steel for anything, right? This basically means that metal garages, particularly those made out of steel, are very durable and tough. Other metal garages, like those made out of aluminum, are also very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Cheaper Metal garages, particular prefabricated ones, are also cheaper to have than those that you need to build from scratch out of wood. These will save you a lot of money since you won’t need to hire professionals to design, plan, and construct it for you since it already comes prefabricated and only needs to be assembled on site by the company that manufactures it (or my people you hire to install it, which is still cheaper than an entire construction crew).

Easier to Install – Unless you are planning on anchoring your metal garage down with a foundation and concrete slab, all you essentially need to do is to put it together and place it where you want to place it. No digging of foundations, no hammering or pouring of concrete necessary.


Not as customizable as wooden garages – While you can order prefabricated metal garages with sheds and in a variety of designs when you have made up your mind with your order, you cannot add or subtract features from it after. You can add a carport or other external additions to it (or install shelves within), but the structure remains the same once you have ordered and installed it.

Maintenance – As with wooden garages, you will need to do some periodic maintenance on metal garages, particularly if these are made out of steel. Painting areas that get scratched may be required to keep rust at bay. If your garage is made out of aluminum, your problems may include dents and scratches that may want to take care of as well.

Why a Garage with a Carport is a Good Idea

Some people believe that when you have a garage, a carport is not necessary. There are others however who see the merit of having a carport in their driveway together with a garage. Why is having a carport together with a garage a good idea? Here are some of the reasons some people pointed out:

Carport Us - Garage-A-FrameYou get the best of both worlds

Let’s face it. Having a garage is essential, particularly when you live someplace where the ever-changing weather can easily damage your car. Add to these falling branches from trees, possible threats of vandalism, and other problems that may befall your vehicle if it does not have any protective covering.

It is however somewhat of a hassle to drive your car in and out of a garage to keep it from the sun or from rain when you are going to take it out again in a few minutes or a few hours. A carport will serve as a temporary shelter for your vehicle when you are not yet calling it a day but need to keep your car protected from the elements.

Extended protective cover

If you do not have enough space for a two-car garage, a carport can help provide extended coverage for your vehicles in such a situation. Some homes only have space for a one-car garage but have some space in the driveway for another vehicle.

Since extending your garage may not be a practical thing (or regulations in your area won’t allow such a thing), a carport or canopy may be your best bet for providing additional cover for another vehicle. Simply connect the carport to your garage and voila, you have enough cover for two vehicles without really needing to construct anything.

Great for garage sales

While you may not be doing garage sales all the time, having a carport in your driveway when you do hold one is a convenience that you will definitely be thankful for. If your kid wants to sell lemonade or other stuff they made to make extra money over summer, a carport can also serve as a convenient shaded area for them to do this. Love baking and want to sell home-baked goodies from your home? A carport can also be a great area for you to sell these items from.

Portable cover

Aside from providing you with extra covered space for your vehicle, a carport attached to your garage is also a convenient and portable cover to have when you need one. Going camping and want a shaded area over your camping table for your meals? A lightweight carport can be used for this.

How about special events that you join such as school bake sales, farmers markets, or even outdoor events where having a tent-like structure would be useful? If your carport is not anchored down on your driveway, you can easily disassemble it, pack it up, and bring it with you to wherever you may need cover from the sun and from light rains.