Why a Vertical Roof RV Carport is Your Best RV Protection Choice

An RV is an investment that you don’t want deteriorating anytime soon, and since these are just like vehicles, only bigger, you need to have some form of protection for it, like a carport or a garage. Whether you choose to have a carport or a garage for your RV, you will need to make a few decisions on it. One such decision you need to make is the design and the roof that your carport or garage will have.

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When it comes to roofing, whether for a home or for a carport, there are a few styles that most manufacturers and contractors use. The three most common roofing options that you will get when you are having a custom RV carport made include the following:

  • Regular Roof Style

     When you order a carport with a regular roof, it is a roof style that has horizontal panels running from the top to the sides of the structure. The panels that are covering part of the sides of the structure are rounded. The top does not require a ridge cap since these steel sheets are draped over the top edge of the roof and over to the other side. Regular roof style carports are economical and easy to assemble, but these don’t provide sturdy protection particularly in locales that experience strong winds and snowy weather.

  • Horizontal Roof Style

    This is similar to a regular roof style carport since the steel panels are running perpendicular to the length of the structure. Also called a boxed-eave design, carports or garages that come with this kind of a roof also has no ridge cap and has no hat channel, but these do have L-trims at the end on each side. The boxed eave style is sturdier than the regular roof style carport since it does have a few reinforcing features that a regular roof style structure does not have.

  • Vertical Roof Style

    Considered the most durable of all three choices, a vertical roof has panels that run perpendicular to the width of the structure, with each side having panels that displace water and other debris easily due to the direction of the ridges. A vertical roof RV carport will have a ridge cap where the two panels for each side meet to form the top of the carport’s roof. This is a great option for those who live in areas where heavy snowfall and precipitation is a normal occurrence since it allows you to easily remove any snow from it and water simply slips to down the roof without any hindrances.


Of all three options, a vertical roof RV carport is the best choice for your RV protection. It gives you a carport that has a more durable frame due to the construction of such a structure. It is also a carport that does not require too much work or maintenance, particularly if the frame is metal and powder coated. You can choose to have the sides of your carport remain open, as most carport designs do, or have it closed off with steel panels for a more garage-like feel.