Protecting Your RV’s Solar Panels with a Carport

Solar panels are a great addition to your RV to extend your ability to travel without excessive generator use or hooking to shore power. In most cases, there are several panels that are mounted on top of the RV and provide power to a battery pack that is contained in one of the onboard storage compartments. But to get the most value for your investment you will want to be sure that you are protecting the panels when your RV is not in use. A very economical way to achieve this is with an RV carport.

Potential Causes of Damage to Solar Panels

Carport US - Rv Cover Vertical-There are several things that can decrease the efficiency of solar panels such as hard rain, dust and sap from trees or other large plants. All of these items will coat the surface of the panela and decrease the energy production. In addition, hail can actually damage the panels as could debris being blown by high winds. But none of these is an issue if you are storing the RV in a carport. The only maintenance that you will need to do when parking undercover is an occasional wash of the panels which can be done at the same time that you wash the entire RV.

Added Benefits

An RV is a big investment and one that can be damaged by long-term exposure to sunlight and other elements such as hard rain, snow and ice. But a carport will protect your RV from all of this damage. So you will be able to devote more time to enjoying your RV and less time for maintenance, washing and repairing the unit. A shaded parking area will also greatly increase the life of your RV tires as prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause tires to crack or split.

Protect Your Entire Investment

An RV is a great way to enjoy travelling and solar panels can make your travel even more affordable. So it only makes sense to protect all of your investment in your RV and solar panels with an RV carport. There are numerous sizes and shapes available as well as custom designed carports. And the cost is far less than building a complete RV garage. Enjoy the benefits of covered parking at a fraction of the cost of a garage addition so that you have more to invest in your travel budget.