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Top 5 Advantages of Metal RV Carports

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You have invested a lot of time and money into your RV, protecting it from the elements should be a top priority. Metal RV carports offer some great advantages to protecting your RV throughout the seasons and are a wise investment in furthering the life of your recreational vehicle.

There are many different styles of metal RV carports and RV shelters available.  Also, there are many different price points, however, knowing the exact benefits of owning a metal RV carport may help you in your buying decision. Below we will cover the top five advantages to owning a metal RV carport.

Protection from the Elements  

A metal RV carport or RV shelter can help protect your RV. Harmful UV rays can damage both the interior and the exterior of your RV. An RV that is left to sit unprotected all year long in the harsh sun starts to feel the effects through faded paint. You may also see peeling decals and cracked vinyl. UV rays also affect the interior dashboard, upholstery and more. A metal RV carport also offers superior protection from harsh weather throughout the year. Things such as snow buildup on roofs, hail or other damaging weather that could be a potential hazard to your investment.

Saves you Time

Having a custom built metal RV carport offers convenience like no other option. You may be covering your RV with an RV cover which offers a certain level of protection. However, there are drawbacks to that option. Utilizing an RV cover over time is exhausting for those involved and time-consuming. A standard cover can also rub and scratch in the wind and weather causing unnecessary wear and tear on the exterior of your RV, resulting in faded paint and peeling decals. Also, condensation can build up in slideouts and awnings causing mildew issues. Imagine being able to back your RV right into your carport and not having to deal with the hassle and hours it takes to cover your vehicle.  

Durability and Strength

Metal RV carports are durable and are built to last. 14 gauge galvanized steel framing with 29 gauge metal roofing is standard on all RV carports built by The structures are made to withstand 140 mph windspeeds with snow loads up to 35 pounds per square foot.  Also, metal RV carports do not have the disadvantages that wooden structures have such as termites, dry rot, warping, or fire risk. You are able to provide superior protection to your vehicle with a quality structure. Furthermore you can keep the UV rays off of the roof, paint, and decals, and out of the interior.  

Versatility and Options

Metal RV carports come in a variety of sizes to fit your RV needs. Structures can be custom built to fully enclose your RV, or offer various door and side options. We also offer storage and shed options for additional space, or work and playspace. These features are completely up to you and how you feel you can best optimize your carport.  

There are also plenty of roof options to consider for those that live in a rainy or snowy climate. You can also use your space not only for an RV but for other vehicles. Boats, motorcycles and anything else that you may need to be protected from the elements.  Another consideration when weighing the benefits of purchasing an RV carport. Since the structure can be used for vehicles other than an RV, is that adding an RV carport to your property may increase the value of your home if you intend to sell your property some day.

Cost Effective

Investing in a metal RV carport offers you more savings long term. You may not be able to pay for a carport in one payment. However, there are financing options available. Investing in an RV carport will offer you many more benefits over the life of your vehicle. It is also a less expensive option than renting a covered storage space which can often be over $100 a month.

Don’t forget the money that you spend on the carport is an investment in protecting your vehicle from damage. If you protect your RV from the elements, you will save yourself money in RV repairs.

In Conclusion

You should be spending more time out on the open road, and less time making repairs due to your RV being exposed to the elements. The average RV owner spends thousands of dollars a year on damages due to RV exposure. If you’re covering your RV with a standard RV cover, it’s time you upgrade, and if you’ve been considering a metal RV carport, it’s time you decide to protect your investment and contact offers a variety of metal RV carports in all sizes that are sure to fit your budget and RV needs. We also offer free delivery and free installation. Rest assured that your structure will be installed secure and proper by professionals.   

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