Before beginning installation on any steel storage building or prefabricated structure, we will require you sign a “Responsibility Waiver” that sets out the legal guidelines to our free delivery and installation process.

The Responsibility Waiver

The following is copied directly from the current Responsibility Waiver signed by all CarportUS.com customers:

Eagle Carports Inc. of Mount Airy, NC, and/or its subcontractor (the contractor sent to install your building) listed above (on the official form) as “installer” will not be responsible for any actions and damages resulting from the work requested and described above (on the official form) in Warranty or Workmanship. The request is fully understood by the above-named purchaser whom agrees to indemnify and hold Eagle Carports Inc. and its subcontractor harmless, and without any legal claims or liabilities. Eagle Carports, the installer, and the dealer (in this case, CarportUS.com) do provide express, exclusive limited warranties as set forth on the Limited Warranty Information form (below), which exclude all other warranties, express and implied, including the UCC warranties of merchantability and workmanship.

Limited Warranty Information

No other warranties, limited or otherwise, express or implied, are provided in connection with the structure or workmanship except the following:

  • Workmanship is guaranteed for 90 days after installation.
  • Both 12 and 14 gauge units carry a 20-year limited warranty on rust-through of roofing material, assuming normal user care and maintenance.*
  • ANY alterations done by either the customer or any persons and not by Eagle Carports, Inc. or its subcontractor will void all warranty items listed above.
  • Eagle Carports Inc. is not liable for any damages as a result of inclement weather.

* Any building with a regular (standard) and/or boxed eave roof style, longer than 31 feet, will not be covered under the 20-year limited warranty on rust-through on paneling materials.

If you have any questions at all regarding this warranty, please contact us.