Which Kind of Carport is Right for Me?

which kind of carport is right for you?If you want to protect your car from getting too much sunshine or being affected by inclement weather—and storing it in your garage isn’t an option—getting a carport can be a great choice. Prefabricated carports can come prepackaged and allow the individual to assemble them, or you can hire a professional to construct the carport on your property. But which kind of carport should you choose?

What if you aren’t sure which carport will best suit your needs? Choosing the right type of carport can be a difficult task, but it helps to know a little more about the options available to you so you can make an informed decision.

Steel vs. Aluminum vs. Wood

Carports mainly come in three types of materials: steel, aluminum, and wood. Step one is to determine which of these options will be best for your needs when choosing a prefabricated carport. In general, steel and aluminum are both longer lasting and more popular than wood, although some individuals do choose wood for aesthetic reasons.

Between steel and aluminum, steel is much stronger. This means your carport will be much more durable if you choose steel. If someone accidentally bumps the carport while pulling in or out, steel is likely to hold up better, as well as in the event of strong winds or other weather conditions. Still, many people like aluminum because it is lighter.

Both steel and aluminum are resistant to rust and other issues, especially if they are coated, but steel that has been scratched can begin to rust. Therefore, it is always important to keep up with the maintenance of a steel carport.

Style of Carports

There are also several different styles of carports you can purchase, whether they are built by a local company or prefabricated. For example, an A-frame carport or a boxed eave metal carport has an apex at the top and looks similar to the way the roofs of most homes do. Vertical roof carports look very similar to A-frame carports, but the former has roof sheeting that runs vertically instead of horizontally. This is meant to help snow slide off the roof easily.

Some individuals may also want to consider springing for extra wide carports. This can be especially helpful to those who have large vehicles, those who want to pack two vehicles into a carport, and those who are basically looking for a larger protective area for their vehicles. In general, there are many different types of prefab carports that you can find, so don’t limit yourself to just one design.

Which Kind of Carport Is Right for Me?

It’s important to consider your needs when choosing which kind of carport is right for you. Since there are so many different styles and several types of materials a carport can be made from, the decision comes down to what you want to use it for, typical weather conditions, and individual preferences.

If you’d like more information about the types of prefabricated carports available, check out our carports structure guide or contact us below. We’re happy to answer any question you have.