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Why You Should Get a Custom Build Instead of Building Your Own Carport

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building your own carport

Does your house come without a garage? Do you want to keep your car protected from the harsh elements where you live? You may need to build a carport for your vehicle.

Cars are integral parts of our lives nowadays. It’s important that you take good care of your vehicle. Did you know that, in the US, 63% of all housing units have a garage or carport?

There is a reason why the majority chose to install garages or carports on their property. Below, we’ll list down these reasons. We also added what you need to consider in building your own carport.

1. Know Your Needs

Carports make excellent shelter for many vehicle types. Depending on your needs, you may not need a carport. You may need a garage instead.

Both the garage and the carport are spaces for protecting vehicles. Both could stand alone or have an attachment to the house. Both must be able to shelter vehicle from unpredictable weather and other outside elements.

To compare, a carport is a semi-covered structure while a garage is an enclosed structure. Their structure and design are different. Check out our post on carport vs garage for a more detailed comparison.

When deciding, consider the space. Do you have limited space or a large car? Do you want to save some space for other reasons like storage?

2. What’s the Purpose for Your Carport?

As stated above, the main purpose of your carport is to prevent damage to your vehicle. If you have a boat, tractor, or other vehicle types, you can make a carport to house them in. The carport doesn’t have to only give protection to cars.

Still, that’s not all you can use a carport for. It’s a great awning for outdoor activities like barbecues. The absence of most of its walls makes for terrific ventilation and easy access.

An aesthetic purpose of the carport is to enhance the appearance of your property. Depending on what material or design you choose, your property can stand out. Building your own carport with custom carport designs can be a wonderful experience.

If you want a style that matches the roof of your house, it’s also possible. This will give your property a uniformed look. For something eye-catching, paint its walls with bright colors.

3. Getting a Carport

When you build anything that’s larger than a doghouse, you need to get a permit. Consult a local building authority about design plans. Check ordinances for specifications or requirements you need to meet before you can build it.

Check with a homeowner’s association if you live in a neighborhood governed by one. Check with your community agreements about building carports in front yards. In general, you can’t build your own carport in any easement on the property.

Consider the Materials and Style

Do you want one made of metal, wood, or a combination of both? Think about what will best last in the weather conditions of your area. If you live in a warm area, a wooden roof should protect your car better than a metal one.

Also, consider the aesthetic it will add to your property. Does the material match or compliment your house? You can also choose colors for ready-to-build kits.

There are many styles of roofs and structure types. If you want a carport for an RV with a storage shed in the back, it’s possible. If you want a combination of a carport and a garage, that is also possible.

For roof types, there is the standard, the boxed eave, and the vertical roof type. The standard roof type is a quick, solid, and cheaper option. This is also the most popular style among carport roof styles.

The boxed eave roof style is like the standard in many ways. The difference is that it has a traditional roofline that better compliments many homeowners’ houses. This is also an inexpensive, quick, and solid option.

A carport with a vertical roof type is more durable against storms and strong winds. This also comes in larger sizes, able to fit two cars. It’s also possible to add gable ends and ornamental items to this roof style.

4. Things to Consider When Building Your Own Carport

Consider the functionality of your carport. Should you build one that can house more than one car? Should you get one with enough space for an outdoor workspace?

One way to go about choosing the design of your carport is to consider another project or hobby. If you are the creative type who likes to create things, you can make your carport a display area or workspace. If you like to exercise, some extra space can become your workout area.

Another thing to consider is your budget. Installing a carport will take time and money. The simpler the design, the faster it can finish.

It will also take a much shorter time compared to installing a garage. Also, getting permits for a garage can take more time and effort on your part. Moreover, carports are easier to maintain once finished.

Last but not least, consider the weather in your area. Does it often snow or rain? If that’s the case, you may need a vertical roof design for easy water runoff.

You want your carport with material that will protect your car best from the weather. Harsh weather conditions can ruin your car. This is why people heat their cars up on cold mornings.

Get a Carport Now

That is our quick guide on building your own carport. Did you find this read informative and useful? Check out our blog for more content on carports and similar buildings.

If you don’t have the time to learn how to build a carport, there are companies that focus on building carports for you, like us. We have installation experts and a catalog of many great designs for carports. We offer the best price, free delivery, and installation.

Ready to order a prefab carport? Got questions about warranties, builds, and more? Contact us today and shoot us an email containing your questions.

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