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Why You Should Have Both Carport and Garage

Carport US - Barn Vertical

When people think about protecting their car, they choose between a carport and a garage. The reason why the choice is either one or the other is that of space considerations. If you don’t have to worry about space, would you consider having only one of these two different car shelters or would you consider having both?

If space is not an issue when you are deciding between a carport and a garage, it might be to your advantage to have both. Why? Here are some reasons why:

  • You have a choice of car protection

    You can choose to park your car inside your garage or place it in your carport, depending on your plans. If you are planning on going out again, you can park your car in your carport to make it easier for you to move your car when you go. If you are settling in for the night, you can park your car in the garage where you can close the doors and keep your vehicle protected.

  • You can use your carport for other things while your car is protected at the same time 

    No need to expose your vehicle to the elements while you are using your carport for other things. You can keep your car safely in your garage while you use your carport for your garage sales, as a protective cover for your farmer’s market stall, or while it is being used as a canopy for your garden party.

  • You can park more than one vehicle safely 

    If your garage can only accommodate one vehicle at a time, there is no need to expose your other vehicle to the elements if you have a carport to keep it protected. Having a carport will allow you to park a vehicle in your garage while the other can be parked in your carport, keeping it out of the harmful UV rays of the sun and from the rain.

  • You have an extra roof that you can use for your other vehicles 

    A carport can be used for protecting more than just a car. It can be used to house an RV, motorcycles, bicycles, and other rides that you may have. It can even be used to cover vehicles you are repairing or modifying.

Having both gives you the benefits of both, which means, what one cannot provide the other can. If you are to check the pros of each one, you will find that the other provides you with what the other cannot. This gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to have an all-encapsulating protection for your vehicle and another that allows for freedom of movement.

If you need a protective cover for your vehicle immediately, a carport is your best option. If you want protection for your car that is more substantial, you can have a garage built while you are using your carport to temporarily keep your vehicle out of the damaging effects of the weather. Once your garage is built, you can use your carport for other purposes.

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