Top Metal Carport Purchasing Mistakes

.There is a lot of information available about metal carports and metal buildings. When you are in the market to purchase a metal carport or metal building you want to make sure you are buying the right product that fit your needs.

At we have a wide variety of metal carports, metal buildings, RV carports, and commercial Metal Carport buildings that will suit all of your carports needs no matter what they are. All of our metal buildings come with free delivery and installation and are American made.

However, there are some items you need to keep in mind when you are shopping for a metal carport or metal building and believe it not; there are mistakes that can be made when investing in a metal carport. This article will cover some of the top mistakes you will want to avoid when you are shopping for your next metal carport.  

The Wrong Carport

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when buying a metal carport is buying the wrong carport to Metal Carport suit their needs. This may seem like a very simple mistake and one that is easily avoidable. However, if you do not ask yourself the proper questions and assess your needs, both currently as well as what your future needs may be, you may very well end up in the same situation. You can use the following list as a jumping off point, to assess what your need truly is, and what kind of metal carport may serve your needs both now and in the future.  

  • What purpose will the metal carport or metal building serve?
  • How Big the metal building do you need?
  • What kind of doors will my metal building need?
  • Will I enclose my metal carport?
  • How tall does my metal carport or metal building need to be?
  • Will I ever need to expand my metal building or carport?
  • What colors will look best?
  • What roof pitch will work best for my climate?
  • Do I need a permit?
  • Does the metal carport need to sit on concrete?


Answering some of these questions will help you begin to narrow down your metal carport needs, but this not meant to be an exhaustive list. Continue to explore more questions and features to meet your needs best.

Metal Carport Costs

CarportUS - Carport A FrameThere are costs associated with buying a new metal carport. However, it is an investment worth the money when you are protecting your cars, RV, livestock or anything else you plan to place inside. provides free delivery and free installation which takes a great deal of burden off of the buyer. also provides financing options. Some other aftermarket or add-on costs associated with metal carports would include:

  • Additional doors
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation
  • Addition features

Cheaping Out  or Impulse Buying

Just like with anything that you buy, don’t settle for the cheapest thing just because it’s a good deal. Don’t stop your research at price and size comparisons alone. Compare that data along with all of the other features of the metal carports and metal buildings to find the true value of the building.

Purchasing a metal carport or metal building on impulse is a bad decision. You will often end up buying the wrong building to suit your needs, as you didn’t have time to consider what your needs were.

Due Diligence

Not doing your “homework” on the company you plan to purchase your metal carport or metal buildingCarport US - Garage Vertical from is a mistake. You want a company that you can trust. has been in the construction and general contractor business for 22 years. manufactures quality designed steel structures that are built to last!

Before you purchase your metal carport from a company you should know the following about the company:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Do they only make carports?
  • Are they knowledgeable about their products?
  • How is their customer service?
  • What is the product guarantee?

If you ever have any questions about any of our products at, we welcome you to call us anytime so that we can help you with any of your metal carport needs.


Garage - Metal Carport Another mistake that people often make is failing to get permits, checking zoning rules, and checking with homeowners associations.

Often, if you live in more populated areas,  zoning rules exist. For example, the limit the size and appearance of structures on the property and need to be adhered to. Some states require special plans and blueprints. Therefore, ensuring your metal structure is sound and will withstand certain weather conditions in the area.  Researching and following the guidelines and rules ahead of time will save you a lot of time and money. has a wide selection of metal carports, metal garages, and metal buildings for you to choose from. We are here to help guide you through your metal carport buying process to ensure you won’t make any mistakes and that you will invest in the best metal carport to meet all of your needs now and for your future needs.

Metal Carport vs. Wood Carport

The carport has been around for one hundred years and is a great way to protect not only your cars but motorcycles.  Also includes boats, and other vehicles that need shelter from the elements. You have undoubtedly invested a lot of money into your vehicles and protecting them from damage is a top priority.

The carport is a great cost-effective way to achieve the protection you are looking for in a structure. However, there are countless options available. From metal carports to wood it can often be difficult to figure out which option is best suited for your needs.

In this article, we will compare both metal carports and wood carports to assess the pros and cons of each.

Metal Carport

Carports offer some great advantages in protecting your vehicles throughout the years and are a great investment in furthering the life of your vehicles. You may find that both metal and wood carports carry some of the same advantages, but one list far outweighs the other.  


  • Durability – Metal carports are highly durable and will remain in place for many years. All carports are built with strong 14 gauge galvanized steel framing with center bracing and 29 gauge metal roofing.
    • Metal structures, unlike wooden ones, do not easily break or risk damages from termites, or dry rot.
    • Metal structures will withstand fire in the event one occurs, unlike a wooden structure.
    • Metal structures are low maintenance and don’t require the upkeep that wooden structures do. There is no painting, staining, and varnishing that need to take place.
  • Protection – Metal carports protect your vehicles from the elements, and help prevent fading of your vehicle’s interior and exterior, as well as protection from hail, snow, and other weather conditions.
  • Save Time – If you are currently protecting your vehicle or vehicles with car covers or tarps then investing in a car carport will save you a lot of time. Being able to pull into your carport and not have to struggle to cover your vehicle or other investments with covers will save you a lot of time.
  • Save Money – There is a cost upfront that you may or may not need to finance. However, the long-term savings you experience in the protection of your property is where the real advantage lies. Having your vehicles exposed to the elements all year long has a huge impact on how much you spend on repairs to your cars as well as other vehicles you may need to protect.

The disadvantages to owning a metal carport are ones that we have already thought of and eliminated so that you would have nothing standing in your way of deciding to protect your vehicle with a carport from


  • Complicated construction –  Metal carports can be more complicated to install than wooden carports. However, we offer free delivery and installation by trained professionals.
  • Limited Design – As you can see from our website, we offer an incredibly large variety of design options ranging in sizes from 12’ to 30’ wide and from 21’ to 51’ long and accommodating up to three vehicles with room to spare.
  • Rust – Metal is known to rust. However, we offer a 20-year guarantee against rust on all structures under 31’.

Wooden Carport

The wooden carport is a common feature in a lot of homes and provides for easy and convenient storage space. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the wooden carport.


  • Easy construction – wood is lightweight and easy to construct and work with. Often people prefer to build with wood because they feel they have more design options.
  • Protection – Wooden carports also offers protection from the elements, preventing fading of your vehicle’s interior and exterior as well as protection from hail, snow, and other weather conditions.
  • Save Time – If you are currently protecting your vehicle or vehicles with car covers or tarps then investing in a car carport will save you a lot of time. Being able to pull into your carport and cover your vehicle saves a lot of time.


  • Environmental – Wood tends to rot, become invested with termites if not treated properly, break, or chip.
  • Fire – As with any wooden structure if there is a fire it would be a total loss.
  • High Maintenance – Wooden structures require maintenance including varnishing, painting and other upkeep to maintain.


In Conclusion

Protecting your investments with the proper carport will extend the life of your vehicles and save you money. offers a variety of metal carports in all sizes that are sure to fit your budget and needs. We also offer free delivery and free installation, by trained professionals. Contact us today!

Customize Your Carports for Your Specific Needs

When you are considering buying a carport, you usually end up buying a cookie-cutter type carport that every other person buys for their car. This may be okay if all you need is a roof over your vehicle, but if you have other plans for your carport, you need to find one that can be customized according to your needs. To do this, you need to find a manufacturer or seller that can customize your carports for you.

How can you customize your carports when you are ordering online? What options are available to you when it comes to customization? How can you find the best manufacturer to work with when it comes to customizing your carport?

Carport Us - A-Frame Garage

Carport Customization Options and Choices Online

Since a lot of people now rely on the internet for a lot of their shopping needs, it is not surprising that customizable carports have become available online as well. To find the right manufacturer who can customize your carport according to your specifications, you have to first know what kind of carport you want. Do you want a metal one or a wood one? Do you want a prefabricated modular carport or are you looking for one that can be assembled for you on site?

Next, you need to check the manufacturers that you find online for their customization options. See if they do mention that they can customize a carport or garage according to what you want. If you find one that says this, you are in luck. These sites usually mention what they can customize and what limitations they have, so you won’t have to wonder if they can or cannot make your custom carport for you.

To make sure that your chosen manufacturer can give you the design that you want, it might be a good idea to get in touch with them and to ask about your specific design. You can also ask about other customization options that they have, like do they offer free design services or free installation. Some of the more common customizable options and choices you have with these sites include:

  • Type of material – if you choose metal carports, you will be given a choice of thicknesses to choose from. Usually, the metal they use for these structures are galvanized steel, but there are a few that do use stainless steel and aluminum for their carports.
  • Size of your carport – of course, the size of your custom carport will also be part of the choices you have to make when you order from these manufacturers. They usually offer a variety of standard sizes that you can choose from, but a few can offer you totally customizable carports where you can dictate the width, length, and height of your structure.
  • The color of your carport – this is also standard when it comes to sites that offer custom carports for their buyers. A lot offer regular colors such as black, red, blue, yellow, white, and other standard colors. There are a few that can deliver your carport to you in a totally custom color such as purple, neon pink, lime green, and the like. If you cannot find a company that can give you uniquely colored carports, you can have someone come over and paint your carport your special color for you.


Modern Carport Designs That Look Good When Made Using Metal

If you are thinking of using metal for your carport, then you should consider looking for carport designs that look good when metal is used as a primary construction material. Metal carport designs can be made using all metal or can be made with a few additions that are not made out of metal. The use of metal for carports is a great idea since this will make the structure durable and gives you a chance to create futuristic and modern structures for your home.

When it comes to designs, there are a lot for you to choose from if you are using metal. You can choose the type of metal you want to use as well, with the most popular options being galvanized steel and aluminum. Here are some of the modern carport designs you can choose from when you are building a carport using metal:

Hangar style carport

If you love the curved roof of hangars, you can emulate that when you create your carport. Have a contractor come up with the plans for your carport and you can have them build this for you as well. Don’t want to work with building crews and engineers? There are also carport kits that actually have curved roofs that are similar to that of hangars, which you can choose to buy and install yourself.

Canopy style carport

This is similar to a hangar style carport but with less curve on the roof than the former. A canopy style carport can be built from scratch without the help of contractors as long as you are an avid DIYer. You just need to find the right materials for this project, like rafter bars that can be bent to just the right curve for the perfect canopy-style roof for your carport.

Industrial style carport

I-beams, concrete footers, concrete floors, and a flat roof is all you need for an industrial style carport. Imagine what an industrial loft apartment would look like bare and use that image to create your industrial style carport. You can use clear polycarbonate panels for the roof and for the walls to give it that modern industrial look. You can even choose to use metal pipes for the trusses for a really industrial feel.

Angled roof carport

Using the same materials as you would an industrial style carport, this type of metal carport design can be attached to your home. You can use corrugated steel sheets for the roofing, metal beams for the posts, and concrete footers for this idea. The roof of the carport should be angled in such a way that runoff and snow can be easily removed from it.

Flat roof carport

This is similar in concept with the angled roof carport but with the difference being the roof is flat and does not have a slope to it. The best roofing material for this would be a thick flat polycarbonate sheet that you can easily clean with a ladder and a telescopic brush or cleaner. You can also opt for corrugated metal sheets for the roof to allow for water to runoff easily in the channels that are found in this type of roofing material.